Monday, November 26, 2007

I made CD Holder!

What happened on a Sunday morning when mother was out of town, and the boyfriend left StreamyX for home-cooked meals staying 90km away?

Heh. Heh. Heh.

Ignorance is bliss.
Bliss to the M.A.X.

No one warning me,

"Hoi, tidy up your things. If any guy happens to see this also don't want to marry you liao.."

That is so sweet and helpful, Mother.

No need to pretend,

"Yikes, Ah Pui coming. Have to clear up the mess else he'll have to sit on the floor. Cannot like that, he always thought that I'm his domestic goddess. Must. Keep. Good. Image."

Okay... I kidded.

Mum had given up on training me as the "traditional-can-cook-can-clean-hardworking-good temper-score100%-daughter-in-law" material when I was 10.

As for Bobby, needless to say. His room in Miri is 10x messier than mine. He had books, lots and lots of paper on his bed and he cleared up a tiny space fit for half his body and slot in horizontally with his feet on the ground. Can imagine that?


Anyway, I D.I.Y-ed last Sunday. Thus the mess on my bed.
Yeah, I don't have any decent table for me to study or work on. My bed is my table. Beat it.

Scroll back up again and look in to the first picture.

Saw my notebook? (Notebook, the one made of paper, not iron and steels.)
Saw the drawing in it?
That's my draft of what I'm making.

Can guess?

. . . Crap, I forgot that I'd already said it out loud in my title (of this blog post).
(I bet some of you scroll up to check again!)

Bah, I made CD Holder . ^_^


I have lots of self-pirated audio CDs in my car,

And that silly looking hamburger CD holder is just not enough. In fact, the zip rosak already. I really need a new one since I'd busted all the available compartments in my car with CDs.

First of all, get those CD bags ready and stack them up.
I got 100pcs of them in Miri for RM3.90.

It's going to be a 25pockets CD holder.

Cut the fabric according to size.

Stitch. Stitch. Stitch.

After finishing the head, next what I made was the Antenna.

Then the hands.

Cutting and stitching are so so so tedious. Note that I didn't mention "Measuring"? Yeah, I never really measure and I think irregular and uneven shapes make my "creations" more unique.


(Arrange them in place)

Okay or not?

Yes I know.. the hand too panjang.
Fix it later.

I hope by this time you had already figured out that it's a robot. Anyone asking me if it's TOFU or will be beheaded! Calling it an alien is acceptable by the way.

Bought those self-adhesive tape for $0.35. Not necessary to buy one whole meter since I don't need that much. The shop is kind enough to sell just 10cm to me.

Almost the end-product

I brought it along to the kopitiam meeting the girls and showed them. They thought the "round antenna" looks funny. I said I can remove if it's not nice, but then they said without the antenna, it'll look less "Robotic".

So hard to please eh.

I told them I'll just stitch "I am a ROBOT" so people won't come ask me what is it. Smart leh? Man... stitching, more like embroidering those words damn tough lah!

My first time trying, so don't complain!
Mai hiam eh sai laaa...

(Translation: Acceptable if not too fussy)

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that those arms can be rotated!

Hands up! Hands down!

Maybe it didn't quite turn out the way I expected, but it's still good. I didn't make any legs for it because it's a "Floating Robot"! No legs needed!

. . . okay la, I'm just being lazy.
And I had no idea what kind of "kaki" I can give it.

Meet NonniBot SquareBag, my new companion in car.
Yes, he's an angmoh. Can't you tell from the name?

Overall, I give myself 6 out of 10 for this project.
Good idea, bad workmanship.
Nice from far but far from nice.

Maybe I should really cut down DIY-ing.
It's just so depressing when it comes to the last part, that is... Tidying and Cleaning Up!

For Gorgeous Ladies Only

It's back! We're back!

(Click image for more)

Last year's was a blast, and this year will be double of it!

Seats are limited so quick register yourself now!
(8 taken, 17 left)

* * *

The button below will be placed in my sidebar.
To stay tune, click on it from time to time for updates.

Oh wait... I think I did mentioned it on the title right?

Sorry guys, you can just stay at home and watch your football match 'cos we ain't bringing you.

If you can't be there, at least tell me the poster and button look damn pwetty.
I wonder who made them...~ *wink*

Saturday, November 24, 2007

唉。。。 可悲哟

我想有些人一看到这篇东西。。。 (Post/ entry 中文是什么啊?) 一定额头出现三条线。 心想, “这个查某干嘛装神秘呀, 有什么东西见不人吗?” 哎哟, 人家只是觉得用习惯的言语能表达的比较好嘛。

在你还没继续读下去之前,我必须先告诉你, 本小姐的华语只有小六的程度。 如有冒犯, 词不达意的地方, 请多多包含。

这只天也真受够多气了, 我在想是不是自己的EQ不高, 所以才会让奸人得逞?

是啦是啦, 我知道啦。。什么什么


Cheh... 讲我都会讲啦, 很难做到而已吗。。

真搞不懂, 为什么有些人就是喜欢吃饱没事做, 专门找麻烦?
还要帮我免费宣传那里错了。(没事就少说点话, 免得污染我将要吸进去的空气!)

