Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Wedding Invitation

Phew, part 1 of our wedding was done, which is the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. And yes, there were like 9847593847234 other couples married on that day that we had no choice but postponed our wedding dinner reception nearly a week later. But then again, it’s a good thing considering we have more time to prepare and short gap to breathe.

So, about our wedding invitations… We had THREE different wedding invites! One is the F.O.C one from OGH, typical red Chinese bombs that we could only choose the cover of it and just input our info into the ready template. And then there’s another one for our second reception, the pure vegetarian one. And lastly, the one that we anticipated the most because we had been trying to finalize the design and our ideas since months before our wedding.

We didn’t want it to look typical. We wanted something different, something people will remember and match our theme. You guys have no idea how many discussions we went through until the finalized product. We… correction.. I went to a lot of printing companies to survey prices for the cards and also wedding favour packaging, and lucky for me, I found the perfect one in Tokyo last June and it was way way way cheaper than those quoted in Brunei! And also, honestly, I didn’t have much faith in printing companies in Brunei because of the many many horror stories I heard and also its either I couldn’t find the quality I want in those samples, or they are way over our budget.

Last last, I asked my beloved videographer where’s good to print and she recommended me Unison. Talked to Kevin about what I had in mind and showed him a few samples and this and that. I guess Kevin could sense my fickleness when talking to me because I went all, “I want the paper to be cream color, but not too cream. Not too soft, not too hard” and in the end, he asked me to find the paper myself. Hahhahaha. Smart move! We found really awesome papers from TechnoGraphic at a good price. Bought some more papers for our customized wedding favour tag too. Yes, I think you can say I am a super DIY bride and prefer personalization and all my friends were like, WHY ARE YOU DOING ALL THESE YOURSELF? Honestly… to get my mind occupied and not to think about other things that frustrate me.

Okay, I realized I yapped too much already. Here’s how our cards look like!

P1210964 P1210965
Front and back

It’s a cream + a little glittery.

As you can see, there’s the Billionth Barrel monument’s silhouette and also a nodding donkey on the left, and the SOAS mosque on the right. That’s right, because I’m the girl girl from Seria and he’s a Bandar boy. When I say Bandar, it means Bandar Seri Begawan, not Bandar as in the Kianggeh/ Yayasan area ya.


For the back, we picked a very common boarding pass idea, with an additional QR code that has a message inside.

And that’s not it! If you think we are just going to put it inside an envelope, then you salah liao…

The most interesting part of this wedding invitation is actually the “item” that “contains” the card.

Roll the cards into small cylindrical shape and tied a ribbon to it.

Zoom out a bit….

Now, can you get the picture?


This wedding invitation is a limited edition because
1) It’s super tiring to put the card inside the balloon and pump the air into it!
2) I made quite a scene bringing the balloons out in public while passing them to my friends.

But it was really fun!

The feedbacks I got were all super encouraging and positive. Everyone loves it!

But they all did have a problem with it… the question was,


A collection of Ig’s postings from those who received it.

Atul’s steps-by-steps guide in popping it. Hehehehhee




So… guess our theme?

I’m actually pretty nervous about the reception this weekend and pray hard everything will fall into places nicely and all the guests will have a good time enjoying the night.

Will blog about the morning tea ceremony once I have more photos and more on my super cool mom and me as the most relaxed bride ever. (Was very relaxed because my job was to wait to be fetched and every other thing was beyond my control.. whereas for the reception, I planned most of it and I am so going to freak!)