Monday, August 4, 2008

From a teacher, back to a student

Okay. I have so many to tell for the recent happenings.

So yesterday I went up to BSB with my mum to settle the payments for the hostel due to the reason the finance department "habis nombor" on Saturday and I wasted my entire trip and had to go up BSB again early Sunday.

I was happy that there wasn't much people there and took the number, filled up my details and its already my turn. But, I waited for more than 20 minutes just for the receipts to be printed out. What are they using? Pentium MMX?

The lady looked at me awkwardly as I started to show my impatience when tapping the table. I understand that it wasn't her fault too but yeah, that kind of spoil my Sunday morning.

The highlight of the day was....
After getting my receipts for the hostel payments (finally!), we went to the hostel hoping to get the key and tidy the room up, unpack and check what else I need to buy.. Sekali, the office was only opened from 2 - 6pm.

Sigh. They just love making our (students) lives difficult don't they? I really pity those parents who came all the way from Temburong lah. I saw a lot of sad + angry + impatient faces walking away from the door where they pasted the notice and all we could do was sighed and figured what to do next.

So there. I had 4 hours to kill before taking the key.

Went to Giant with mom to buy some groceries and food. Instant noodles, instant milo + cereal, biscuits, shampoo, hair conditioner, bucket and all those ki-li-ka-lak.

Then went to Bengkurong for the Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar. So freaking hot! And Bobby more kasian. Working on Sunday, writing numbers on the coupon booklets and filling helium into the balloons and tied them up. And the uniform he was wearing... macam NBT mechanic!

(Crap. I wonder how many of his colleagues will read this)

Saw Maurina and her beau. He was really sweet, walking behind her and taking pictures for her. *green with envy*

Me: I'm waiting for Bobby.
Maurina: As usual..

Sad hor?! Its like... biasa already everyone knows that...

Nope. No pictures taken by me at the bazaar because I left my SD card in the car and took the camera with me. I'm not a blogger. I just like to jot down my snippets of life.

Had a quick lunch and off Bobby went back to take a shower and my mom and I went back to the hostel again and wah! Damn ramai orang already.

Some people really like move house okay. Ironing board, broom, mop, shoe racks, and some even brought big big Mashimaro and CJ7 plushies. Blankets and pillows are quite common lah. And I thought I packed too much. Hahhaaha.

Waited an hour for my turn, paid $20 for activity fees and grabbed my key.

My block is pretty far away from the entrance but at least my room is located near the staircase and not those far end one. Thank God.

And when I opened up the door.. Ceng ceng ceng.
The room had this smell like... an old man's room. If you get what I mean. And I think the smell comes from the wardrobe.

My room
with my mom posing in deep thoughts.

My bed

I kept dusting the bed and took some tissues to wipe it. And as for the pillow, I chucked it into the wardrobe already. What? I sleep without pillow what, which is good.

No thanks to the previous owner of the room who somehow dirtied the mattress (which I don't want to know how she did it) and also pasted posters or what so ever on the walls leaving ugly leftover tapes. Everywhere I go, I see those ugly bits and pieces. So depressing.

And another girl's room which is 2 doors after mine has really nice and clean pink walls which look so bright and happy. Even Bobby asked how come my room looks so shabby. Sigh.

I'm not complaining. I guess I'm already lucky enough to get a room despite of my status and living in the hostel is going to save up a lot of money.

Then later Bobby came over and brought my mum and I down to Seria to send my mom back home, had a quick tea with FussyKelly and I took advantage of him, asking him to pump air into my tyres.

He loves to ask me when was the last time I fill air into my tyres mah, I let him do that lor. The last time I tried filling air in, I dropped the tip and it fell into the longkang. And now my spare tyre doesn't have the tip one.

I stayed in the car because,

Bobby: What are you doing?

Me: Come down and company you lah.

Bobby: No, you stay in the car. Later people drives away your car.

Me: Hahhahaa. Siao one you.

Bobby: No, I'm serious. You stay in the car. Just let me do it.

Me: =s

Has dinner at home and off we went up BSB again. Lucky Bobby was the one driving. I just sang to keep him entertained. Hhaahhaa. He said I'm more entertaining and fun than any radio station. I'm his personal jukebox, a broken and out of tune one.

Then.... went back to the hostel and organized my stuffs to make it look more, presentable?

My table

The shelves

Not planning to buy so many stuffs because I'm sick of packing them up and bringing back to Seria 4 months later. Better keep my stuffs simple.

My lovely companion

I slept at 12+ am last night. Really cannot sleep man.
I was very tired but I just rolled left and right and yawned.
I guess I need more time.


How's my first day of school you ask?

Tiring! Spent the whole day walking around in circles, I mean squares (SHBIE building kan squarish) trying to fix the timetable and looking for lecturers. Ew-Bee-Dee is huge! I think the total distance I'd walked today macam got KB to Seria already.

Maybe I reminisced too much about my old days. So now I have to walk to school just like what I did 10 years ago, and cook, do laundry and so on myself like 5 years ago.

Felt clueless as usual.
I'm really glad to have really nice and helpful classmates around me filling me with information.


Foodie Tales said...

Dear Nonnie - wishing you all the best in your new life as a student. Happy studying! E.

Nonnie King said...

Thanks E.

cc said...

