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Incredible India: Day 2– Life like a taitai (Part 2)

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We followed Ram and Monica to Taj Mahal! Woohooo! TAJ MAHAL baby!

It’s a good thing we bought our tickets at Agra fort earlier because the crowd there was crazy! And also, as a female tourist, we sibeh privileged because we got to queue in shorter lines. Because there’s 4 lines. Local male, local female, male foreigner and female foreigner! So yeah, way way way way shorter queue! Gotta love India!

Towards the end of the line.

Panjang kan, the male line.

He checked the tickets

See the man in white at the right side of the photo. He’s one of those “tour guide” and begging the uncle who checks ticket to give him quick entrance. You know, without queuing.. Boo yah!

Me no like tour guides. Very majal.


Oh, you cant bring food into Taj Mahal. Terus buang ke tong sampah!

Entering the gateway

Hello magnificent!

Obligatory Asian tourists poses! Hahhahahahah

Then we saw everyone doing the above pose! MESTI IKUT!
Hhahahahaa #kiasu-ism

So pretty right! Gotta love the colours.

Mau asked me to pose as if I’m washing my face and later commented that the photo looks very p0rn-ish.
Good one Mau, good one.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist in posting more photos of Taj Mahal.

I was camwhoring syok syok then got a few Indians passed by and offered help, saying… “No, you don’t have to do that. I can help you”

Errrr… then hilang the meaning of camwhoring then!



Base, dome and minaret

If you have those disposable shoe covers, then you can wear your shoes inside. Else either you put them at the shoe cabinets or like us, we put it inside the reusable shopping bag and carried them around.
Case takut kana curi kasut lawa tani~

Super long queue to the tomb again.

So we decided to walk around first and rest rest a bit.

A Buddhist monk (or nun, I cant tell)


Then we’re off for some self-timer vainness!


Taking a break looking at the Yamuna river.

Syok tu just sitting down not doing anything and just look at passersby.

Such pretty contrast.

Breastfeeding in public

100+ over kids and only 6 or 8 teachers.

Students taking picture with guy in costume. The woman can just kill me with her eyes!
(I secretly.. k la k la, not so secretly la since I put in my blog… I think, kinda think, that the “jie jie” is a trans)
*trying to refrain myself from using the word ah-gua*

Then the kids finally came forward and asked if can take pictures with Maurina, then me.

Told you we’re like celebrities! Or anyone who looks weird to them.



I think Mau was trying to explain where’s Brunei in the above pic…

Yeah, they asked where are we from and we answered Brunei. Of course, it didn’t’ ring a bell to any of them and hence they turned to their teacher and the male teacher was like… “Hmm…. Brunei?”

Then we explained further saying that it’s near to Malaysia and Singapore.

And baru light-bulb moment
”Ahhhh!!!! Malaysia~ Singapore~”

Disappointed smile

Nah, the kids are all from De Cambridge School.
Sounds fancy but Google can’t get any info from it.

The area where you “deposit” your shoes..
And us being typical kiasu Asians don’t dare to put there.

This is one clean cow!

Our young tuk tuk driver.

Oh, it was like 12+pm when we’re done with both Agra Fort and Taj Mahal, and that’s just what we wanted to do in Agra. And we finished within 3 hours! And our train back to Delhi was 8.30pm. We had like what… 8 hours to kill! Hahhahhaa


Oh oh oh. And you know what’s the super duper am-kuk thing?



Nehmind, at least I was in the same time zone, same country, and some what very very close latitude and longitude! I’m pretty sure he breathed in the air I breathed out so I win.

At the entrance (or exit in our case) of Taj Mahal. The crowd was just crazy!

One of the top question I got asked when I came back from India is,
”Got lau sai ah?”

The answer is, NO!
We’re perfectly healthy through out the whole trip. We were very careful with what we consumed. Only drink from sealed bottled water! Nothing from the road side.

Seriously, if you were me, seeing the above picture with those flies flying around drinks, food and fruits in the stall, will you still buy and drink it? No right?

Another tuk tuk driver to bring us to our tai-tai life.

Guess where we went!


This is Radisson Hotel (Agra)!

Nope, Agra is a one-day trip so we’re not staying there.

We’re there for lunch!
(Macam sibeh rich like that)

The security is really tight. Got security guards with guns guarding the main entrance and the gate is always closed. Only open for (very obvious) tourists like us I guess.

The hotel is very pretty! Very modern and classy.
That’s the waiting area I guess?

The restaurant, Latitude.
No one was there when we came and we’re like… “Eh? How come empty ah? It’s lunch time leh.. At least got one or two people lah. Not nice kah the food? Or, the people here eat lunch at 3pm one?”

