Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blame Game

I read it from FA's blog and today BB posted an identical news about it.

Stefani's vow of modestly came as a result of a charge by the 10,000-member National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students that her revealing outfits and cheeky performances clashed with traditional Islamic values.

The opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party also blamed her for promoting promiscuity and corrupting the nation's youth.

Under Malaysian government rules, a female artist must be covered from her shoulders to her knees. Also prohibited: jumping, shouting or throwing of objects onstage or at the audience. Talent may also not hug or kiss, and their clothes must not carry obscene or drug-related images or messages.

Source taken from here.

Sorry? Come again? They did mentioned "promoting promiscuity and corrupting nation's youth" right?

I do agree that sometimes MVs of those music icons are way too "hot" for the conservative Asians (like me.... I would immediately switched the TV channel if it's showing groping actions/ heavy breathe / cheesy saxaphone music when my mum's sitting beside me. But rather enjoyed it when I'm alone. LOL!) , but don't you think pushing blames like that seems a little too far?

Okay, I admit. I do find the trend of teenagers wearing fishnet stocking + socks + sneakers, center parted long rebonded hair with pink hilghlight stripes and gothic make-up very annoying. No thanks to Avril. But I don't blame Mrs. Whibley for that, I just thought that the teens could have created their own style and not blindly follow whoever they worshiped. (Hmmm.... Could have try dressing up like Guan-Yin Buddha or Jesus Christ next time)

It's so wrong. I mean "The Blame Game".

When I was a teenager I watched MTV and Channel V too. I'd seen skimpily dressed female artists on the TV and my mum would go, "要死。。。 穿到酱好过不要穿。 你敢酱穿出去我就打死你,我跟你讲。”

- which means, "Want to die... (well, what she meant was "Oh My God", just that "want to die" brings more ohmph! ) might as well stay naked than wearing these. I'm going to beat you to death if you dare to wear out like this."

Of course, she didn't really mean it. Erm.. okay, I'm not so sure about the beat-to-death part because I never wear sleeveless until I was like, 17? You mentioned spaghetti stripes and tube top? You must be kidding me. My mum would either go,

"You wear out like that? You think yourself what if later if you bumped into any uncles or aunties from the temple. What will they think about you?"


"The shirt is too tight for you, like wrapping a rice dumpling (包果粽). Looks really ugly."

And it always work! Sigh... Now you guys know why I have such low self-esteem.

* * *

Anyway that's not the point. The point is... I'm still me after watching a female dancer wearing a bikini with only 3 pieces of cloths lap-dancing man. I wouldn't go, "Wow... That looks so cool and I so wanna try!" .

Just like when I saw my friends smoking around me, I'll asked why they smoked and told them it's unhealthy and money-wasting. Of course, there were some really bad one who tried to persuade me in to smoking by asking me to try and I turned it down.

And 9 out of 10 people whom I asked why they smoked answered me with one word, "STRESS!"

Oh cut the crap. What stress? Everyone's stressed out in this world, from a 3 years old to 100 - as long as you stay alive . What love problem, family problem, money problem, what-so-ever problem, hey mister/ miss, you're not the only one facing it.

You said "cool" ? What cool? Air cond lar... Air cond is cool. Ice cubes too.

Let me tell you what I think is cool. Taking control of my own life and not driven by anything is cool. I am cool and I don't need any help from cigarettes or drugs to prove that.

And people should never take the first sip just because of curiosity. Curiosity not only kills the cat, it kills you too. My friends told me that they are aware of the danger that smoking can bring to their lives but they just couldn't help it. And I pity them.

(I think a lot of smokers out there is so going to hate me now)

I just think that it's so wrong to blame people for our own mistakes.

We blamed the weather so making us sick. But we're the main culprit for global warming.

And it is ridiculous for rapists to blame their victims for dressing too sexy when committing crime. Hello, there were hundreds of men out there who saw the very same girl I believe, but only one man had taken action. It's because the rest of them have conscience and knew it's wrong to do so. Why couldn't the rapist thought of that then?

For those paedophile raping cases, are the authorities going to blame Sesame Street, Barney or Powerpuff Girls for airing cute little girls and claimed that they're seducing men and mind-corrupting?

Parents blamed teachers for not teaching their children well when they themselves are setting a bad role models.

Workers blamed bad traffic for being late for work instead of waking up earlier to get ready.

