Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Finalists with Kristal FM

Short Note:
Gosh! Everyone
(I mean all the other nominees) has already start campaigning for the Blog of the Year and I'm still munching and channel surfing. Better start do something now...


I'm terribly sorry Brunei Fishing. I just realized that I'd missed you out in the above poster (or whatever you like to call it). Forgive me?

Here are the finalists

* Nonnie King - Best Personal Blog
* Kurapak - Best Local Scene
* Anak Brunei - Best Photo Blog
* Brunei Fishing - Best Lifestyle Blog
* Arab-families - Best Specialty Blog
* Ranoadidas - Wildcard entry


Did you hear us on the radio yesterday?
If you didn't... I'm sorry, its definitely your lost. *kekekkekekkee*

All the top 6 nominees for Blog of The Year were invited to the Jenny M show but only 5 of us turned up. BruneiFishing was probably busy fishing in the sea. Any catch guys?

It was definitely one of a kind experience for me going on air live with the celebrity bloggers interviewed by Jenny M. Like what Hafiz said to me in MSN justnow, "I have never thought that you'll go so far with your blog."

Me neither.

When I first started blogging, I even had to bug my friends to read my blog. And my daily hit never exceeds more than 10, and half of them was contributed by yours truly. Pathetic huh?

So for you peeps who just started blogging, don't give up! Your blog will get noticed one day as long as you keep updating and not just leave a line saying that you're on HIATUS and let your blog rot. Of course, your blog contents matter too.

I sat between the two big shots, Rano and Reeds, and I definitely felt threatened. Hahhahaha.

Oh by the way, if you're new to my blog.. I repeat again.

Please remember that my blog URL,


derived from my name. KI-ng SI-aw CH-in. Ignored what Reeda said on air claiming that it means CHICKEN WING!

Can you imagine?
My tag line will be - Spiritual Garden. Ain't no thing but a Chicken Wing!

If you're a Foochow, you probably will thought so too. Because in Foochow, chicken wing sounds like keeaa-sik.

Don't ask me how to read my blog url.. I'll probably just layan you and say its "kee-seech".

The interview went on smoothly. I thought I'll get really nervous but most of the time, I was either paying attention to what they're saying, checking out the number of buttons on the control panel, and looking at the scenery outside. Seriously, I'll die for an office like that. High on the hill and by the sea. Good fengshui!

The show was filled with lots of laughters because these peoples are all natural born comedians! And my colleague who happened to tune in that time said all she heard was me laughing at the background. My signature laughter with manly voice.

And I can't even remember why was I laughing like that..
(Refer to below photo)

You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin. You see no double-chin.

The Mafias and the little girl in between, checking out the earphone.

I could even hear shutter clicking everytime Marul took pictures in the studio!

There was a monitor facing us so that we could check out the studio webcam and the live chatroom. Most of the time, people were asking who is the guy sitting beside Jenny. If you still have no idea until now, he's Azmi. He's the one who contacted us for the interview, also the one who called us up to pick our prizes.

Azmi & Jen

I can't help but think, do all DST staffs look so stunning? I mean, check out Jenny and Azmi!

And there was DJ Tina too, who was really nice and greeted me with a warm fuzzy smile when I stepped in the studio.

Of course, that includes you Marul too!
In my eyes, you're equally stunning.

Okay, my bad for snapping your picture when you're "concentrating" on your shots.

Group photo before we head for lunch

Walking over to the canteen

Told you that I use backpack to work instead of every teachers' favorite Guess bag. Do you believe me now? That's my usual working attire. Baju kurung, backpack and a pony tail. So casual that you'll definitely miss me out in a crowd. I was never the center of attraction.

It was really nice of Mr. Shaikh Khalid to bring us lunch all the way from KB.

Nasi Talam

The lunch would be perfect if the canteen can be 5 degree Celsius cooler. Again, all of us sat around the table and talked about blogs, hate comments and spams. Its really sad to see that there's a lot (jobless) people who tends to use our blogs as a platform to release their angers or complains, saying names and giving us hate comments/ mails just because.

Can you believe that even a harmless site like Kurapak's get hate comments too? What is wrong with those people? (And Rano said Alin called him late night and cried about it. Hahhahaha! Of course, he's just kidding)

After lunch, we headed back to the studio. Not for another interview session, but to sabotage the second group's interview. Hehehehe. We have no life.