考试明明对了98题, 只错两题, 就有人到处去唱说,
“这么那么苯/蠢/白痴/不小心阿? 酱都会错?”
“你真厉害, 对了那么多题!”

明明是同一件事嘛, 可是那恶毒的嘴巴就是见不得人好。
干嘛呀, 心理不平衡就去看医生, 积点口德吧,

(不好意思噢, 说的有些狠毒))

想过吗, 为什么

不管以前做了多少的好事, 善事, 只要做了一件错事就会把所有付出过得推翻。被人说是 “伪君子”, “假好心”, “败类” 诸如此类的话。

相比的, 一个坏人只要做了一件让人感动的事, 人们就会觉得, “给他一个机会吧, 他还是有药救的。”


如果是酱的话, 那我不如去做那罪大恶极,十恶不涉的大坏蛋。 用偷的抢的去赚很多很多的钱, 然后偶尔丢出几万块去做慈善, 可能百年归老的时候还有人为了纪念我而做了个铜像呢~


* * * * *

算了吧, 人生百态嘛。

叮咛自己, 千万不要被那些贱人, 烂人影响我那正面的人生观!


请给我一颗慈悲宽容的心, 很多很多的耐性,
好让我能在这世上活久一点, 不被那些人活活气死!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Make new friends

I do have some topics to blog about but I'm having a really busy week that I can't put my thoughts into words.

Before going any further, I'm just wondering...

How do you make new friends? And from where?

Do you,

A) See this cute chick from your friend's MSN display pic, or maybe browsing through Friendster and pester the "Connected Friends" for contact?

B) Meet this random hunk/ chick from the street and terus mengurat asking for phone number?

C) Register yourself to some corny website like and wait for people to ter-stumble on your page?

D) MIRC? (Anyone still chat there? That place is full of buaya la....)

And base on what you want to befriend this person?


A) He/ she's cute?

B) He/ she posted a nude photo so maybe there's a free meal? Hmmm..

C) He/ she has 156465 friends in her list and if you're not one them then you're a Loser?

I'm just curious.

The other day a friend of mine asked me to introduce him "the girl in my MSN display pic" and I asked him why, what's wrong with his "old friends" that he need to make new one? He thought I'm nuts asking questions like that.

Am I'm weird?

Who cares? I'm going to take my beauty nap now.... Had an exhausting day at work today.

Post may be deleted, or re-edit or whatever when I'm awake.
We'll see.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do Re Mi, Wo Ai Ni

It's going to be a busy week for me so please don't expect much from me.
=) But don't abandon my blog please, I still check my chatbox from time to time.

Nothing much to say. Probably just some captions and short stories to share.

We had steamboat again last Thursday, sort of an advance birthday celebration for the other two and a belated one for me (again!). SL, Theen and I were all born in the month of November just weeks away from each other so we called ourselves the "November Babies".

Kasian Kelly, November is a nightmare to her because she'll burn a big hole in her pocket to buy gifts for her. Moi, think like that, yours will be better because we have more to spare for you with our power combined.

Decorated with Frozen Cherries and Gummy strawberries

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Went to Miri last Saturday and Bobby volunteered to cook for me. He didn't want my help and asked me just sit back and relax. But, how to relax when the boyfriend can't even fry an egg properly?

I was already famished when arrived. I walked in the kitchen every 5 minutes and asked,

"Is the food done?" ,
"What time can eat?",
"You got keropok or something so that I can eat to tahan first ah?",
"You need help or not?",

And.. what I said the most frequent is, "HOW CAN YOU COOK WITH NO SALT?"

Serious, can you believe that there's no salt in the kitchen? It's such a big blow for me. I so wanted to drive to the nearest kedai runcit and get him salt already.

Other than bugging him for food, (Oh yeah.. he did make me a cup of Milo with Nestum. But not tahan also..) out of boredom, I took out my camera and snapped pictures.

He successfully opened up the tin of luncheon meat but couldn't get it not in one piece. Forced to scoop it with a knife and spoon. Thus the cacatness.

Can see right? His face very landir (is that how you spell it?), saggy or droopy. I was teasing him that I think he need a face lift. Guess what he answered,

"But I already have you to lift me up already."

Awww..... Sweet isn't it. Makin pandai this boy sweet talk me. But don't be fooled by his innocent look, he can be very mean.

When I told him a joke and expect him to laugh, he'll ask me back,
"You want me to laugh WITH you, or laugh AT you?"


Can't blame him for having saggy face though, take a look yourself.
He changed

He's 100% an Ah-Pui 2 years ago... Just that he lost weight and now become a Gigi-Besi. Maybe one day I'll blog how drastically he'd changed over the years, while I still look...and weight the same. Sien.

Must spoil his image a bit.

He told me if I lau-sai (cirit-birit) don't blame him because it's his first time cooking such "big" meal. And me, of course was his first tester.