Couples blamed the other party for their break-up or divorce.

Irresponsible parents blamed their spouses for the mistakes their children made.

Reckless drivers blamed road or weather condition for road accidents.

(I can go on and on but there's just too many sensitive issues that I really shouldn't be blogging about)

Just want to remind everyone, including me...

All the path that we're going through now derived from the decisions we made. If anything goes wrong, the only person to blame is us ourselves.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I can bake! I can bake!

Short Talk:
Boys and girls, be good and stay at home tonight yah.
Because it's the day of the year again.
Previous year post here.


I had no idea what got into me in baking. BAKING for God's sake! I don't even like to eat cake leh.

Last few week, I walked to Seria public library to return "Shopaholic and Sister". Having no idea what to borrow next, I randomly picked a Photoshop tutorial book and a cook book!

Cook book! In Baking?!

Maybe I got attracted by the pictures in it and got me hypnotized that I can make this as well. After all, the title for the book is "Easy Baking". I guessed measuring, whisking, beating and putting the tray into the oven wouldn't be that difficult.

Bobby came over last Saturday and I decided to bake him a cake, because he had been bugging me to cook him something for a looooooooooooooooooooong time.

Nonnie's tip - Never cook for your boyfriend too much. Else it won't be "precious" anymore. Feed him once in awhile and keep him hungry most of the time. LOL. Just kidding lah..

So, I chose this.

This wasn't my first choice. Bobby wanted Bread Pudding and when we went to Supa Save to shop for ingredients, man..... the apple pie fillings and whipping cream are bloody expensive. Expensive as in I'm only going to use 1/4 of it and waste the rest since I doubt I'll be cooking the same thing for the second time.

S.L. and Theen who went there together with us were looking at the other page, Cotton Cheese Cake. But because one of them prefer to sleep and the other one got a report to rush, so they give up baking it. And I took their choice, which is cheaper and easier.

click to enlarge

Based on the recipe above, you can imagine how fattening it is right? Nevermind, give them to your friends so that you make them fat also. =p

Fattening Culprit

Bobby helped to separate the eggs while I got the rest of the ingredients measured and ready in bowls. I was like the commander and he's my soldier. But it was fun, I mean two person walking around in the kitchen, working hard together to get something done.

Theen was supposed to come over to help (claimed that she want to go home and get changed first) but she thought Mr. Zhou (Zhou-Gong)'s place was nicer to visit. (Meaning she took a nap instead of coming over as promised)

After almost 1hour of getting everything done, it's time to put it into the oven.

My house tee was too ugly to show.
You imagine, a big white 12 years old tee with Badtz Maru print all over.

After 1hour plus...

(According to the recipe, we're suppose to bake it for 50mins.. But we realized it wasn't enough to get the top into golden brown colour.)

Erm.. the hole was being poked to see if the inside cooked already.

Cut a big slice for my yiyi next door (because she lent me her mixing machine and corn flour), one big slice for my parent, and the rest - 1/3 for my lami-kakis.

(And a separate smaller size one for Bobby's family- to earn bonus impression point for my Good daugther-in-law quota check-list)

I know it looked like a normal sponge cake but I tell you, once you popped into your mouth - the sweetness, the soft and fluffy texture feels like magic in your mouth.

(Like how Remy tasted the combination of strawberry and cheese together)

Even random pedestrians A, B and C on the street also say nice ler..

Okay lor... so you can recognized their backs and tell that they're my friends. But hey, they're not lying about how good it tasted okay!

Theen sliced them up nicely and served it on a plate.

And these are...

How often can you find a guy who can bake you tell me? Somemore it's this traditional Chinese Fak-Kueh? (which Theen and I don't eat. Theen told him to make something that we'll eat next time. Only Bobby gave him some face and eat. LOL)

Nothing beats a Sunday with the bestest friends around from morning till afternoon follow by a game of lami!

It was boyfriend's second day of Lami. Hehe, now we have an extra spare kaki!
No, we don't gamble. No cash involved. Pure entertainment and time-wasting only.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tagged/ Bench-Painting/ Steaming the boat again

I realized I love to lump everything and make it into one single long post.
Just wondering, you guys prefer me to update frequent with short posts or long post but slower updates?

Got tagged by Tina.

