Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Lion wears Bata - Part 2

Yes, I know CNY had passed like 2 weeks ago and yet I'm still blogging about lion dance which is so lalalala outdated.

But this is going to different, I hope.
I'm not posting up pretty pictures of lion dance nor showing you how pretty fireworks are.

The After-Mess

Traditionally, the lion was regarded as a guardian creature which summon and fortune and good luck, and with the drums, cymbals and fire crackers, it wards off back luck and exorcise evil spirits.

But nowadays, you can see trucks and trucks of young men at the back of a pick-up truck with printed association names house-hopping along a street from one end to the other. Talking about over-commercialized huh.

Owners of the houses invited them to "dance" for auspiciousness and later reward them with an attractive angpao, with an official receipt given back. 

(Of course, the more "cantik" the content in the angpao, the longer the lion feels "motivated" to dance)

And few weeks ago, a friend (I feel that I can no longer freely put their names and pictures on it because they felt slight disturbed when the public recognize them) of mine invited Theen and I to his house to watch lion dance.

I guess we're only 4 years old in his eyes. I mean, do any of your friends ask you to go to his/her house and watch lion dance? That's why my friend here is Si-Peh-Cer. 

Maybe he thought we still get excited over 2 men faking, I mean mimicking a lion barging blindly at every corner of the house.  I said "blindly" because I witnessed the lion bumping its head on to a pillar... Damn funny you know! It was caught on video too but I was too malas to get it from SL.

... crap. Did I just mention his name?

1 sec late to snap the "head-bumping" incident
The pillar, the lion and the laughing man

So normally what the house owner will do is prepare from fruits, normally mandarin oranges (kam) and pomelo for the lion to do some "magic" out of it.

How I wish someone could use durians and watermelons instead...
*evil grin*

Some leave it nice on a plate and put it on the floor, whereas some hardworking and more "pantang" one has them all arranged nicely resembling any auspicious Chinese characters like 吉or 福.

And later the lion "eat" up one by one (with a human hand stuck out from its mouth) and later "process" it with its abdomen.

Must be damn hot and humid inside

Like hatching an egg, I mean kam.

And we waited 10-15 minutes for it to finish.

The End Result
in a square

So nice right the way the feel off the skin. Maybe can create a new record in Guinness World record leh. Fastest kam-peeling lion in the whole world. 

The thing is... I didn't see any leftover skins nor white piths on the floor after the lion moved away! 

Call me sakai or sua-ku if you know where are them but... seriously, I always thought it will miraculously disappear on its on like magic trick I saw from the TV. I knew it is hidden somewhere but I didn't have any clue.

24 and naive, I am.

Until that day.... I finally knew the answer and quickly snapped a picture and showed it proudly to my friend. 

They all called me silly and didn't want to layan me when I told them that I finally solve one of the biggest mystery in my life. "Ah-Duiiiiiiii......... Don't tell me you don't know where all the skins go har? How old are you oh?"

Told you I need new friends didn't I?
Just kidding lar.. I love them to bits.

Dang Dang Dang Dang
*cue drum rolls*

So, other than mimicking a lion... I guess this young man can go do a kangaroo show too.


Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd picture from the top of the lion. Looks so cute there haha.

@lex said...

Ahem ... are u hinting something there?

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Er, which one...?

@lex : Why so sensitive? =p

De Pianist said...

i saw the lion dance in the opening ceremony for a japanese restaurant in kl,and i was hoping that they'll use wasabi instead of sushi or mandarin whatever for the lion to eat..ngahaha..=D!

Drifting Cloud said...

Hmm... Nonnie... I am realy wordless with the fact that you didn't know where the mandarin oranges or pamelo went...hahhaaa...
I remember when I was much much much younger I peek to see what actually happened in there right from the mouth and guess what... I got the pameolo leaves thrown to me ... but of course i get to know what they did inside there.. kekekeke

Kelly said...

nvm la ah no...bcoz i also don know where they hide all along!!! HAHAHAHA so you got another sakai with you now...

jessie said...

Haha... :p
Lion dance??

Well..i din even know they do that..
Coz my family are not very 'eastern-oriented'...

N i have not really seen them do all that...
Whooa..i sound so laoya (lousy!!)


Peter said...

nice one. lol, so funny the 'N' file..

teddY said...

The last time I've watched a lion dance up close was at least 8 years back, when my grandma's grocery shop opened during Chinese New Year and they hired a band of the lion dance people to come over :) it was fun, but I didn't like how the drums resonanted with my heartbeats, it felt so horrible.

Oh and I think lion dances must be good at peeling oranges! Look at how nicely they've peeled the skin off, with the flesh intact. I would have created a big mess. Haha :D

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : How to open wasabi oh?

Drifting Cloud : Because all the time I only get to see professional lion-dancers who hide really well mah. =(

Kelly : There's a reason why are we buddies one. Sakai + Sakai = SaSaKaiKai.

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : How can??? How can you not seen Lion Dance magically turn kams into freshly peel kams?

Peter : Thanks!

Teddy : A lor, I was thinking if they have any knife hidden inside or not.

@lex said...

sure have knife.. if not how to peel the pamelo !