Two hours later...
(I thought I'll become white skeleton before having the chance to eat)

Look delicious?

He prepared:

- Fettuccine with creamy chicken mushroom soup (From Campbell's lah.. You think he so ganas?),

- Black Pepper Chicken (This one really really good! I'm shocked!)

- And Potato Chalie Bobby, his own creation with my skill to pan fry it.

All these cooked without adding salt and MSG.

My proud Chef


Then after that we went to meet up with Theen and friends in Rexx Box (Red Box punya pirated version?), stayed for 30 minutes or less and left the place. Wasn't really our kinda thang, or it's just me being unfriendly?

Being in the same room with smokers and strangers, people cheering and drinking, playing dices and stuff... I don't know, I guess I can only be "high" with my own bunch of friends.

And so we went to have supper!
Man, this guy really knows how to make me fat!

@ Al-Fresco

Love the seafood basket! There's calamari, mussels, prawns, crabs and potato wedges. RM18.00! The pink drink is not mine.

My boyfriend ordered "Pink Lady". I know, how weird.
I had fruit punch.

Then we head to his uni. It's his last semester already (Thank Buddha) and he thought he want to go back for the last time and walked around.


Don't stare at my arms! DON'T!
I know you just did....

Poser Me

Fast forward 14 hours later >>>

One thing that I really hate to do is filling air to my tyres. I mean how clumsy can I be, I even lost a screw while pumping air in it. It dropped into the longkang.

From that day onward, it's the boyfriend job to check the tyres for me. =D

Thank you Bi,
for the wonderful weekend.

<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

(Sorry peeps if you find this boring. It's 11.30pm now and I seriously need my chalie-sleep)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tagged + Weird Auntie

Tagged by Affy.

Seven random facts/travel/life experiences about me during the yester years:

1. I can only raise my left brow. As for the right one, its like.. paralysed? It stays there lifeless as if it has nothing to do with my face. And I can't roll my tongue.

2. My close friends and the boyfriend will be super alert whenever I shopped at the glassware section or any place where fragile things are placed (they called it the "KING'S DANGER ZONE"), I'll be asked to keep my hands to myself and forbid to touch anything.

If I want to see anything, all I need to do is to point at it. They'll take it down, rotate 360 degrees till I say put it back or buying it.

See, special treatment for the "King".

3. I HATE WASHING DISHES! Anything other than that, no problem. My favorite house chore (if I have to pick one) will be empty the dustbin. What dirty and smelly? Its the simplest and quickest leh! I sibeh smart okay.

4. I (think I) have the talent for cooking. Even though I seldom cook, my food never taste yucky. My first attempt will always turn out to be the best because that is when I really put effort in it. And, after I'd succeeded in one recipe, I feel reluctant to cook it for the second, thrid, forth time. I just don't want to spoil my perfect record. Hehehehe.

5. Both my parents are Foochow, so now you know where my loud voice comes from. But I can't speak Foochow well, only the basic and it gives my cousins stomach ache (laugh too hard). AND I HATE PEOPLE CALLING ME OR MY MUM "KA-LIU-PO" or say to me "KA-LIU-KING-KWANG-TA-PA-LIU", whatever that means.... Its not funny you moron!

6. Sorry to say but, I'm NOT a cat lover. I think cats are annoying and super-manja. Or maybe because those stray cats keep poo-ing on my mum's flowers and jump on to my car roof leaving paw prints everywhere on my car.

Anyone has tips on "How to keep cats away from car and plant?".

7. I secretly (more like seriously) think that I can be a super hostess like Xiao-S (Xu Xi Di) if I'm born in Taiwan.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Remember I told you about having a really weird encounter last Monday while eating chicken rice at the Simpur stalls?

Vicky and I were having lunch when there's this woman.. auntie... che-che? (if she's still single.. I don't know lar) walked pass me, stared at my plate and shrieked, "DRUMSTICK!"

I tried not to look at her because she made no sense to me. I mean, where got people look into other people food and feel so happy for what he/she eats? I thought to myself just ignore her and continue eating.

The she stood beside our table and asked,
"Miss, can I have your drumstick?".

. . . . . with a really weird smile on her face. She scared me.

>_< "Can, but after I finish eating ah.", I replied politely.

She told me she can wait and there's no need for me to rush. But the thing is, she didn't walk away! She freaking stood there and stared at me eating!

Excuse me auntie, didn't you know it's rude to look at people while eating? Clearly not. How stupid of me to ask.

I looked up at her then looked at Vicky hinting her that is that auntie cuckoo? Vicky said to me, "I'm not gonna eat faster just because she's waiting though." Fair enough, it was her who wanted the bones from me, why should I rush myself to finish?
I have this problem, I don't like people to wait for me.

If I know someone is waiting for my parking at the back, I'll rush myself to reverse and let the next person park. I just don't know why some people can just bear to see the long queue behind waiting for him/her to get moving. I HATE people who spend more than 3 minutes to move in/ out from parking space.
Weird Auntie was still staring at me, or my drumstick I don't know. Then she asked me casually, "Where you work ah?".