Tags - Love them when I'm out of things to blog. Hate them because it makes me think a lot.
(Eh! Rhymes leh.)

1. Tell us your name:

My primary classmates called me Xiao3-Qin1 (That's Han yu pin yin btw).
My secondary classmates prefer to call me King.
My ITB mates and colleagues called me King at first, and later said Nonnie sounds better.
Thank God no one calls me "Spirit" or "Garden". Oh wait... Keith called me "Spirit Spirit" in MSN all the times.

I love my surname because it's unique and full of Ohmphhhh! <-power lah. But people tends to make fun of it by calling me "King-Kong", and new friends never fail to say

"You King ah? Then I Queen lor."


"How can you be King when you're a girl? Should be Queen lah.."

Yeah yeah yeah.. Whatever. FYI, these jokes are NOT funny at all. Try harder.

2. Three things about yourself:

In Bobby's word it will be Chalie, Nonnie, and Smelly. For him "Nonnie" is an adjective to describe funny and clumsy.

- Hates to talk over the phone.
- Lazy to socialize and make new friends.
- Hates durian.

3. What's in your playlist:

A-Mei's new album, Star.

4. Your favorite music:

Strictly no stupid canto-techno! No rave music! No dangdut!
I'm fine with the rest.

5. Favorite guilty pleasure:

Eating fattening and unhealthy food.

6. Favorite food:


7. Define love:

Mushy and typical answer you don't want to read- Love is when I'm with him.

Acceptable answer - Love is not pretending. Thinks that it's totally fine and normal to see the other person farts, gold-digging and their smelly feet/ armpit/ breathe and are not disgusted by it. Example parents, brothers and sisters, husbands & wives, boyfriends & girlfriends (who'd been dating for at least 2 years)

8. Define sex:

Male/ Female/ Shemale

9. Any celebrity crushes? :

No one can resists Takeshi Kaneshiro. Not that I'd seen all his movies and like all his songs, but I wouldn't mind having ONS with him, provided he's STDs-free.

10. The last person you hugged:

Bobby lah...

11. The last person you talked to:


12. The last time I cried:

The day Bobby and I went to KK. He's good in telling jokes!

13. The last time you had sex:

Wah lao eh.. Like that also can ask.

14. The last time you made out:

Wah lao eh.. As if it got anything to do with you.

15. The last person you dated:


16. The last time you went out:

Yesterday morning to school.

17. What's on your mind now?

What to eat later....

18. What's bothering you?

My unproductive and boring life.
(And I don't understand why my friends who read my blog thought that it's fun to be me)

19. This year's resolutions:

Here. But I'm failing all of them badly.
I guess resolutions are made not for keeping.

20. Your MSN nick:

_§piRiTu£ GarÐen_ [Råin¥] ------ «Nønni3» I have troubles talking over the phone. Pweeease don't call me.

Shoot... it looks so kitschy as if I'm 17.

21. What's your MSN nick about?

I hung up on Vicky involuntary when she called and sms-ed her "Ya?". It's like a reflex action already!

Shows that how much I dislike talking over the phone.

22. The people you miss the most:

Gigi besi.

23. Current mood:

Hungry.... and grumpy.

24. What are you thinking?

Eh? I thought I answered it already in Q.17?
I'm thinking what to eat later...Happy now?

25. Best childhood memory:

Tree-climbing, tadpoles and frog catching, riding bicycle around the neighborhood and had no idea what is UV rays and calories.

26. 3 of your biggest fear:

Going to hell (Same as this chabor but I think we're going to stay in the same cell.)
Have no money and place to stay when my parents retire.
Fail to be a good wife and a good mother in the future.. Or worse, having no chance at all.

27. Who do you love:

My mum. My gigi-besi. My lai-lai-qu-qu the very same friends to hang out with.

28. 3 things you hate:

Irresponsible, selfish, unhelpful, lazy and credit-taking thieves!
Astro not working on a rainy day.
Reckless drivers jeopardizing people's lives on the road.

29. Do you blog?

No, I'm not blogging. I'm talking to myself now.
What stupid question is this kan?

30. Tag 5 people.

Can ah? I tag those who always tag me can?
Kenny Ng, Iwan, Pau-lene, Choonie and... whoever want to answer this tag.


I have no idea how can bench-painting can be categorized under staff development. But it was fun though. Anyway, the benches did need a good makeover.

