Sunday, April 29, 2007

Steamboat + KB Bazaar

Me: So how's your braces now?
Gigi-Besi: It feels like a bra that my teeth is wearing.


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There's nothing like a cozy Saturday night, with best friends around the table sap-har-sap-har with a home-made steamboat, sharing laughters and joy and laugh at silly jokes and another person's idiocy.

It's just too bad that my boo was rushing his assignments, coping up with his upcoming exams and couldn't join us. Anyway, even if he's free that night, the only thing he can eat is probably the crab stick that has been boiled for 30mins. Soggy with rotten texture.

Or, I chew up his food, spit it out and feed him. Just like how old nanny feed their grandchildren 10, 20 years ago. =p

* Yummilicious *

As you can see, we had prawn, sausages, chicken, p_rk, veges, tofu, needle mushroom, unknown mushroom, lobster balls, tom yum fish cakes, unknown thing #2 (the thing with brown stripes in the middle) and crab sticks on the menu.

And of course, Theen's priceless steamboat sauce. Tell you, the rest are all just keh-leh-feh (supporting actors), the sauce is the main focus of the night. If it wasn't for the bloody sauce, none of us will be crazy for steamboat that much.

Oh, by the way... know how much for the total cost? $28 for everything (excluding the prawn and fish that Kelly had stolen from her mum's fridge). There's four of us eating and hence, it's only $7.00 per head.

Damn good you know. A lot cheaper than what other restaurants are offering. Some more you can do whatever you want freely like using your fingers as chopsticks and fork without worrying what others may think of you. The downside is... you got to clean up everything after the meal.

After a stomach bursting meal, we all lay tiredly on the couch and started channel hopping in Astro.

Oh, I forgot to share you all a funny story.

Let me ask a question first,

Do you know anyone who boil/cook kang-kung in steamboat?

That pig-Theen, brought over a bundle of kangkung and said it's for the steamboat. All of us protested (by not washing, cutting and preparing those bloody green leaves) and said who on Earth eats kangkung in a steamboat.

Not like we're some sort of tortoise or terappins. Even Ninja Turtles eat pizza instead of kangkung lar.

But still, she insisted that it taste nice and pathetically cleaned the kangkung all by herself.

I warned her, if she happened to throw the kangkung into the pot, make sure she "lau" (scope) every single stem of it out. I don't want to see my soup having any green threads.

Heheheheee. I know, I'm a lousy and sassy friend. =p
Well, I wouldn't mind if what she brought is shark fin or abalone what. Kekekkeee.

And she dare not to put in any through out the dinner. Till I left the table and proceed with the TV show.

Lucky I kind of stopped her in doing that. Once Theen threw in the kangkung, the whole pot of soup become murky black. As if a sotong just excrete its ink in it. Spoil already. Good thing that everyone is full and plan not to continue eating. Else we had to boil another pot of soup.

Kangkung is strictly for rojak and to be eaten with sotong and cucur udang/ keladi/ tofu and so on.


See, you learn something new today. =p

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had to wake up early the next morning for the Olahraga, track and field. Forcing myself to wake up at 6+ am on a SUNDAY morning is definitely a bloody torture.

Unwillingly, I dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready and wear that P.E. long sleeve shirt that every staffs are forced asked to wear.

Looking at my reflection on the mirror, I feel like wearing brown paper bag mask on my head to hide my identity. I looked damn fugly!

Fugly me with my head chopped off to avoid
any uncomfortable feeling caused later.

And don't you dare telling me I look good in that shirt ah.

I took some pictures of the event. Perhaps I'll post it up one day, if I'm feeling rajin and out of topic to blog.

Actually I don't know much what's happening on that day since I escaped early sneaking home after 1hr of wandering here and there like a homeless soul. So, I can't blog much about the event.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Those who resides in KB area definitely know there's a 3-days Bazaar Ria going on at Jalan Pretty.