I was having this angel and devil fight in my heart.

Do I:
A) Angle-me, answer her honestly because she did nothing wrong.
B) Devil-me, look at her fiercely and yell "None of your business" because she's really getting on my nerves.

Sigh... I'm such a loser.
Angel-me won.

I answered her but gave her a look that I was a bit annoyed by her and wished that she could give us some peace by not standing beside our table and staring at my piece of drumstick, or my cute face (LOL!).

Yeah finally! She got the hint! She walked away!

. . . and came back every 2 minutes, checking if I'd finished my food already or not.


While I was chewing my last piece of chicken and spit out the bone, she took out the plastic bag and standby liao. Asked, "Miss, you finish eating liao hor?", I wonder if she got see me nod my head or not, because she terus took away my plate and empty the bones into her self-prepared plastic bag.

What the heck?

Feeling puzzled by her act, I asked the hawker there if the weird auntie always come to this area and ask for bones. The hawker told me that whenever she saw customer eating, she'll go ask for bones. But I guess there's nothing they can do to her since she didn't do anything wrong pun.

Still, auntie... (if you know how to surf and stumble on to my blog seeing you as the main "actress" here), no need xing-ku (kasian) minta-minta like that, just tell the hawkers that you want bones, they will give you one.

Maybe its for your baby cats or dogs I don't know lar, but.... do spare some feelings for those you cause awkwardness to.

The Weird Auntie
(Bones collector)

Monday, November 12, 2007

No more B$ 1.50


I had thought in my life this will happened. NEVER!
And I have no idea how did it happened...
Okay laaa... I know how actually. I just want to sound like a drama queen, or king. That's all.

Hai..... Read it yourself [link].
NO! WAIT! Don't click first!
Get some tissues first, because it's so heart-wrenching.

Just by looking at the title already want to cry liao...

OVER?! No more! Habis! Tidak akan happen lagi!

Our famous Seria $1.50 Kolomee is going to change, to $1.80. I naively thought that it's only happening to "Seria" kolomee, KB (Kuala Belait) won't be affected. Hai.... How stupid can I be?

One of my favorite place to eat out,

We (as in my best buds and I) eat there quite often, almost all the Sundays provided none of us is missing. We would ordered porridges, fried kueh tiaw, mee hoon, cakoi and whatever that we felt like eating. Its really exaggerating when the food came in one go and people actually thought we had friends who hadn't come.

Chopsticks, spoons, dishes, cut chillies, grind chillies, dark soya sauce, tooth pick, pepper, light soya sauce. These are the standard stuffs you'll see on everyday table. Basically everything you need to make your food taste the way you want it.

And this, *points below* a MUST TRY!!!

I just like the classic feeling of eating from porcelain bowl and spoon. A big bowl of porridge, B$1.50.

Ling-mong panas, B$0.50.

But this fairy tale will only last till 14th November 2007. They're going to increase the price starting 15th November 2007. So you who hasn't try eating there, you must not miss out the chance to eat the final B$1.50 food + B$0.50 hot drinks.

B$2.00 for a scrumptious and filling breakfast, where to find?

(Don't you dare tell Nasi Katok only B$1.00. Different okay, one Chinese food, one Malay food. Don't compare. I'm talking about cheap Chinese food!)

All food will increase by $0.30.

kolomee / meehoon/ keuh tiaw/ lausu fen- $1.80
fried keuh tiaw/ mee/ meehoon/ lausu fen - $1.80
porridge - $1.80

As for the price for drinks and roti kahwin(s), see it for yourself.

I was thinking,

"If its the rising cost of wheat flour that caused the price increase for the food, why drinks are affected too? We don't use flour to make drinks, do we?"

Thus I asked the auntie (who can already call out my name because I'd start drinking her Milo Ping since 2) why was that. She told me its the Government who asked them to do so. Hmmm....

* * * * *

It was nice for the uncle (hawker) to tell us about the price increase. They informed their customers a week before they implement the new price, just in case anyone will kua-kua-jiao (bising-bising). I bet some of you thought I was saying the male reproductive organ when read the words in red.

Vicky (my colleague) told me that the same thing happened in Seria Mien-Tang (Food stalls). Two men went there for breakfast and ordered kolomee. And when they asked for the bills (as if there's cash bills/ receipts. Hahahhaa!), it gave them quite a shock.

Guess what they did, they just yelled at the poor hawker and said they wouldn't pay for it and walked off. How barbarian is that?

I mean, if you're not happy with the price increase, or you feel cheated, maybe you can just give what you think it's reasonable to pay. Yo dude, you bloody ate that bowl of kolomee liao leh.. How can you just walked away like that? Daylight robbery man!


Anyway, back to the topic.

So I was saying, you only have 2 days left to enjoy cheap foods. Restaurants are not affected. At least not the chicken rice + rojak + sotong + cucur udang + kangkong stalls located at the Simpur Gerai.

(I had lunch there today and kaypo-ed about it, Kaypo = busybody. By the way, I had a really weird encounter and rather annoying there. Will blog about it later.)

