Friday, February 29, 2008

Please, leave our families alone

I received a not-so-friendly comment from an anonymous chicken yesterday.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kaizen Sushi (Seria)":

i fuckin' disagree ,the foods taste way much better and the looks and designs of it is better too , than other sushi restaurants in Brunei !! try it out before saying a no no from some retarded post . excapade good ? they blows and sucks cock . most foods aren't fresh and healthy , the reason why kaizen took a long time to cook some meal is because they are newly cooked , excapade just simply recook it in my opinion.

to all the No no cockshiners , suck ur grandmom's saggy boobs

It was such an eye sore, having comment from someone who is foul-mouthed.

It's fine with me if you think Kaizen is better than Excapade and defended them by saying they took long time to serve their food because its all freshly cooked.

But, do you have any evidence to support your words?
"excapade just simply recook it in my opinion."

That's not an opinion, that's an ASSUMPTION.

Everything I blogged wasn't based on assumption, it was what I experienced and came across that night. Their service was bad, their serving was slow and the food was cold, I was there and those were what happened.

I understand that it's unfair because it was their opening day and I shouldn't judge so quickly. But I did said that I will go there again after maybe 3 months time giving them another chance to prove me wrong.

And not everyone was "disturbed" by my post. I had friends and blogmates who read that entry but still went there and gave it a try. I didn't stop them and in fact, I asked them how was their dining experience so that it can give me some clue when shall I visit them again.

Just because we have our own preferences then we shall all "suck our grandmom's saggy boobs"? Please, finish your kindy level before commenting. Can you be more childish than this?

No one insulted your family just because you like Kaizen so leave ours alone.

p/s: You have one day left to vote for your favorite restaurant.


- mR GoKiL - said...

Gila eh! That comment was funny! Haha. People nowadays!! Haha. I just don't know what to say.... Hehe

hannie said...

sort! I wonder why the commentor got such a big respond when you've already mentioned whatever that you need and give it a 2nd chance. When it is good, IT IS good la.. why worry? Over time, people will still know la.. and people will still go there anyway.
and why wanna used all those languages?

Hakeemm said...

this post sepatutnya 18+ .. haha.

Nonnie King said...

Mr Gokil : Gila yes, funny - for me no.

Hannie : A lor! If its good everyone will like it despite of what other people say lah kan?

Hakeem : I know! I was thinking whether I should post his/her comment up but.. since today is Feb 29th, four years one time.. I guess I also post something that I rarely will post.

em said...

Yes..i agree..that person should grow up.Mature, pls! Well, at least act mature lah.

Princess Nashwa said...

Such Vulgarity.. For the love of Nonnie, Grow UP!

Anonymous said...

Must be related to Kaizen otherwise why such big response? He/She must have suck his/her grandma boobs before, otherwise how she/he knew that it's sagging? My grandma use lifting cream leh...! hahahaha jk la....

P.S. It's kelly here, i don know why i cant post comment as usual using the "Name/URL!

teddY said...

Hey Nonnie I'm sorry that the irritating, annoying, vulgar, offensive, incoheret and incomprehensible anonymous email has put you through a hard time. Seriously, this is YOUR blog and you're entitled to writing ANYTHING you wish, regardless of the content (unless it's way too offensive, like racial discrimination, violation of human rights, defamation... which I think you didn't).

There are always these jerks around to screw up your day :) the best thing to do is act as cool as possible (that's what you've done, applauds!), and this will in the end frustrate the instigator, since he's out to frustrate you.

It's really very childish of him to throw in those vulgarities inside. Get a life and grow up, that idiot.

If he doesn't like your entry, he shouldn't be even replying it. Stupiud. Haha!

Take care!

P.S. you're tagged! If you have time, do the meme. Details are over at my blog. Thanks XD

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, your blog used to be fun to read. Now it's like reading a teenager's blog lah lately. The comment was funny though. It was just your opinion. I don't see why he/she had to react that way.

Effy said...

Freedom of speech!! Remember remember 5th of november :)

The thing is prolly the person who made the comment think readers take every word for it and bam the whole population boycott the place? To whoever that was PLEASE don't assume everyone is that petty. So insulting.

Its good to get different reactions but i understand how you feel. I would be pissed off too with all the profanities. Take it with a pinch of salt. We know who is doing the sucking now actually. Tee hee.

Angry post from Nonnie. I like! Girl power!!

badd said...

Wah Nonnie that Anonymous hated your post about kaizen so much, must be the owner/relative or some sort.

Anonymous said...


That angry person responding in such an unprofessional manner is not doing 'Kaizen' any favour at all. The more abusive the language that the person uses, the worse it is for the said restaurant. I hope that person realises that.

Time to move on and forget the jerk!

A parent somewhere in Sungai Pandan.

Adada said...

walauuu~ crazy much?
An example of a narrow-minded person.

Starboykb said...

Interesting comments, ^^;; Anyway, maybe i should try out one day on the restaurant in Seria.

Thanis said...

Well - show's how "intelligent" and "civilized" that poster is.. hmmm

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