There was a caged 18-foot python displayed, 2 bouncers for parents to set free from their kids, and also bargain goods to shop for. And also, an annoying ear-blasting local band played by middle age 4~5 Malay men.

Sounds like very happening huh? Hell NO!

All that we saw except for that sleepy python and kids jumping up and down in the bouncer, are just food and beverages stalls, and also some obviously imported from Thailand pirated handbags.

Those Guess bags are bloody scary terrifying.

I don't even want to buy a genuine one and carry it out in case people might thought that it's the fake made-in-Thailand one.

Try imagine you bought a nice and pretty Guess bag for $200 by starving yourself just to save that amount. You happily sling it on your shoulder and go shopping, till you saw another fat auntie with a questionable taste in fashion using an almost same bag as you. And later she told you that she bought hers from pasar malam for $30 and mocked at you for your stupidity.

Sure vomit blood and die due to major blood loss.

And, this is the other cool thing we saw.

There were a few cars on display there. I guess it's an advertisement for those car audio/ modification company. Because what they did is blast their sound system with maximum base and all four doors, including their boot open for exhibition.

As you can see from the above photo, that car has a running blue water fall, and tons of little car model.

It's cool.. but not practical from my point of view.

Scenario #1

Let's say one day you want to go out makan with your friends or colleagues. Some may want to follow you car,

Friend: Hey, can I follow you car later?

Car owner: Sorry no can do. My car is a 2-seater.

Friend: But I thought your car is a [insert any name of Japan saloon car]?

Car owner: Yeah, but I replaced the back seat with a blue waterfall. My sifu said it's good fengshui. Ngam with my horoscope too.


Scenario #2

Mother: Boy ah, help me go Soon Lee/ Hua Ho buy toilet roll can or not?

Son: Cannot ah Ma. Toilet roll too big cannot fit in my car.

Mother: What? You spend few thousand dollars on that bloody car and now you tell me it can't even fit a toilet roll?!!!! Waste of money. What can that water tank do? Rear fish inside ah? Useless.

Hhehehheeehehe. Actually this is what I always think when I saw heavily modified car. Spending thousands of dollars on the body kit and the car can't even go over a bloody hump. Ironic isn't it?

And one of the car there has very good (I assumed, since I know nothing about it) sound system. But sekali, the cushion of the car seat is torn and rotten! I just don't understand what are they thinking.

[Thank God my gigi-besi doesn't go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over cars]

Sigh, I think I need a serious face reshaping, an eye surgery for granting me big eyes with double eye lids and a nose job.

And seriously, people always say I have nice tidy and white teeth. I guess it has something to do with my skin tone. You know, CONTRAST!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There was this fun fair like kind of game at the bazaar too. Using a tennis ball to hit all the soft drink cans that type.

Man, just 5 mins of standing there, the stall owner had already earned like $10.00. Kiasu bah, people think it's easy and over-confident liao. After the first throw fail, they pay again for another try.

And smart Swee Leong and his cousin Allen choose not to play that. They go for the second option which is safer. Sure win one.

B$1.00 for a spin.

Pirated version of Wheel of Fortune.

No matter the needle points to what number, sure got prize one. From glass, Jollibean drinks, toys, stickers, snacks to sweets and candies.

Guess what Swee Leong won...


See, he's so happy.

And the humorous boss reminded him to go DST to register the line. So funny. =.=

(Well, the price tag on that toy phone is $1.80. Consider him untung $0.80 lah)

Allen's turn

Pathetically, he won sebatang blueberry mentos. Rugi already lar.

And me, I got myself a really good bargain. I bought a set of secondhand comics for B$1.00!

Yes! All 14 books for $1.00. Gosh, meaning one book only cost $0.07!!!! Well, it's actually a charity sale from Tzu Chi Association. All the books, novels, cassettes and VCDs are $1.00.

And so without a second thought, I took our $1 from my wallet and bought them. It has a very corny title though.


Really. What the FISH????