Can someone tell me why,

When all prices increase,
why does our salaries remain unchanged?

I guess that's #1 unsolved mysteries in the whole wide world that everyone is dying to know.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stupid drivers should be punished!

Gah! I believe most of you share the same experience...

You suddenly felt regret that the foul words that you know are so limited to yell at the stupid driver who's jeopardizing lives on the road and yet didn't look sorry at all.

And Brunei's traffic condition is nothing compare to other countries. Drivers here have more courtesy to give way. In Brunei, when drivers highlight you, that means he/she is giving you the way. But I remembered when I was in Bangkok, when driver horned and highlighted, that means they're not letting you to come out. I can never imagine myself driving in the busy streets of Bangkok. Thus making me appreciate Seria more. *hugs nodding donkey*

Still, there's always black sheep who make exceptions!

Here, I'll show you a lauyah drawing (by me) so that you can understand better what I want to rant about. Don't laugh at my drawing.

Clearly it happened in Kiulap yesterday. I was driving S.L's car (was his driver yesterday as he went for wisdom tooth extraction yesterday and face swollen like pig head =p) on my way exiting the entrance of Kiulap.

Then there's this green Hyundai Accent who simply came out from his junction on my left, eyes looking on his left only and didn't even bother to check his right (where I was). Ooii uncle! Salah leh you!

Lucky I wasn't driving very fast and braked in time. I was forced to stop my car in the middle of the road just because I HAD TO give him way since his car body already half out liao. !(^#$@%@$@^$%!#^*^!#!!!

I narrowed my brows, pulled down my face (my signature beh-song look) and stared at him with my small but fiery eyes, waiting for him to know how mad I was.

He turned his head (finally after 3 seconds of me pulling my face). I thought he'll look sorry for being so careless and apologize by nodding his head but NO! He showed me his FIST!


You stupid botak ah pek with the height of 4 feet 9 weighing 80kg with bad odour, I guess... You think you old then no need to see road kah? You think the road your father one ah? Show me your fist lagi, I didn't show you my finger good enough liao, show me your fist! Stupid old man!

What? Want to tumbuk me is it? Come lah, I one hand stopped your forehead your hand also cannot reach me liao, ai-tung-gua! HAHHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAAH!!! (Self-syokking moment)

(Ai tung gua - Chinese slang use to mock people's height. Direct translation, Short winter melon)

Sai you! Don't let me see you again else I will... I will... I will.... curse you again? Sigh, I'm such a loser.

Dear God, please make stupid drivers stay at home while I'm on the road. Please? High blood pressure leh if like that everyday.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Phewww VIDS


Unbilibala !!! (Nonnie's language for Unbelievable. Sorry, trying to act cute here.. =p)

Thanks thanks thanks thanks for all your birthday wishes. Being 24 is totally awesome! (Despite being labeled as "Mid 20s and another 6 more years to step into my third decade)

I think I just used up my "commentor quotas" for the next 20 posts, leaving me like...6.4 comments for this post?

Birthday had passed three days ago but I'm still receiving outstanding birthday gifts. Feels like advance Christmas lah, just no Santa and chimney for him to crawl in.

By the way, my bloginspiration is not back yet. I'm still on cloud nine. All my gifts are still nicely packed in a box and I must force myself to give them a proper place for them to live on this Sunday. If.... I'm not playing lami. =p

The watch (that Bobby gave) is still in the box and I took it occasionally just to admire and "test-wear". Put it back after couple of minutes because I know the clumsy me will somehow someway scratch or dent it.

I guess cheap rubber watch fits best to me.
Just that I mind the stinky smell of it after I sweat. So yeah, I still prefer stainless steel. At least not as busuk as rubber.

Here, two videos to keep you guys and girls entertained.

Sorry subtitles only available for video #1. I got tired editing it... It's just to tedious to repeat the same steps over and over again, I hate adjusting and checking the time line too. And...the subtitles didn't really match much to the conversations. I was in a hurry. Forgive me?

Oh oh. Before you click "play", maybe you should lower down your speakers volume a bit. The videos are a little noisy.

Spot the cutest kid in the party, the shameless mummy, my friend who always contribute long meaningful comments, the chatty food blogger and the mesmerized bloggers.

So.... Now you see my pancake face from different angles. Surprise?

Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm 24 !

Thanks for all your greetings through my comment box, chatbox, mobile phone and MSN! I'm sorry if I didn't reply. Being 24 totally rocks!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Super long post ahead. I suggest you go take a pee, get ready with some EyeMo Moist and stop all your download right about now.


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I have so many things to say that I don't even know where to start! =D

Chau Mc Dotty was asking me what's my plan tonight and I told her I'll just stay at home, continue edit my pictures and blog. See, this is what a committed birthday blogger do for her 114 comments.

Okay now now, where to start?
Bah.. from the moment I arrived BSB and checked in hotel then.

I reached BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan) at around 3.00pm, got stuck in the damn traffic for 30 minutes and finally found a parking at 3.30pm. Went to Gadong to hunt for Brother Hong's birthday gift and tried out the toothsome double chocolate gelato. *Hallelujah* Finally checked in the hotel at 5.00pm, unpacked, took a short rest and showered.