The male teachers carried the heavy steel benches and the ladies scrapped the old paint and rust out. Until we saw the guys happily painting the benches then we felt cheated. Hahahaa. How could ladies do all the hard work and the guys just relax and painted it?

And so after me scrapping 2/3 of the bench, I took over my colleagues paint brush (by force =p)

Half way painting, I took out my camera and wanted to take some photos. And wherever I went, my colleagues blocked their face and said, "Eh, cannot take picture. Later you put them in your blog.."

I couldn't believe that even Ustaz read my blog now...

Never mind, since they all shy away from my camera, I'll just took picture of myself.

(I don't understand why some people feel so embarrassed in posing -idiotically-. It's fun what)

Oh yah, stupid Rohana laughed at me saying that I looked like I'm some tamu-trader selling vegetables or fruits, because of the shirt and pant I wore.

Aiyaaaaa... We're doing a painting job man. Of course wear the lousy cloths that I wouldn't mind have all paint dripped on and spoiled it mah. Somemore the plan was play badminton after painting, so what's wrong with wearing t-shirt and a 3/4 pant?

(Really look like the sell-veggies auntie meh?)

My Darlings

See what Vicky was wearing! When she walked in with her shades, we even thought that she's going to Miri.

And she insisted on carrying her bag while painting.
Maybe got gold inside. =p


And on the same day, we had a mini gathering at Vai's place to celebrate XiaoHe auntie's 51st birthday!

This is for you Chau

We had steamboat, and BBQ pan at the other side. Lots and lots of green veggies, mushrooms, vegetarian sausages, vegetarian balls, and even hash brown (honey coated).

But because of the seating arrangement, I had difficulties in taking the food and Eileen yeye had to help us all in the serving.

The girl on the left holding the cupcake card is Pingko, the annoying rat.
And the sweetie pie on the right is Ah-Hui, Ye's daugther who won the second place in the Bio-CD Craft presentation.

She was saying that she's fine with the second place since she doesn't need to share the prize with anyone. Some more, she only lost by 0.6% and she did it all by herself. Very li-hai can..

Rat eats anything

Cute or not?
I mean the card lar.. not me.

And stupid Ping was disgusted by the above picture saying that I always act0cute. Sai lah, where got always? Seldom okay.

Just want to show off the pretty card I made mah.

Group Photo

Chau, you photoshop your own head in there okay?


Pingko: Eh, your display pic looks very scary ah.

Me: Now Ghost month mah... scare them away lah.

Pingko: ...

This is my current display pic in MSN
Scary ah?

Ness said I looked like an Alien. I think it's because of the high forehead. Same goes to Bobby's.

His looked more like an Alien, and scarier.

Oh ya, it's from Cheesie's meme.
She looks so much cuter in it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My imaginary wedding invitation card

Warning: Zero picture in this entry. This entry might be extremely boring. Read at your own risk. Blogger will not be held responsible for readers' suffer from boredom.


It was on the day when we went to Pulau Manukan while waiting for the transport back to the hotel. Out of curiosity I asked..

Me: Eh, you ever thought of how to propose to me ah?

Him: Huh?

Me: Just ching-chai (simply) say one that you will never do one, to satisfy my curiosity. Agak-agak know what kind of stupid romantic things you'll do for me. Just in case.... we don't work and you never get to do so. At least, I got the picture in my head mah...

Him: Ha? Ohh... Erm...

-After 1 minute of silence and me waiting eagerly-
(Pardon this fellow laggard. He just want to make sure he didn't say/do anything wrong)

Him: I think I will...

Me: What? What? What?

Him: Erm... bring you go watch a movie together. And then ask the staff from the cinema help to play a video clip before the movie start, you know.. the part they play a lot of trailers. The video will have our photos taken together and all those sweet memories, and of course end with the words "Will you marry me?"

Me: Waaaaaa.... Really ah? (Big smile on face while imagining)

- After 3 seconds -

Me: So, are we going to continue watch the movie or we'll be leaving the cinema to celebrate or whatever? How to end this whole thing ah? Very awkward leh....

Him: Dunno... That's why I won't do it either. You ask me to simply think one right?

Again, the big "M" word.

My best friend is getting married next year. A friend's younger sister is also getting married end of the year and stupid Keith loves to show off how happy is he after becoming a husband and father every single time he chats with me in MSN.