I haven't start reading yet. Will tell you what is it about after I finished it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Wishing the below listed people a very happy birthday~

- Eileen Yeye (Gosh! She's 40 already!)
- Ah Bee (Erm... age is not a secret for man, but... I guess it's better not for me to tell)
- Rohana, my darling colleague. (25)

A year older, a year wiser.

That also means you guys better start stocking up those anti-wrinkle and face-lifting cream and you all are another year closer to menopause.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Random La Di Da

I had a really busy week. Meetings, courses and upcoming events hosted by my school this year, Kejohanan Senaman & Olahraga. (Exercise competition and track & field events, I think?)

I'm working 7days this week. And don't you bloody tell me, "Cheh, you work half day only."

Excuse me, we have to arrive school by 7am, leave school at 1pm (due to the traffic and tons of exercise and workbooks to mark, teachers rather stay a bit late in school. No such thing as leaving at chun-chun 12.30pm okay).

7.00am - 1.00pm, that's 6 hours FYI. Normal working hour is 8. BUT, (a big but here) the 8 hours that people works usually involved:

1. Chatting in MSN sharing gossips or bitching about others.

2. Surfing the internet (with MS Outlook minimized to get ready just in case the boss pass by, can pretend that you're checking emails mah.)

3. Have or pretend to have some business talks on the phone, and when others are not looking.. cover your mouth up and whisper gossips over the receiver.

4. Go to the bank or departments running errands. Then "soon-pien" go tapao pearl milk tea or polo-bao from the bakery. If times allow, can sneak into the boutique and do a little shopping lagi.

5. Chit-chat with colleagues over the intercom or when bumped into each other in the kitchen.

(I know it doesn't apply to everyone. But I believe at least 70% is)

* * *

The above mentioned... are kind of hard for teachers to implement. 30mins or 1 hour class means you stay in the room, teach, and take care of the children for that particular time. And during our free periods or time, it's either marking books or do the preparation of the next lesson. If there's any upcoming events, trust me.. there's no such thing as free time.

6 hours at school. If there's any meeting to attend. Additional 2 hrs minimum for that. And I haven't include the time we might spend at home with the continuation of book markings or preparing lesson plans. See, we work more than what you think.

I'm not siding teachers just because I am one myself. I just want to say that... it's not as easy and 'senang' as you think. We don't goyang-kaki in the staffroom and wait for our paychecks only.

Gosh, I can go on forever. I better stop it.

Wait, before I continue.. I just want to say, if there's any problems or things you (parents and others) are not satisfied with, talk to us, talk to the school. We're here to help. It's not like we will ignore the matter or what. But at least give us a chance to improve from the mistakes (if there's any) and defense ourselves by making everything clear to you if there's any misunderstandings.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anyway, our school for 2nd place (for the girls team) and 3rd (for the boys team) for the KEJOHANAN SENAMAN DAERAH BELAIT! Yeah hay~

Congrats to my darling Vicky, Sofinah and Nyallau. All the efforts had been paid off well. =)

The Proud Ones

I took a lot of photos this morning, but.. they didn't turn out well. I don't like them. I'll just wait for Adam's one. Can someone buy me a DSLR?

[Random photo]
My darlings at school
Rohana, Vicky and Nonnie.
(Where's my Hjh Zu?)

I think that girl on the left is trying to tell you that her camera is good. LOL

The one in the middle always have the same gorgeous smile everytime she takes photos.

And lastly, the right one. She hates her big round pancake size face. Oh well, at least her boyfriend a.k.a gigi-besi loves it and likes to cubit (pinch) it. He even warned her that she can't gets thiner because that will hilang the roundness.

Gah. Tell me what kind of boyfriend is that?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lastly, before I continue with my work.... Here's a video to share.

It's so cool!

Everyone has been uploading the Kedayan param-pam-pam song, but I wanted to do a little different. Maybe not as funny as the mentioned one, but I like it. Because I'm born there!

Even an angmoh loves our place so much and wrote a song for it. My dear Bruneians, what good have you done for the years you stayed here? Apart for complaining and buying pirated DVDs....

