Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get-Together with His Majesty in Belait

Before I proceed, its important to let you all know that I did asked for permission for those pictures I took with my colleagues and students. And they're aware of the fact that I might post it up in my blog.

So yeah, no drama please this time.

I arrived school at 6.45am and car-pool with the girls because it's almost impossible to get a parking there. Thanks for Hjh Zu and her hubby for giving us a lift.

We're chit-chatting at the waiting area and couldn't hold our tears while talking about the death of one of our student.... Very pretty, adorable, obedient and loved by all of us. Life was just too short for her...

Okay, stop that gloominess Nonnie! This is suppose to be a happy and exciting post!


The beautiful padang

The Stage
My Darlings =)
(SheepishAcai, Hjh Zu and Arniza)

Oh yes, and 2 of them own a blog!
Do check out Arniza's one because she made it as an assignment and we had fun letting her student surfed through her blog and answered questions by commenting.

So cool right?
Their lecturer taught them how to blog!
I think I'll excel in it and get an A for it pasal.... I'd already won the "Best Personal Blogger"!
Hhahahahhhaaa. Snob.

Us again...

It was so hot (even at 7am) that I couldn't bear to let my hair down and flipped it nonchalantly acting so cool with my sunnies (which.. I left it in my car. ARGH!!!!) and had to tie my hair up into a pony tail.

Our favorite stall
They serve the best burger in town!
KFC, Sugarbun, Jollibee, McD all step aside.

First Aiders

Superman wannabe!

That boy was enjoying walking with his "cape" and note than his "spandex" was suppose to be tied on his head later as "dastar". Sorry, gotta crop out his head else later I'm going to get hate comments from anonniemouss again.

Policemen on duty

While waiting for our burgers, we heard announcement asking owner of a Sunny to move his car away and just less than 5 minutes, the tow truck came.

Damn syok you know. My colleagues insisted that we waited until the car got towed away, I took pictures and post it up my blog. Hahahhahaaa. So even when our burgers were ready, we still stood there watching.

3 minutes gone... 5 minutes.... 10 minutes!

The policemen were still there standing waiting for the owner to come and drive his car away.
Potong steam.

Yeap, we didn't get to see the car got towed away. The owner came like 15 minutes later. I'm just curious about the official waiting time after the policemen announce and before they take action and tow the car away.

I love my burger

My colleagues

The grand stand

He asked me to make him taller.

Can you see my sweat patches? Yes, it was that hot!
Lucky I wasn't wearing white.

Here comes!

If you can't read the notice, it says...
"Tidak dibenarkan berjaja di kawasan ini."

That spot used to be where hawker stalls were located, and they're moved to the other end for the actual day.

Fatherly love

HM's Ride

I gotta say that the security was much tighter this year. I was told not to take picture of the car but, everyone was doing that! And this time, I couldn't sneak pass the police and get to the media area like last year.

The medias

with their really long lenses

My compact camera is no fight lah. Give me few more years, then I might get a DSLR. Uncle Jan said once I start having it, I can't stop but splurge more and more money getting more. Scary!

Bumped into Liza
Love her aviator shade and why ah, her hairs always look very nice.

The ex-d.o office which looks kinda haunted

Men at work

Kids having fun

The paparazzi

Yes, I had to tiptoe, strength my hand and tried my best not to move while taking those pictures. Everyone was pushing and I was lucky not to get molested unlike the poor Mrs. G. Sigh.. those pervs who took advantage of the event should rot in hell!

My colleagues told me that they could literally saw and smell armpits brushing against their shoulders near to their faces. Gali lah.

Our beloved Sultan,
His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah,
the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam

who gives us peace, free education, free medication, fuel subsidization and
tax free to our country.

Yes, I shook his hand!

We're all so excited and Shirley claimed that,
"OMG! This is even better than my wedding! I feel so excited!"

Lol! Yes, very exciting indeed.

Hjh Zu showing off her precious.
autographed by Pg Ak Khairol

Poor baby

And yes,

We took a group photo with Pg Ak Khairol .
He's so humble and nice.


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p/s: Photobucket will be up tomorrow! Finally!


cc said...

Beautiful beautiful field! :)

cbenc12 said...

wow.. i like ur photos, taken like pro! well done..

Princess Nashwa said...

Nons, for all you know I am actually wearing a wig.. hehe Yeah, I know Ill never ever pilot a plane, so at least pretend to look like one with the Ray-Bans :P

Nonnie King said...

CC : Yeap, beautiful day too.. But it rained soon after the event finished.

Cbenc12 : Hahahhah! Really? I'm flattered.

Liza : Let me pull next time, your wig. You know what, we should have a costume party...

ZuAzmi said...

Nonie, I look so cheeky huh in that pix with KK..hehehe..but i had fun..told my hubby the story all ovr again sampai ia sasak's true what SDhirley said..for me itsthe best day since I knew that I got 2torship..hehehehe..Thanx for the photos