I do want to get married but I'm not ready yet bah... Both financially and mentally. At least, I now have candidate who might want to marry me, I think?

If you don't understand, let me repeat myself again.

I, or we will only get married when:
  1. We save enough for the bloody wedding reception inviting half of the people who I don't even know, and have our humble little house for future baby-making.

    Mentally prepare to fight over small things such as toothpaste being squeezed out from the middle of the tube, bad aiming while peeing and of course, the famous in-laws issues.


  2. I got pregnant. * touchwood*

Once I naively asked my mum if I can just have a simple wedding, so that I can save the money for honeymoon instead of spending it on inviting people that I dislike to my wedding, just because we're somehow related.

My mum said no. Reason? Simple, because I'm the only chance for her to earn back the ang-pow money she gave when my relatives got married. Cannot rugi!

Sad ain't it? The bitter and sorrow for being the only child. Sigh....

Which got me wishfully thinking if I got add a few lines in my wedding invitation card:

1. Dinner starts at 7.00pm sharp. The only person who can be late is the bride herself because she needs to make sure she looks glamorous and super chio since it's her big day.

Ladies, don't bother to go saloon and set your cock-tail hair because the focus will be on the bride. No one is going to look at you so don't waste your money.

Gentlemen, kindly set all your clocks and watches 1hour late so that your dearest mother/ wife/ girlfriend/ sister can come on time.

Any late-comers will be fined B$50.00.

2. All guests are expected to be present because the food is already prepared. Even if you choose not to come, invoice will be send out to your house (B$38.80 per head after discount). Notify early if you can't make it so the host can arrange the seats and cut down the servings. Ang-pows are still expected to be given.

3. Strictly no ta-pao! (Your angpow money doesn't include the charges for take-away. Don't be lazy, cook your own meals.)

4. And also karaoke. Papa Lim (my future father-in-law *eeseh*) makes an exceptional.

5. Preferably no table-hopping because it'll make the whole thing look like pasar malam or some sort of carnival.

6. Any children younger than 3 years old who are capable of crying out loud, messing around with food and uncontrollable are expected to leave at home.

No roller shoes allowed.

7. Any balloons on stage used for decorations only can be taken down after the whole thing ends. Please control your child not to jump up the stage and steal balloons.


I think that's it.

I know it's not possible to carry out but one can always dream right? Hahhaahhaaa.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

K.K - Day 2 (Pulau Manukan/ Jalan Jalan, Cari Makan)


Our plan for our second day in K.K. was visiting Pulau Manukan, one of the infamous island there. And so before departing, we went to grab something to eat first. It was already 8.45am when we set from the hotel, hoping to find some eateries nearby just to fill up our hungry tummies.

But man.. the nearest restaurant that opened that early was this.

(We're actually hoping for those al-cheapo open air kopitiam with waiters/ waitress shouting "KOPI-OH SATU!" and RM1.80 kolomee. Kolomee is just one of our staple food.)

So we had these instead...


(I ate more than Bobby through out this whole trip.. Sad ain't it? The boyfriend thin thin already, the girlfriend still munched like a pig. Sigh....)

I know mine was pretty heavy, but the serving wasn't as big as you thought. It was just nice for me.

Bobby's breakfast set cost RM4.90 and mine was RM7.90. Not bad right?

* * * * *

We took a package that cost RM40.00, inclusive of transportation from our hotel, to the jetty, then to the island and all the way back again, life jacket and beach mat. Not sure if that is considered cheap or expensive though.

Views from the jetty/ port

Opposite the jetty
Don't you think the above picture looks really familiar? When I saw those wooden houses on the water- it just made me feel that I'm in Yayasan looking at our very own Kampong Ayer.

And, I'm not sure if it's really called "Kampong Aru". I know that area is "Tanjung Aru", and so I simply made this name up.

* * * * *

Ahhhhhh.... Sunshine and beaches! Fishes and (dead) corals...

Saw people feeding the fishes, and also some fake fishie too..

There was damn lot of people on the beach.. Tourists mostly, Korean, Japanese, Hongkies, West-Malaysians, Singaporeans and least among all... Bruneians.

We're greeted in Cantonese everywhere we went. Some even saw Kelly and said, "Konichiwa" !. They either thought we're from Hong Kong, KL or Singapore, and none guess Brunei. Why ah?