*gulp* I feel so guilty now...

p/s: Do you think he'll get a yellow IC for it? Or maybe a red one?

p/p/s: This Sunday again, Sport days.... sure sunburn and super exhausted. GO, PSJ!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Apocalypse : This is the END!!!

Blame it on my itchy hand in leaving CC the below comment....

She got tagged. I read. I commented. She read. She tagged me!

And here, I'm forced to write this entry as if I'm dying, or the blog is suffering from AIDS or cancer.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this tag, read here. It all started with this guy. Since he did it for charity, I see no reason not to do it then. =)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bye people, this blog will no longer be updated. Your supports and encouragement had meant a lot to me. Sadly, I just got to go.

I'm so tired of thinking of what to blog and waiting for comments pathetically.

I'm so sick knowing that everybody blogs know, the good and bad one.

I don't want to link lousy blogs up just because it's a "NICE" way to say thank you in return. I don't even want to read them. They suck. Especially those will loads of texts in short form and combination of caps and small letters, and blog about what they buy and where they go only. And also, what they eat.

(Post what you poo-poo next time also lah. Make it a series mah. Alang-alang)

I don't want this blog anymore.

Hhehhehehhee. And this reminds me of the MSN conversation Nisah and I had the other night. She blogged about something and had disabled the comment.

I said it's very smart of her to do so. She told me she's sicked of getting comments like,
"Awwww...Hugs" (which a lot of us always did!).

It's like they have nothing better to say but they still want to post a comment to get his/her blogs linked. *pppffttt*

Sometimes we all really do mean it about the "hug", hoping to give a little encouragement. But what do you actually expect the blogger to type in return. "Thanks for the hug" or "Hug back"?

That's so silly.

Just like people telling me, "Send my regards to so-and-so."

Normally in my mind I'll go like, "Well.. he/she is not dead yet. Why don't you give him/her a call or send a text message? Do you really mean it or you're just saying it proving that you know that person and you still do care? If really care, why don't you contact him/her yourself then??"

And.. usually I'll totally forget about it when I saw the person to-be-sent-regards-to.

Isn't it lame, "Hey... he/she sent regards to you."

Then the reply I'll get is normally, "Huh? Oh. Thanks. Send my regards back. *continue talking*"

Apalah? What am I?
Voice recorder or answering machine?

Gosh, I got carried away.

Back. This is the END. The end of Spiritual Garden. The garden which will be no longer be watered, fertilized and taken care by gardener.

And I'll go register myself a new blog using anonymous identity and write all I like there. I don't need to be a coward anymore afraid of getting hate comments and hurt feelings of others. I talk what I want, I blog what I like.

Bye bye.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


So how was it? My (fake) last entry.

And you judge yourself which part that I said is true, and which are those I purposely said to make the whole thing spicier.

Yes, I didn't mean what I wrote in the above. Don't take it too seriously. It's just a silly joke.

I'm really tired and stress-out for all that had happened, and the upcoming events in my school. I guess I just need a place to let it all out.

Love me still will you?

Sigh...I'm so lame.

I need a holiday!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pikom PC Fair 2007 (Miri)

I'm so busy and yet I feel the urge to blog. Just let me get free with my keyboard will you? Let me enjoy the moment alone between me, the cpu, monitor and keyboard. I need to talk (blog).

Sorry CC. Promise I'll do the tag in my next post yah. I got to get ideas to blog like a drama queen first mah~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I went to Miri yesterday, just to have a great day with my gigi-besi. See, he's not the only one who make sacrifices doing trips just to see his chalie, I do the same too leh.

Shopping is never seldom my first choice of things to do in Miri. I still will go Bintang plaza (Parkson) and Boulevard those, but I wouldn't stay in a boutique or shoe shop for hours (Girls who can do it, I salute you!). But... I can stay for hours in Popular :p (Stealing ideas and reading free books. Hahahhaha)

We passed by the Miri stadium and saw the big big canvas banner hanging there advertising about the PC fair. Then I asked Bobby if he would mind if we dropped by there later to kaypoh. I wanted to see if there's any difference between Brunei and Miri's PC fair.

