Friday, September 19, 2008

Blood Donation

This is going to be a short post because I have tons of work waiting me to complete. 1 essay, 1 PowerPoint slide and 1 draft of documentation. Not forgetting a test coming up soon.

Oh teacher's life, how I "miss" you so~

On last Tuesday I dragged Bobby along to the Blood Donation Center in RIPAS after reading the urgent notice from Ranz's blog. We arrived there at 8.15pm and there was already a long queue.

Sigh.. damn depressing when I stepped up the weighing machine man. Even though no one was looking/ peeping... I couldn't help but use my hands to cover the screen making sure no one knows my weight except for the nurse who's going to screen me.

How about the boyfriend?

He just sat there holding my bag and waited for me, because he's not donating. No matter how many times I asked/forced him he's just not doing it. Such a coward right? Eh wait.. mum asked me not to "step" on his pride so much... Maybe its because he's tired from work or not in the tip-top condition to donate? Nevermind.. Good also I scare he pengsan after donating and I have to carry him out.

He's there mainly because he's worried about me finding parking in the dark in RIPAS.
(Note: High spooky level)
Abuthen, I ended up being the one driving him from his place (cos I had dinner at his place and he said he's tired... I said I can go there alone but he disallowed.. -_-") and had to send him home lagi with my 11pm curfew~! Mah-fan.

So his one and only function that night was, taking pictures for me.

My only companion who went there too...



FussyKelly and SL actually asked me to wait for them so we can sama-bersama donate blood together but the thing was Fussy was in the week-of-inconvenience and after that, she's only allow to donate blood two weeks after and by the time she's fit to do so, it'll be my turn liao.

And.. SL is still in the States doing his I-don't-know-what course in the desert area.

Lucky I still have Atul with me if not damn boring kah.





RIPAS's blood drawing recliners were damn cool lah! And also the nurses there, I think they're very professional in locating blood veins.

I once had a really bad experience donating blood in ITB few years ago because an inexperienced nurse had trouble looking for my veins and I ended up having huge patches of "Or-Che" (blueblack) on both my arms!!!

The nurse poked in the needle, no blood came out. She pulled the needle out and poked in using a different direction... FOR MULTIPLE TIMES! Then she gave up poking my left arms and changed to the right one.

And this time the male nurse got it done with only one trial! I was so happy that I straight away squeal, " OMG! Thank you for succeeding on the first trial! You're so good at this man".

Then I asked Bobby to come in to the blood donation area so that he could take picture for me. Since he's not a blogger, he had no idea what angle I want la. I want the picture of me sitting on the recliner, and my blood bag visible.. but no matter how many times he tried, he just couldn't get it right.

Atul only had to take one picture nia.



In case you're wondering why I didn't have a group picture with Atul having both of us donating at the same time, that's because I had too much blood in my body (? - I simply made it up one) and it was just 5 minutes or so then I had one packet full out of my body already.

The lady standing beside another lady donor sitting next to me was gasping in shock saying, "Wah you see the girl next to you.. her blood keep coming out so fast. Already nearly done liao! Young people really different lah."

LOL. Experienced blood donor kali ah.
Hahahahaaaahahaa. Just kidding.

Okay, I'm not. Not only I donate blood, I also ever donate my blood platelets too.
(Blow air from nose)

Well, I think now you people know my blood type. I actually have a list of names who has the same blood group as me so it would be easier for me if *touchwood* I need any blood transfusion in the future.


If you're fit to donate blood, I suggest you to do the same too.
Give blood, save life (Tag line I saw in the blood donation center)

If you're still not convinced, read here, here and here to know the benefits of donating blood. Think, what if its you or your families who need the blood in the future... You can make a difference in someone else's life.

Okay, I got to continue on my psychology essay now.


@lex said...

HEi hei hei .. i'm coming back wah .. if u wait satu hari lagi .. i sure go one .. ler ..
btw at the airport now .. damn flight .. got turbulance all the way again ...
unfortunately this time i need to check out of SG n check back in .. so 'ma-fan' lah ... gtg
See you all this afternoon .. if anyone available .. :P

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I scared of needles. :p In fact I'm scared of everything larhs. :(

Then again, I cannot donate blood. Not only cause I scared of needles, also because... (I know once I say this reason a lot of people will throw stones at me..)

Ready to know why?

Cause I'm under 45kg.
*hides in room*

Kenny Ng said...

Remind me back to 10 years ago... Wah!!! I 10 years never donated my blood already, cham! Last time used to donate the 1st time was damn excited.

Atul said...

Heehee. It felt good to donate again!

Stels said...

I almost pengsan when i see the needle! HAAHAHA!