Taxi Driver: Last time ah, I went to your place there ah... *bla bla bla bla bla*
Me: My place, where?
Taxi Driver: KL lor. Wah..your place there so big .. yadda yadda yadda.

Staff of Manukan: Hello. Welcome. You from Hong Kong?
Me: Erm... No.
Staff: Singapore? KL?
Me: Eh... No.
Staff: And you're from...?
Me: Brunei.
Staff: Oh I see!

(Lucky he didn't go "Wah...Brunei so rich and so on...")

Me: Is there anything nice to see at the night market?
Waitress: Eh... ok ok lar.. Cannot compare to your place there lah.
Me: Where do you think we come from then?
Waitress: Aiyah... not KL then Singapore la of course.
Me: No bor... Guess again.
Waitress: Har...? Then I don't want to guess liao.

See! Even when I went to Bangkok last year people also thought that we're from Singaporean. Because we sounded like them.... So, does that mean that Brunei Chinese speaks Singlish and same same kiasu?

* * *

Some interesting people I saw at the beach...

Chinese uncle who swims with cap on.

Macho men in their tight Speedo
(they kept walking around the beach and never get themselves wet in the water..
Think they went there for show only)

(I still think their thighs and biceps make perfect BBQ food)

Cute Japanese kids who talked so damn fast that what I heard was just all "gi-li-gu-lu"

Sexy angmohs tanning on the beach

It's funny to see that the spots that Chinese (or any typical Asians who think fair = pretty) picked are all shaded. And all angmohs prefer to lay their beach towel anywhere directly under the scorching sun.

Stupid couple who loves to pose idiotically

Of course other than posing, we swam, we snorkeled, we slept, and cuci-mata. The really sad thing was that the corals there look so dead, compared to those I saw when I went to Pulau Gayana three years ago.

There was some locals who walked around with a piece of laminated paper asking if anyone was interested in riding the water scooter, banana boat or para-sailing those kind of activities. But it was quite costly though... Maybe that's the reason why we didn't see anyone playing water sports there.

You might want to prepare a paper bag in case you felt nauseous from seeing the below photo.

My initial plan was to lose at least 3kg before wearing that swim suit in public (so that I won't have to walk around sucking air in just to hide my bulging tummy), and of course... I failed to do so. Hah... I never tried anyway. Hhahahahhahaaaa. I'm those who always say "I'm fat. I feel fat. Look at my tummy, it's so big. I hate my thighs and butt..", but am always too lazy to get my butt off the chair to exercise.

Note: I'm allow to say that but not you! So don't come and tell me things to "motivate" me because it'll only makes me hate you. As if I don't know all these. It's my body, it's up to me whether I want to keep it slim or chubby, not you! *Huffff*

Thank God for granting me a boyfriend who prefers me to be chubby, loves to feed me, tells me that I look fine even though I'm overweight and thinks that wobbly fats around my tummy looks cute.

....which can be pretty bad because he's good at de-motivating me whenever I feel like losing weight.

* * * * *

Bobby and I were sleeping on the mat, okay.. actually it's me only because Bobby couldn't stop worrying about our money and camera in the beach bag and prefer to stay alert while the rest were all relaxing.

23 yet behave like 53.

Kelly and K.L. went snorkeling under the bridge and after awhile, Kelly ran toward me and shouting like a kid trying to get my attention.

This jobless girl "fish" a sea cucumber from the sea bed using her snorkel mask and ran all the way to me just to prove that it wriggles. (Because I was randomly told her that I wonder if those motionless sea cucumbers lying we saw are dead or alive)

No sea cucumber was hurt in this post. We didn't torture it, but perhaps it suffered from ear pain or maybe it's deaf already because we shouted every time it wriggles.

It was almost time for us to leave (last boat departs at 4.30pm), Bobby and I rinsed ourselves with clean water and dried ourselves up under the tree, wore our dry cloths on and waited for that beautiful couple whom were still Nemo and Dory-hunting.

He looked so funny with shirt tucked in, pulling the pant high up the waist.
Plus the dumb hair and blur face... LOL!

* * * * *

Kelly spotted this guy and nudged me, "Eh, eh... look look. His nipple.....". Damn hamsap lah this girl, who would go and noticed that?

Nevertheless, he looked quite cute though... but his titties are very distracting.