The room we monkeyed around.

As you can see, that's the room we played with the instruments and posed like rock stars.

This, is Rano's idea

lining up according to our height.

Jenny interviewing Mr. Khalid and Alin

Mr. Khalid added in another B$500 cash and Jenny asked all of us what are we going to sponsor. Alin said B$100 and a t-shirt, Rano andang sponsoring B$300.00 cash and a t-shirt. Then when Reeda was asked, he said "VW Toureg would be fun".

Car model got lah.

And when Jenny asked me, I answered, "Well... I guess I can make a card?" and the instant reply I got was, "Not interested".

Sad lah. I know its worthless but I really have no spare cash to spend. I told the guys the real reason behind my Mission King-Possible during lunch and Rano shouted in despair, "Oh no! If Nonnie's gonna say it, then everybody will be voting for her!"

I wish I can Rano. I wish I can.

I remembered when Jenny asked me "Any last words before you go Nonnie?". Without a second thought, I answered...


There you go. Nonnie, straight forward and blunt as usual. You just ain't gonna hear nice sweet sentences from me with big vocabs because this is me.

Anyway to conclude this post, I'm going to campaign a little.

Reeda said if he win Blog of the Year, he'll give me his old laptop... provided I managed to grad it from his daughters. I had sold hundreds, maybe even thousands of laptops but I don't even own one myself. Sad or not?

Alin said if I give him some votes and he win Blog of the Year, he'll give me some cash.
*cough* Back door deal yo! *cough*

Rano, Mr. Khalid and BruneiFishing didn't offer me anything pun.

By the way, Alin also said that if he won the award, he's going to change his look to John Lennon-ish. If you can't imagine how he'll look like, here... I give you a hand.

Don't vote for Kurapak! Else he'll look like this!

Alin... Don't lah. Your current look with that "dan" very nice already. Don't change lah. You sure you want to wear those round glasses kah?

p/s: If you win the award, let me pluck one strand of your "dan" !

Final group picture

As for now, I'm going to make myself a banner asking for votes too. Those guys acted real fast and super kiasu lah.

I cannot lose too.


Alin said...

Hahahaha hw dare u rojak my face with Mr.Lennon, hahahah.. i cant stop laughing ,u krek me up!! i look like a freak.. is that really me kan? huahuahuahuahuahua and b4 i forgt,dont even think of pluckin' my "dan" ah, its my only lucky charm! charm chia krg. hehehehe

btw, Nonnie, cn u do me a favour? VOTE FOR KURAPAK!! huhuhu.. jk!!

Good Luck to all Finalist yow!! :)

Nonnie King said...

I can vote for you. In return, you ask your fans to vote for Spiritual Garden can?


Of course that's you. It's for your own good. I help you test first before you change your image wah.

hdm said...

vote for Nonnie 'Chickenwing' KING

jessie said...

Jz voted...

Ermmm..i hope it helps!!
So..what u gonna offer us, readers if u win?? :p

* cunning smile *

CiliQueen said...

With this kind of post, you can just be on par with Kurapak for making people laughing hysterically...way to go Nonnie - very detailed i would say...good luck to you :)

Nonnie King said...

hdm : And now "Chicken Wing" is my middle name. Great.

Jessie : What do you reckon I should give my readers if I win?

Ciliqueen : Should give me more credit for being original!

Kurapak! I wanna win you!
And pluck Alin's dan!

Senor Pablo said...

hahaa. I laughed alot reading your post! I like what u did to Alin's photo!! That is awesome! hahahaa... Now I must be nice to you cos I know ur weapon already!. Okay! Vote for Nonnie!! hehehee..

Nonnie King said...

Senor Pablo : *Cough* I have no choice but sabotage them in order to win.

I was casual about it but when I saw the way they campaign in their blog, I want to be more 'kiasu' (takut kalah) and fight for it.

I'm now trying to find out what's the others punya weakness. Muahahhaaa.

De Pianist said...

vote for you liao lor..see i support you..hehehehe...

p.s : yes i saw your double chin..XD!

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Sek sai lei!

Damn! I thought you are hypnotized already!

lin said...