Miri Stadium

The Entrance

Since it is held inside the indoor stadium, it kind of remind me of BITEX 2002 of Brunei that is also held inside our national stadium.

To be honest, I had already prepared myself not seeing much difference in them. It's never going to be like any of those in Taiwan, KL or Singapore with sexy show girls in skimpy cloths anyway. No freebies, only leaflets and product brochures.

No surprise at all.

Pikom PC Fair

But I do like the idea of having those small stalls with tables and chairs provided for elders to take a rest, while their children go roam around surveying for their dream laptops.

Just after a few walks, I realized something. 70% of the booths are from Boulevard IT Superstore! Gila.... I think they just moved their whole shop there.

Bombarded by the below sign board

The thing is, if there's no attractive price offered to the public, why waste money and time in moving them in to the fair, when people can just go to the shop?

And also, exhibit us the latest technology la.

I know Brother has a good range of printers available... But why sell the sewing machine there? Should know that those who went there are interested in technologies, and not some auntie carrying their groceries basket what.

[Random Photos of what is sold there]

Cameras and Camcorders

Sorry, I didn't saw the pink one that makes every kawaii girls shout in high pitch, "AI!!!! SO CUTE! I LIKE! ITS PINK! I WANT"

PXP & I-pood

Accessories & Batteries

Pasar Malam style of jual pisang,
I mean MP3/ 4 players hanging up there.

Nothing new, nothing surprising.

Except for the below item... I'd been dying to touch it ever since I saw the brochure in the Mall's PC Fair last two week.

From the inside, it does look no difference from the rest of the brands, but wait till you see the cover. Ter-amazed!

See that? It has an external auxiliary display on its cover which offers easy access convenience.

How clever!

Now, this is what I call Sexaaaaaaaay~

Price RM6,988. CFKing is selling it for $35xx or $36xxI can't remember. If only they have a white one for this.

Being able to touch and play around with laptop had made my trip to the fair worthwhile. I love ASUS! (Blame it on the working experience I had giving the chance to have the first hand play with the latest Asus products.)

And I know some guys out there drool over the below item.


And oh oh, I saw a guy wearing bright pink with green. I just need to take a shot of it. I don't want to give any negative comment about this, else I know I'll offend some really sensitive and fragile people out there and I really don't want any hate comments here.

*mouth zipped*

I'm a coward, I admit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Have you seen the new TV commercial of KFC's rice. The one the guy go and say, "Mou sik fan ah?" (Don't eat rice ah?).

I went to KFC and saw the display of it. I get so curious about it that I must go and touch and play with it. Hehheeee. Like a kid I know.

I think it's real rice. But I don't know what thing they use to stick them together hard like a rock.

And I asked Bobby to take a picture of me with the rice. Eh, a lot of people passing by you know, even Bobby gets a bit malu. What to do, the girlfriend like that one, he just need to get use to it.

Look so different from the previous sexy pose right? Hahahaa. This is the real Nonnie.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spiritual Garden's Blogniversary

Ahhem *clear throat*


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to YOU huh!
Hap-py. Birth-day. TO. YOU!

Everybody, says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Spiritual Garden. Woohoo! Pops party popper and blows whistle.

Oh. And thanks for the presents. The keyboard is absolutely gorgeous, and so does the pretty mouse. My god, what is this? One year free domain? Oh you shouldn't have. Thank you very much. Thank you.



Siao chabor... Siok sendiri there for what?


Anyway, today is the blogniversary of my humble little green bloggie. Hehe. Exactly one year ago, I blogged stupidly ranting about that stupid rude woman. I thought I had to let it all out. But, it's surely not a good way to start a blog...

Too be honest, I knew clearly that I'm a nobody and no one would read my blog. And so, I started to force my friends to read it.