I showed this picture to my colleague Rohana and she said maybe he felt really cold that time. Hahahahhaa!

Bye Manukan...

It was low tide when we reached the jetty, the river bed was dry and kids were playing football there. Fascinating...

Remember that I mentioned that Bobby and I were already dry and that 2 were still snorkeling? Because they're in a rush so Kelly simply wrapped her lower body with the hotel towel and K.L. just wore back his cloths.

And.... she just walked in the hotel lobby and checked in like that!!!

I was laughing so hard walking behind them. I mean.. when was the last time you saw a pretty girl in towel standing in front of the check-in counter? And a pretty boy wearing glasses that my granddad wore during his times with his butt wet!

* * * * *

Dinner time... SEAFOOD TIME!!!!!!

We had no idea where to eat and so we just look at those flyers and brochures looking for any recommended eateries... We choose an open air food court that has a varieties of seafood restaurant combined with some local stalls. Tell you, regret man!

Tip to all of you out there, if you're not familiar with that place.. don't go there. Go to some restaurant that doesn't joint with others..

Once we stepped in there, a lot of aunties and uncles, kor-kor and jie-jie rushed to us showing their menu and asked us to sit down.

We didn't want to simply choose where to eat before we checked out all the seafoods they have and also the prices...

Sigh, teruk man. I felt like we walked into a jungle with cannibals around eager to eat us up.

They kept pestering us, talking non-stop selling their foods while we had said hundred times of "Uhmm.. we want to walk around first.".

I hate hate hate hate hate hate persistent and pushy shop attendants! I will immediately leave the shop if the salesgirl couldn't shut her mouth telling me that they had new arrivals or they think whatever shirt would look great on me.

If you want to make my money, stay away from me. I'll talk when I got questions to ask. Don't come bother me because they will only chased me away...

There was this particular seafood restaurant that we came across in the food court. The lady boss kept following us wherever we go standing only 1 ft away. We shifted away so that we could discussed where to eat but she just didn't get the hint and chase after us.

While she waited behind us, there was another man from the left walking toward us trying to sell for the forth time, and another Filipino lady from the right.... who couldn't stop yapping. These three people were from the same shop!

I was very, VERY annoyed.

Every time I wanted to talk to them (Bobby, Kelly and KL), that Filipino lady interrupted. We told her to wait, we'll decide later and she just couldn't give us a chance to discuss...

Me: I think...(interrupted)

Annoying Filipino lady: Mum.... Our seafood here is the freshest. Very cheap too.. bla bla bla.

Us: Okay okay. Wait first..we want to discuss first...

Kelly: But the restaurant here....(interrupted)

Annoying Filipino lady: Why don't you all sit down first..?

Us: Wait... We'll decide later..

Me: I.... (interrupted again!!!!)

Annoying Filipino lady: We have fresh crabs today..and also our shell fish...

Okay... That's it! Enough is enough!

My face changed and looked at her.

Bobby was like... "Oh no... Oh no... She's going to say it... She's going to say it..... Oh crap! She said it already...."

Me: Leave us alone, please!

You think she'll keep quiet and walk away? Oh hell NO! This lady here talked back and said,

Annoying and ugly Filipino lady: *with a very irritating tone* Wow..... Sharp tongue you have there.

Me: Thank you!

Annoying and ugly Filipino lady: I'm just doing my job here, what did I do to deserve this? *BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA* (shouting loudly to her lady boss trying to make us all look ugly...)

I swear, if its legal to hurt, I'll take off my smelly shoe, throw on her face and stuff it into her mouth!

But again... I was in a foreign land and its best not to do anything stupid.

Sigh, all these unhappy experiences only made me miss Brunei a lot. Brunei is called "Adobe of Peace" for nothing. I guess its hard to find another place like Brunei...

In the end.. We picked the restaurant with the best service, even if they have limited choice on shell fish. Still.. for me, service is what matter the most.

There were only four of us so we only ordered 4 dishes.

Top Left: Fried Tiger Prawn with garlic
Top Right: Steam don't know what fish
Bottom Left: Shell fish that looks like male reproductive organ in a shell
Bottom Right: Ginger Onion mussels

Don't, DON'T order mussels cooked that way. Mussels taste great with tomato paste or creamy sauce, but definitely not with ginger and onion. It shrunk so much that we could hardly find it...