And the answer is the later one.
People started to come in at like 1.30pm. When we’re already half done.

Super yummy soup and appetizer at the back!
The chaat is the bomb!


My mains.
Not your regular buffet spread.

Complimentary naan.
Naan in India is really really good.
Of course la, naan is indian food mah.

Chicken satay that the chef prepared live.

Apart from the buffet spread, guests were also allowed to order anything pasta or satay and don’t remember what else for the chef to cook on the spot for you.


Gulab Jamum, which Maurina will craved in random times.

Dunno how this fly entered the hotel. The security guard didn’t fire it down meh?

Lunch buffet is 1,000 rupees per person, which is like BND25!

The tax a bit la-lei lah.
but still, we’re tai-tai (wannabes).. so can lah, can afford.
(Since the whole day we only spent money on entrance ticket. We had quota to splurge okay)

Super tall cone.

We wanted to have spa treatment in Radisson but the service is only available for hotel guests. And we asked the receptionist to recommend us a place and she gave us a name, JAYPEE!

With 50 rupees, we reached Jaypee Palace hotel!

The tuk tuk could only take us to the gate, we had to walk our way in to the hotel lobby.


The hotel is huge!

Time for some ayurvedic spa!

There’s too many awkward moments here but all is good. I a bit malu to say it here but if you are my friend, ask me personally and I will tell everything and confirm laugh till you tummy ache I tell you!

Too dramatic!

Okay, I will tell one.

After our sauna, our masseuses asked us to go to the window and checked out the peacock dance in the garden. It’s one of a company annual dinner’s performance. And when we’re like ooh-ing and ahhh-ing, suddenly our masseuses pulled us back because

(The room is in first floor, a lot of people in the garden looking up!)

I seriously don’t know, don’t dare to imagine how much those men saw in us but yeah… one of the bimbo-est moments ever!


We had a 60 mins Abhyangam!
Seriously rejuvenating!

Woooo… kinky!


mesti berlakon sama ini telepon yang antique.

One plant per pot.
Sibeh good-life plants.

With another 50 rupees, we reached TDI mall.
(I think it stands for Takde dian-tou inside)

p.s: tian-dou means kedai in Mandarin.

I counted, only 5 jumps!

REMOTE CONTROLLED! Big or not this car!

Play pool in the mall openly like that. Keng leh!


(So much cheaper!)
Hello Ronald~

Saw it?
McD’s icecream starts at 10 rupees!
(25 cents Brunei!)

Everyone loves to smile for the camera.
And no, I don’t know what prop is that!

Our 25cents ice creams.

She had the whole train to herself.

Remember to “COMPAIR" ya.

Sibeh empty mall…

This traffic police was using a tree branch as his weapon.

Errr… all the mirrors inside the tuk-tuk.
We’d got a narcissistic driver!

Reached the train station at 7pm and sat there, do nothing and looked at people
(which was really fun to do!)

Like the above photo, a man was chasing the train and hopping in but the train was already very crowded till people sat at the door there.

This bunch of child beggars fighting.

And you know what’s their toy, a cockroach!

One of the boy found cockroach on the floor and picked it up and started to throw at his friends. It was like, the cockroach is their football/netball like that…

I have not watch slumdog millionaire but.. you get the idea.

Maurina and I were really bored and she’s like, I can do 10 different styles with my scarf.
But she lazy layan me after the second one..

We made friends with these two beautiful ladies waiting for the same train with us.

It was really cold at night and we’re just sitting there waiting for the train (which delayed). Suddenly the women sleeping on the floor with thick blanket seemed so xing-fu.

Actually she is. Her husband kept checking if she’s properly covered and he himself just watched the wife sleep.
So sweet kan!


Oh, I got a lot of stares again because after the massage, I took off my leggings and only walked around with my long shirt, which is long enough to cover my modesty. Then the sun set the the temperature went down and walking with legs shown in public seemed really crazy.

So I had to cover my legs up like this, with a scarf.

Mau, really tired and cold after sitting for 4 hours!
It was so bad that she said, “I feel like my butts have lines front the chair!”

Our train came at 10.44pm, delayed for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

On the contrary, all our flights from AirAsia flew on time and this train and the flight to Goa (Kingfisher) delayed!

Bye bye Agra!


Our super late dinner.
Not that hungry because we had a super filling lunch from Radisson remember.

Again, the food is good!!!


And this, was the end of our day 2.
Reached hotel at 1plus am, woke up the next day without alarm and SHOPPING!!!!!




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