I went like, "Hey, go read my blog lah. Give me comment lah can?". Like a beggar with no dignity I know. And also asked for feedbacks and opinions.. if they didn't mind hurting my little fragile heart.

Well actually I wasn't new to all this blogging thing. I had a MSN spaces (which is still alive I think? Please don't google it!) and I rant so much in it that I don't even want to read what I wrote now. I felt embarrassed. It's just oh-so-silly and childish. Hey hey, I was only erm... Okay, I wasn't that young when I started blogging.

I thought I can have a brand new start with blogspot.

* * *

Normally people blogged about their previous entries that is worth reading with great memories or the most commented one when their blogs turn another year older.

But I'm lazy to do so. Really, malas lar... I had to read all the archives and link them one by one. If you enjoy reading this, you be a good reader and read the archives yourself ya. Come, I give you candies as a reward.

And so for this entry, let me share a little something about this blog you might not know.

Q: What is kisich?

A: My name. King Siaw Chin. It's the first two letters from my name. And KING is really my surname. If anyone refuse to believe, I'll scan you my IC later. =p

Q: Why Spiritual Garden?

A: Spiritual Garden is actually name of a book, a Chinese book in fact that I really enjoyed reading. It contains of a lot of short moral stories that I never get bored of.
I name my blog after that because... well, it's my blog. I get to name it whatever I like right? Actually I also don't know why, I just like it. You know, a (not so) secret garden with my life and thoughts recorded.

(I can't think of any more FAQ! Gah, I shall stop acting professional then.)

If you had read my blog long enough, you should be able to realize that I'd stop swearing in my blog. Yes, read back the early month archives, I swear like a truck driver sometimes. But on the day I received my employment letter from MOE stating that I'll be a teacher.. I thought I should set myself a role model for my students. Swearing is a no no option for Cikgu Nonnie. At least not in public.

And also for Pingko, Chau and the FT bunch. Once I questioned Ping-Ping why she's not reading my blog and she answered because I swear too much and it dirties her eyes and pollute her mind.

Its like, you're a smoker and smoking in front of your non-smoking friend is rude. You get what I mean?

One more thing, I dislike blogging unhappy stuffs. Especially my personals one.

My philosophy is,
"Remember the good and forget the bad".

I blogged about the happy stuffs or events that's happening around, sharing the info of the great food I ate and the fun places I went.

I don't want to blog about the fights I had and the tears I cried.

Why would I want to blog sad or stupid things that makes me go deeper in to that depression? Blogging about it will only remind me of those miserable moments. And for those who read it will feel your pain and anger.

I want to spread love, not hate. Simple as that.

I don't want people to feel bad after reading what I wrote.

And when I read back what I wrote previously, it will only be joy and laughters and zero grief.

It's my life, I choose to remember the good parts and delete off the dreadful parts after I'd learned my lesson and try to empty my "recycle bin". Flush it all away. =)

My English is bad and I know it. I avoid using big words and try to make my entries easy to read. And I really enjoy when strangers would write me a message telling me that they like my blog and enjoy reading it.

Maybe that's what that motivates me the most. A simple word of encouragement from total strangers, who gradually become a friend and a even better friend later. You guys know who you are. *wink*

And now even my colleagues read my blog! Just pray that my GB won't. I should be really careful with what I blogged.

* * *

In case you're new to this blog.. Here, a little introduction about myself.

(Sexy me ahead. Hahhaahah! Guys, prepare for a nose bleed. Sibeh thick-skin)

This is me,

Hey, it's rare for me to put something so sexy on. Low cut and pose without a smile. Not me at all okay.

(I bought that dress initially for a wedding dinner or it can also be CNY dress, but I never dare to wear it out because I felt really uncomfortable in it. I want people's eye on my face and not on my chest, get it? (And no, I'm not showing off!) I'll just wear it for a couple of minutes and syok sendiri at home saja.)