Also the weird looking shell fish. It looked so different after cooking... It was originally around 7~10cm long, diameter of 1"... And when it's cooked, it became 4~5cm long and diameter of 1cm the most!

Their prawns were bloody good~!
Noticed that we didn't order any crabs? Because we already had it last week. And the other reason was, 1kg of crab cost RM30.00!!! It was so much more cheaper in Miri because we always ordered 2kg of crabs, cooked differently for each kilo,a plate of fried sotong, one vegetable dish, 6 bowls of rice and average 2 drinks per person.. All these only cost us RM60+.

And they tell me KK got the cheapest seafood? I wonder...

* * * * *

After dinner, we went to the night market nearby and there's nothing much to see there. All pirated sunglasses and fake ornaments.

Walked to Warisan Square again and did some last minute shopping.

Bobby was given a task of buying his own working cloths (for next year after he graduate), and damn... I was shocked to see how good he looked in it.

I don't care if you think he's not. I'm going to be childish and say, "THIS IS MY BLOG. I SAY WHAT I WANT. IF I SAY MY BOYFRIEND IS HANDSOME, THEN HE IS! THOSE WHO DISAGREE, SHADDAP AND LEAVE! "


Those who knows him personally will know that his usual attire is combination of loose and old tees, plus jeans or long khaki pants..

And if he's not seeing me for the week, he wouldn't even bother to shave.

So it amazed me when I saw he dressing so smart. Very leng-zai wei....

I can't wait to help him wear his tie on his first day to work, help him to match his shirt, pant and tie. *Dreaming the life as Mrs Lim*

* * * * *

I forgot to mention. This two guys (Bobby and K.L.) cared for their skin complexion so much that they can't stop comparing their skin which got darker and the parts which remained fair protected under the garments.

We all get sun burnt, but having a darker skin complexion.. it didn't hurt at all, unlike our fairer boyfriends.

So I went to Guardian and bought Bobby whitening and smoothing mask to calm his skin.

It was Bobby's first time. Just when I put it on his face, he was trembling all over and shouted "Wah... COLD!!! Very cold!!!"

"Eh... you're a man leh. Where can complain cold one? Some more its just a facial mask. Come on, don't be sissy!"

Weird... ladies find it so nice putting on a cold mask, so relaxing and happily lay on the bed, watching TV or reading magazine while the pores get smaller and smaller, skin got fairer and fairer. Heaven~ And the men think that the coldness is torturing them?!

* * * * *

Oh by the way.. there was a note slided underneath the door..

While reading it, I was like... "What the.... What makes him think that I need a MAKE-UP service!!! That's so rude!"

And after reading it for the second time, I just realized that he actually meant "WAKE UP SERVICE". Can't he just write "Morning call" when his handwriting can be quite misleading?

* * * * *

And the next morning, which is also our last day in K.K before we take our flight back, we went to Mong Kok restaurant.

I didn't know I ordered a bloody big glass of drink that is meant for 2 person. Kelly ordered some curry udon something something served in a really big bowl, K.L. ordered something like Wat-tan-hor (Fried wet keuh tiaw) and Spicy p*rk noodles for Bobby.

Our food

Their cheese chicken wings and the cheese baked seafood pasta with portugese sauce is so damn cheesy!!!

The scary thing happened when the bill came. Can you believe that our breakfast cost more than our seafood dinner last night?

Our seafood dinner cost RM70+, and our breakfast - RM80+.

2/3 of our spendings in K.K. goes to food actually. It's either because we didn't know where to get cheap and nice food, or we're biased for famous restaurants that couldn't be found in Brunei..

* * * * *

And.. that ends my K.K. trip. Because after our breakfast, what we did was rushed back to Centerpoint to "tapao" Burger King for Gordon and ourselves too, then back to hotel packed up and off to airport.

Like Bobby's comment, I'm not going to let those unhappy incidents spoil our days in K.K. Moreover, traveling = pay to get happiness. Must must must enjoy every moment of it!

p/s: Sorry that I didn't keep my promise blogging yesterday. Because there were too many photos to edit and I'd extra class in the morning, and badminton game at night. I got home at 10p.m, shower and straight away turn my PC on, edit the pics and blogged..

But I was too tired to keep my eyes opened so I save it in draft and continued blogging today.

Paiseh ah.. Don't marah yah.. Love me still?