Hotel Lobby

Thank you Simpur once again. With the blogging competition I wouldn't be able to stay at the junior suite for FREE! I asked the receptionist and she told me my room actually cost about BND230.00 after discount.

Pffttt.... That gotta be one of the most expensive birthday gift I ever had. Okay la, I know its my prize and not my birthday gift, but I prefer to think of the later. Another reason to make me smile on my birthday.

In our room

And Alex dropped by to take a quick shower.

I was like a mother! I kept urging Bobby to change, Alex to shower because I need the bathroom to put on makeup. Where as that two guys just couldn't stop talking about sports, studies, future planning, etc etc. Gah!

When I pushed again, Alex asked why couldn't I just use the mirror hanging in the room, why must I use the bathroom to put on makeup? Hello, I need white lights la, putting makeup on with a pale yellow light is almost equal to makeup suicide. The color no chun lah. Later look like Furong Jie Jie or 如花 how? Guys, they just don't understand.

I totally had no chance to interrupt them because I didn't understand what they're talking. The least I could do was....

All ready to go!
(Pic taken while Alex was in the shower)

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I threw a tiny birthday bash at Capers and invited a small amount of people because it was quite last minute. Turn out I made the right decision because my guests had really good appetite that day! Especially the "K" couple. She ordered sampai she had no idea what to order next because she already tried everything on the menu! Ganas!

Birthday Girl and friends

So many bloggers have you spotted?
There's a total of 9 and let's see if you can name all. =p

My darlings and boyfriends
If you had been following this blog long enough, it won't be a problem to name them
L-R: James, Theen, Bobby, King, Kelly and K.L.

Mr. Luuee (second left)

He was the second to arrive that night.... I think? Because I was late... No thanks to that 2 guys. And he need no introduction to my friends because he already know who were them through my blog. He went like, "Theen, Theen's boyfriend, Kelly, Kelly's boyfriend." Steady eh, really got read my blog one.

(The above were told by Theen because I didn't have much chance talking to him. Bobby and him were busy sharing food and thinking what to order next. What to do, he's my boyfriend's boyfriend when he's in Miri.)

Hair and Chewing Gum
Annoying yet inseparable

Youstilllowememybirthdaypresent *cough*

Its bad when I get too close and comfy with friends. Like Ness, when she appeared in the restaurant the first question that popped out from my mouth was, "Eh? Mana my present?". Too bad she sat too far from Mau, Tina and I else we could discussed more about Girly Bloggers Night Out 2007.

Yes people, we're going to have another gathering!
Happy? I know I am pretty excited lah.

Glamourous Bloggers
The infamous Maurina and Tina

Maurina was damn funny when she winked at Rano and asked him to vote for her! Hahhahahhha!!! And thanks Tina babe, for picking up Mau. Seems like its big news for Mau to arrive on time, as per Rano.

Thanks for being punctual, unlike someone (points below)

He was late for an hour plus and he said he's on a diet.

(He complained he looked like a stalker in the above photo but this is my blog, I post up photos that I look good in it. Muahahahaha! Plus, you cannot request so much since you're late and didn't even finish eating that cake of mine! Humpphhh!)

That CookieMonster had the nerve to eat just a spoonful (teaspoon somemore!) of my cake and later pushed the plate to me. Said he's on diet and tummy didn't feel right. Eh, me BIRTHDAY GIRL LEH!

Maybe after seeing his reason you think its excusable. But what if I tell you that guy went to watch football match and BBQ at the beach again after leaving my party?

Had the cheek to tell me that somemore the next morning.

Hoi, you're a food blogger. You're excuse to be FAT and you can't choose what to eat and what not to eat because its your duty to let us know.

Outsider (me) and a happy family

Eshyn totally stole my focus away! Everyone just want to talk to her and win her heart so that they can hug her. And Orange mummy said I MUST post these pictures up so that Eshyn can appear in my blog.

Me: Come, lets take photo together before you go.
Orange: Eshyn, tell Ah King Yi-Yi to post the photos up her blog ah so everyone can see Eshyn cute cute.
Me: -____- " So young already teach this kind of thing.

And when people complimented that Eshyn is very adorable, that thick-skinned mummy answered, "Look like mother mah~".

Kek-tiok! (Inner injury)


And Kelly kept urging us to have babies so that she can have fun with them, especially to Theen. Well, if guarantee my anak got so cute I don't mind oh. After all, the process won't be the problem =p Its the wedding that is troublesome.

(Look at mirror then look at Bobby)

With eyes like that, how to have baby with super big and round eyes leh? *sigh*

Jamilla, or Xiang which I'm used to calling her

Am so not used to her newly permed hair. She was quiet that night yet talkative when it comes to blogging and commenting. Split personality ah? Just kidding. Unlike me, loud in my blog... even louder in real life.