Attempt to look/ act hot & bimbotic
(which turns out like poo-poo)

And the jobless me had took a couple of vain shot of me in that skimpy dress trying to act chio. The stupid thing is... I didn't even bother to put on any powder or mascara. Know why? Because whenever I thought of removing it later, I'll feel lazy to put it. Not like I'm going to meet my gigi-besi right?

Can someone invent a peel off foundation, blusher or mascara? Wait, I better copyright my idea first so that Dior, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Kanebo, Shisedo and etc will have to pay me for buying my idea. LOL.

*slaps face* Will you stop dreaming KISICH?

* * *

And Bobby feels a little irked about me posting the below photo....

for pretty obvious "reason"...

I thought I smile nice there with my little eyes squeezed like that. He said this is will the exceptional since it's my bloggie's birthday.

Bah, consider yourself lucky seeing it before I remove it people. (If can, compliment me too lah, so I don't feel that rugi mah.)

* * *


I love you. Thank you for being with me all the time. I know I might neglect you sometimes, but trust me.. you're still my favorite click in firefox.

And thank you for letting me write all over you, sharing you my happy moments.

Happy Birthday.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Top 5 Foods I Love in Seria (or KB)

Admit it, everyone is neglecting their blogs recently. Procrastinators~

I had attended quite a number of workshops, meetings and inductions lately. And thus, there's really nothing interesting for me to blog about. (Unless you want to hear what boring things I'm forced to listen and pretend to pay attention to it)

And here, I'm supposed to blog about this weeks ago. I bet those who were tagged by Kenny had already done it.

The rules:

1. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.

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Here's my list.

Oh oh, before I start.. I'd to confess something. Erm.. How to say? I'm a Chinese, I eat po_k. And so to my Muslim readers, please bear with it..Or exit this window if it makes you uncomfortable yah.

Of course, I'm only listing the eating outlets I love in Seria/ KB..and not BSB. (Thank God, else it is going to take me longer). These are the places that I'd been eating there since I was 3. And I still love going there, despite of how people think of it.. (mostly unhygienic anyway)

#1 - Seria 麵檔 (Noodle Stalls)

Heh, I bet this is the other famous "product" Seria is famous for other than Oil & Gas. It's crazy how BSB-ians tapao them back and shouted how cheap and delicious it is.

Our Seria kolomee's popularity is almost equivalent to Sibu's kampua. Noodles with fish cake, cha-siew, minced meat sauce and the clear soup.

(A little side story. A friend complained to me that the soup is tasteless, and I explained to him that actually the soup is meant to pour into that bowl of noodles and not to be drink ala-carte. Well, different people has different ways of eating.)

Seria Kolomee (B$1.50)Photo stolen from YeeMan.

p/s: Dear BSB-ians, I don't mind if we share good foods together. But please please please do not shout "WAH SAI! SO CHEAP!" in front of those hawkers. Else you're not going to enjoy the so-called cheap food anymore. Well, usually it's very easy to differentiate locals and those who came from other place.

But ever since they moved the stalls to a new building...hilang the feel already.

The Old Mian-Tang

As you can see, long tables and benches. Lots of uncles, aunties and families go there every morning. Orders of drinks will be taken while walking along the corridor. Once you set your butt on the bench, you hot Teh-C will be served right after.

Now that's left...

Because of the reason that they combined both Chinese and Malay stalls together, hence the kolomee is made Halal. And maybe that's the other reason that I felt that it had lost it's original taste, apart from the new location that is.

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#2 - Universal Cafe (環球)

Another old old kopitiam that we all love to hang out, from 5 years old to 80 years old. In the morning, this place is conquered by ah-pak who loves to order a cup of kopi, sit there and blow-cow (brag) for 2 hours (at least).

Saturday and Sunday afternoon, phew~ This place is full of youngster. Our favorite spot for Sunday afternoon low-tea.