All the best Nonnie! To the good things ahead! :)

De Pianist said...

Heys,all the best ya.let's add oil together as students o.:D

hdm said...

have faith Nonnie, hang in there ... dont worry u will make ur room so nice and comfy to live in that you will be sad to leave it all behind when its over. BTW Good Luck and Best wishes in coming back to school.
shows how strong and hardy person that you are.

lawrence said...

wahseh nonnie... so nice ah stay in hostel.. btw.. how long u will finish your degree? 2 yrs? 4 yrs?

Jason said...

well. public service has never been known for its speediness. they're friendly, but very 'patient'.

i saw you at the bazaar, but you didn't see me. hehe. and shortly after you disappeared. and i left at 12, never got to meet you again. lol. why do i sound like a stalker.

i have a question: does bobby drive a big black car? i think i saw someone like him, or maybe not.

and your experience at the shbie building reminds me of md. monotonous squarish buildings built to confuse you. one is not enough, but two.

Nonnie King said...

CC : I love the ecard you sent to me. Thanks dear.

Pau Lene : Add oil. Add oil!

HDM : Thanks. I'm afraid that I make my room too comfy and later have problem bringing them back 4 months later.

Jason : Nope Jason, Bobby drives a long white car. I did saw Ing Siang for a glimpse but I didn't see you eh.

Sayang lah.

Nevermind, BSB very small. Who knows we'll bump into each other one day.

"Patient", what a good word.

Nonnie King said...

Lawrence : Only a year. Taking Diploma.

Anonymous said...

the picture and your comment on the mattress made me laugh. LOL. All th best, and study smart!

Nonnie King said...

Laugh? I was about to cry when I saw the mattress.


I couldn't sleep at all for my first night.

lawrence said...

OH!. Diploma in Edu that compulsory for teacher . hehe

Nonnie King said...

Bingo Lawrence. Now you can easily get my name, ic number and registration number.


lawrence said...

HaHAHHA..... why dont go for Degree in Education.. and become education officer.. before that.. go n pain your IC to yellow ma hahaha

lawrence said...

hehe.. just a joke with you.. no offence ah

the lazy turtle said...

Good luck! :)

RL said...

kasian oh you! sorry about your mattress! how about you buy a mattress protector?? at least um it protects you from BED BUGS too :)

looks very comfy though your room.. i like all the props and food hahahaha :D

I hope to visit you there one day if possible

Nonnie King said...

Lawrence : Urm.. I don't have much choice you see. As for the painting IC in yellow part, you sure its not an offense? I don't wanna pay for saman.

Lazy Turtle : Thanks a lot.

RL : Mattress protector! Why didn't I think of it?! Ya, I'm going to get it provided its not going to be very expensive. Have a budget to look after. =p

Ya, the room is actually quite nice. And the windows are facing the trees and bushes and it's quite windy with all the windows open. Food is a must, albeit I still don't know how to operate the stove yet.

You come la, I tour you around the place.
If you don't mind walking.

Noy said...

Hehhehe....u haven't seen one of my colleague's mattress! Ada big brown mouldy spots lagi as decoration. Yatah, cadar atu mesti bawa and bantal sendiri (important!)

Yup, true what you say; its like moving house. Some students bring a lot of things with them including teddy bears because some of them especially from KB and Temburong rarely come home (even during the short semester break they still stay in the hostel).

Jamy said...

Good Luck ah king!

Remember my sms yesterday morning?

I really love that post. I never read it before till last week.

Jamy said...


I mean received my sms yesterday morning? Msg-ing it before I stepped to office.

Nonnie King said...

Noy : Okay, after seeing your comment, I do feel slightly better. And also I'm lucky to have a car at least I can still go home (Seria) once a week.

Xiang : You know, I really had forgotten I wrote that until I read your sms. Thanks for the reminder.

You read my achieves?

Jamy said...


Yeah I read back what you wrote for the past 2 years. Then I came across this super-duper happy + gratitude post. I never expect you wont write that sort of post. Plus posting ur mama flowers is definitely matching what you wanna express. It really touched my heart and impressed me.

I love the part you say about...
I feel happy of.....
I feel happy about ...

This is a strong power that pushes us to see our happiness is the biggest part of all and the lacking that we have in life is always the tiny one.

U remind me of feeling gratitude that we get straight green light when reaching the traffic light.

Feeling gratitude of a small little thing surely can enlarge our happiness. Remember the phrase, "Sikit sikit jadi bukit!"

Princess Nashwa said...

Haha Nons.. Your bed experience is not as grossly as mine while I was on a working trip to India. Sorry for not keeping in touch for so long, been very pre-occupied lately. Stay connected if you are able to get connected that is... hehe Anyway, all the best in your studies..

Senor Pablo said...

Dear Nonnie.. it was great to catch up with you. Congrats on going back to the academic life. Wish you all the best. Well if u are caught in an emergency.. don't forget I'm just across the road from you.. take care and keep up your blog. Your header is COOL!...

Larry said...

The room bring back all the memories of UBD life. The porn watching activities, the light night ghost activities and the makan nasi katok ramai-ramai activity..awww such good times..... oh crap ! i shouldnt have said "porn watching activities" oh crap ! i shouldn't have said " ghost activities" .... mmmm i better keep quiet now..

ENJOY UR ROOM nonnie - you will get used to it .