My beloved brother
Hong-Hong kor kor
(Purposely stood behind him so that my face will look smaller)

It was his birthday that night yet he made it for my celebration. And he seek for a lot of advice when it comes to buying gifts for me. Tell me where to find a friend cum big-brother like that?

His birthday is 2 days ahead of mine. And everything when my mukatembokities strike, I'll shamelessly "remind" him that my birthday is coming. Then he'll counter back by saying his birthday is 2 days ahead of mine, so what am I getting him first. Cheh.

And... the clumsy me just need to create some troubles to him. I spilled a glass of water and wet his pants. He claimed, "Why accidents always happen when you're beside me?". Don't say till like I'm a broom-star can?

Miss Spiritual Garden and Mr. Rano

It was really nice of him to turn up that night as we all know, he's super busy. And when he arrived with his DSLR, everyone silently put our slim compact lousy digital cameras back into our bags.

By the way, those flowers are not from him.

The guy who walked in my hotel room with a bottle of wine wrapped in newspaper. Kept telling me "Still early laaaaaaaa..." whenever I asked him to quick go shower, and stop talking crap with my boyfriend.

But I must treat him nice because this guy came all the way from Temburong! Well, his main aim was to send the car for servicing... and soon-pien attend my party one. Or its the other way round I don't know.

On the night before my birthday bash,

Me: You better call NBT and make an appointment for your car service. Who knows later they have too many cars and can't do yours.

Alex: My father told me that I just need to say that I come all the way from Temburong and terus masuk workshop liao one.

Me: Wah lau... Like that also can. -_____-"

Fellow Toyota and Lexus drivers of Brunei, now then you know why it took so long to service your car. Just kidding NBT, don't sue me please.

Sekali, NBT was closed that afternoon! HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAA! Nah see, don't listen to me like that one lor.

Last but not least, my favorite guy in the whole wide world. The guy who would spend time making me cards, drove all the way from Miri or BSB just to see me. The guy who gets really happy when seeing me eating (?!) The guy just let me lepas geram on him whenever I'm in a foul mood. The guy who whispered "I love you", kissed my forehead and make sure all my limbs were covered underneath the blanket. =)

My Ah Pui

Sometimes I felt that he's more "famous" than me because there's more people telling him "You're Bobby! Nonnie's boyfriend!" or "I read your girlfriend's blog" than people coming straight up to me telling me that.

Good also, at least I have a lot of spies and paparazzi helping me spy on him if he (dare to) cheat on me next time. Just kidding laaaa~

* * * * *

And if you're wondering where's SL that night...

Don't say liao lar, that guy and me not friends anymore =p

Groupies without SL

I text him a couple of days before my birthday telling him to make himself free on the night and come makan, else that's the end of our friendship. He replied, "Then ah, really have to end liao.", "You better get me a really good gift in Singapore I tell you."

SL: Hey, guess who I saw at the airport. xxxxxxx
Me: Ya, heard that she went there few days ago. And wth is my birthday greeting?!
SL: Not yet 12.00am what. Still got time.

Guess what, the guy never text me after that! Pfftttttt!
You say I angry or not.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Random pictures for the night

My Ice Cream Cake

I was expecting Theen to bake one for me, guess its the same thing for what that happened to Kelly's. 失败 liao. And I think I'd asked Theen umpteen times what happen to my cake and she just never answered me back. o_O

It's not a secret that I'm not a cake lover, so this ice cream cake is perfect! I can see most people ate the ice cream and left the sponge cake. Hahahhahah! Just like me.

My super good and kind friends helping me to serve
Plus Orange's husband. I was too busy talking that I forgot to take a picture of him.

I know that two girls are going to kill me for posting the above picture up because both of them "joi-miu-miu" (mouth senget senget) there spoil their images. Eh, I just realized both of them wore stripes that night. One rainbow zebra and one black zebra =p

(I'm so getting killed after Kelly read this post. If you guys see me not updating my blog, you know what happen to me lah.)

The guys at the far left corner

The folks sitting opposite of me

Captions for fun only.
Don't take it seriously.

Stolen from Rano

Top Left : Yus
Top Right: Ness (Pandai pose that chabor)
Bottom Left: Nonnie and Kelly
Bottom Right: Tina's (full of mysteries) palm

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally, back to the hotel room after the dinner.
Its gift unwrapping time!

*Kweng Kweng Kweng*

While I was humming happily arranging my gifts on the table, feeling excited to unwrap one by one up, the two guys just couldn't bother to answer me because they're too busy watching Man-U V.S. Arsenal.

Oh, Alex was there again because he need to buang air besar, and watch the match.

(Unwrapping gifts and sitting by the table alone)

Me: Wah! So nice! I like!

Them: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Phewwww.......Lucky!

Me: This is so cute!

Them: GO! GO! GO! GO! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Bi, come see this! So cool!

Me: . . . .


Them: !!@*&$@^@&^&*%#^#^@^**&(%&$~~!!!!! (A long string of foul words when Arsenal had a goal few minutes before the game ended)

Bleh, ignore them.
Let's see what I got this year.