(No money to enjoy high-tea, this version of low-tea also not bad)

This old kopitiam is run by Hainamese. They're closed on Monday, and they're very strict on their operating hours. Once the time nearly reach 4.45pm, you can see them pulling the iron gates already, hinting the customers that they should leave already. (吾好佐着個地球轉)

Told you it's old. The chairs, tables... even their fan, it's just classic. Sorry, no air con there. But you can see, still a lot of people goes there.

Here here, introducing you their specialty~


This is no ordinary oily french toast. The fried egg wrapping the toast, and that yellowish thingie in between? It's CHEESE! Woohoo!!!

Dip it with tomato sauce and a pinch of sugar.... *HALLELUJAH*

Not oily somemore.

French toast (without cheese) - B$1.00
French toast (with cheese) - B$1.30

Universal cafe is cool. They do not served wok-stuff like fried or kolo noodles. They only served anything with bread. Roti kahwin, butter toast, egg sandwich (no ham). Basically a no meat kopitiam. The other specialty they have is they Jelly Ice cream.

Jelly in a glass with your choice of flavored ice cream. (We don't usually ordered that so I don't have that photo)

The usual stuffs I order

Serious, their Teh-C is good. They do not allow customers to tapao their teh-c, reason is it will change its taste. Got QC one leh. LOL.

I don't know, I just love that traditional feel of the place and the food. Something you can't find easily nowadays. Most shops are 'modernized' already.

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#3 - Soi Heng (瑞興) & Jee Juan (藝園)

Paiseh ah, I don't have any photos for this kopitiam... (Yes, another kopitiam. I'm poor.. I can't afford high-tea wah. And who say cheap food doesn't taste good?)

I just show you their food.

Jee Juan's

Other than the usual kolomee, fried mee/ kueh tiao/ laoshu fen with ham and egg, they have FRIED INDOMEE with ham and egg too!

INDOMEE okay, the indomee that everyone loves.

They have their own baking oven at the back of their kitchen and so they sell freshly bake breads everyday. And also tarts and donuts. Once it come out, habis jual.


How could I missed out Soi Heng?!!! Outrageous!

Bobby read this post last night and said he personally think that Soi Heng deserved to be placed at #3 instead of Jee Juan, since Jee Juan's food is oily and salty to him.

*Smack head* Omigosh! Did I just left out Soi Heng? The roast chicken kolomee, laksa, Noh-Mai-Kai, Big Pau and Taufufah? How could I?!

I'll post pictures here whenever I get to take pictures of those. I promise.


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#4 - Tudong Salji Food Court

(I still like it to call it 4-breast or 4-mushroom anyway. That's what we Chinese like to call it :p)

Photo stolen from Zeti

You know Lee Loi Fatt kan? Before it even set foot in BSB, this is the place where they started their business. Of course that's also after they demolished the old riverside stalls lah.

God, I still prefer those rojak stalls beside the river side lah! Who's idea is it to move them away anyway?

Blah. Back to the topic.

Lee Loi Fatt serves rojak (some say Asian salad), sotong with cucur udang, keladi, tofu, kangkungcrushed ice drinks like cendol, red bean, jagung those.

Photo stolen from YeeMan, again.

Other than Lee Loi Fatt, there's also some other stalls available. Read *here* for more.

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#5 - Excapade Sushi!

How can I miss this out leh?

I know there's a lot more other Japanese restaurant here, but without a doubt, when we start to discuss where to eat japanese food, the first to come into our mind is Excapade.

Great cheap food, nice environment, friendly staffs... What's more to ask?

Salmon is thick, ingredients are given fully. No 偷工減料 one. Where as in some Japanese restaurant in Malaysian, a plate of Shake cost RM9, somemore thin thin slices. Sibeh karit.

My must order food in Excapade:

Shake, Unagi sushi, spider roll, needle mushroom batayaki, the crab something something? Too many to list liao lah!

I bet you had came across it reading my blog because I went there quite often.

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So that's it. My list.

If I were to list those in BSB... It can go forever I guess?

Oh, I missed out one important place in KB. The wet market. There's a food court on the first floor of the wet market that serves really good porridge!