Oh ya, am not going to say who gave me what here. In case some people think its rude to do so.

* * * * *


It was really sweet of her to leave the flowers in the restaurant. I was really surprised when the waitress brought me that. And everyone was cheering and telling Bobby to "jaga" with raising brows .

*Ahhem... * Haram

One red one white. From two guys who had no ideas what to get for girls. Its still in the shelf because I can't find the bottle opener in any shops in Seria.

And one of them told me, "Big girl liao. No need cuddly toys. Nah, buy you wine. Mature gift for big girl."

Sweet treats

If she's the one who drew that flower herself, then I see another talent in her apart from blogging.

Piggy Wooden Box Bank

So cute right? And I'd put all the angpaos I got for my birthday in it. This will be my 发财盒 (Fortune Box). Oh money money come~

Speaking of angpao, I felt so paiseh (malu) when two of my friends gave me angpao. One is from a married mum so I guess its okay. But another one is from a guy who just started working not long ago. Feel so sorry that he had to give me that.

And both of them answered me the same thing when I said I don't want it, "You say you want something practical mah, nah.. angpao, very practical. Go buy what you like."


Requested birthday gifts for my birthday gift

Purple Mobile Pouch

My favorite of all

Pwetty bag with gorgeous gifts inside! And its from a guy!!!
Love love love love love it!

And he said next time he'll just get me a hamper so no need to think what colour or what combination and number (the code for colours of skin tone) to get me. He said since I'm becoming more feminine so must get me lady gifts too. Sweet eh?

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

And if you had been reading me from last year, you'll know that I gave a thank you card on my birthday to Bobby for his effort and sweet caring moments thinking how to surprise me every year.

This year, I got him something he really didn't expected.

Cute? Its just a piece of mahjong paper. Cost $0.20 and its all up to you what to draw on it I guess. Special mah like that, cheaper also.

He was shocked while opening it and couldn't get his eyes off it. He even wanted to put it between us so that he could hug it to sleep. What the heck.

His gift

He turned left and right, said "Aiyah... Too bad Yus is not here already. I can't show off". Yus, you reading this? Bobby wants you to get jealous over this. Hahahaha.

And if you're wondering why did I get Bobby that, well.. Football is his only passion and his favorite is Man-U. Thank God he's not into cars.. else I'll have to buy him rims or some car audio thingie that cost half of my salary.

Doncha wish your girlfriend was cool and caring like me?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Breakfast at Goldiana

We woke up at 7.30am and went downstair to have breakfast at 08.00am.

I can't take early breakfast else will end up puking everything out. Once I feel full I must stop right away. And seeing Bobby gobbling down the food is like... You see for yourself.

Well, I did eat sausage, some wedges and beef rashes from his plate. Just to try out some. Men are almost equal to carnivores.

He loved the breakfast selection at OGH!
And we had complimentary drinks from them too! Just the perfect way to end our stay.

Bye OGH!

I love your strong wireless connection! I had a good time chatting and surfing on the bed while Bobby was too busy playing Super Mario with my Whitieee.

* * * * *

More gifts

She complained that my windscreen looked dirty and I should get rain shield. And I tabalik joke to her asking her to buy for her and give it to me on my birthday. She remembered!

Now this is practical. We're asked to wear blue last Saturday for some function and the only blue baju I have looks really ugly (but comfy). And its so sweet of them to buy me kain. And that nail polishing block, hehehe, Rohana brought it to work the other day and I borrowed it to do my nails. Told Vicky that I'll go buy it for myself because its really fun. She bought it for my birthday the very next day.

Its not the price that matters, its the thought that counts!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*Take deep breathe*

After so long, you noticed I have no tell you what Bobby got for me? Curious?

Hehehe. It's the last gift I wait till the clock struck 12.00am on 05th November and open it. I was too tired on Sunday night and slept early. And we set alarm to wake up at 12.00am just to open the gift from my special someone.

Hmm.. Nothing special about the red box?
Think again!

That box not only served a purpose to place my gift, it is also my birthday card! Now don't you feel like saluting Bobby for his creativity?

So sweet! I was damn touched by this card. He really put in a lot of effort in making this because the box is so perfect for the gift. Its so unexpected!

Every drawings, every words, every little thing from his hand and hard work.

I love you Bi.

And my gift, hehehee....

*ta da*


He was chatting with me in MSN the other day and asked me what I think about bangle watch. He showed me a link of the above watch and I like it. But he told me that's what he wished he can get me but he couldn't find it in Miri. So having no choice, he had to pick another gift.

That gift is totally unexpected!

I really thought he got me something else.

Say it looks gorgeous on me! Say it!

When my mum saw the gift, she was shaking her head and sighed, "Very nice eh the watch. But kasian the boy. Don't know have to starve how many meals baru save enough to buy you this".

Why do I have a feeling that if I complained Bobby to her in the future, she'll stand at Bobby's side and tabalik say its my fault?

I love you fat guy. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me for the forth time. We got many more to come. And now its my turn to think what to get you for your birthday next year.

*scratch head*

// Videos coming up in the next post //

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