Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sockie Bow-wow



Do you…



Eat to live


Live to eat


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Call me Hasnah Yusof


Photos taken on a jobless Sunday afternoon when we’re suppose to be studying but Soly came up with a stupid thought,

“Hmm… how would you look with tudung ah?”

So there… this is me.


with tudung… Look very Malay kan? Heheheheee



I look like penjaja kan? Kan? Kan?

That’s why I came up with this…


Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Finally it’s over!


My face macam so thin and sharp.
Am going to pout sengetly in every photos from now on!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yee Jan’s 21st Bdae + My last day in F4


Date: 14th May 2009
Venue : F4, Pines Restaurant
Celebration: Yee Jan’s 21st Birthday and Last day of exam for most of us! Wheeeeee

Okay, this is going to pictorial post with just photos and captions.

1. My first round of baggage


Okay, maybe not exactly “baggage” since semua pun boxes. It’s my rice cooker, oven, and the board games which I transferred it into my car and later had to take it out again at night…


2. Bday girl with her friends


(Or… she’s trying to tell you that she has no dental caries)



3. Nie-non-wo-non, feed lai feed qu.



4. The box of birthday cupcakes I ordered from Sugarush!



5. Birthday girl loves Pikachu…


(A bit bui bui these 2 pikachus. Hehehee. Long time no exercise kali?)


6. Handling over the birthday gifts… Macam prize presentation pun.



7. Give present liao then tumbuk and poke poke



8. These are from me.


Cute or not the cupcake card? Must be cohesive mah.


9. Cute octopusssss plushies and.. she’s opening a really really “cool” pressie




10. 21 liao lor… legal to get married liao lor… But first of all, get a boyfriend.




11. Make a wish.


She only wished for 2 things and she said it out loud.. and wasted the 3rd wish because she had nothing more to wish for.. Apalah!


12. Getting ready for a group photo


Yes, susun susun susun.


13. Haih, so young and energetic. 18 21 sui, pok pok chui


Make me feel sibeh old in their group.



14. Me masuk




15. Free style No.1


(I wanna be ULTRAMAN!)


16. Free style no.2


(ntah apa ni)


17. Yummy! The top part sikit sikit manis, but the spongy part is just nice~




18. The usual birthday ritual




19. Kuan Yin + Hitler + Vendetta




20. Digress. Continued packing while the girls were mopping the floor in the common room


One hell of a mess right..


21. The second batch of baggage to move into the car



22. Time to TWIST!
(After they mopped the floor)


Er… no pictures of us playing the twister because there’s none presentable in this blog.


23. Brush your teeth after every meal


Aww… I really really miss this part of hostel life. We would normally knock on each other’s door and jio friend to brush teeth, wash face together, sambil gossip lah. I guess it’s an upgrade version of kindergarten kids holding hand together to go toilet and see each other peeing..


24. Dragged our tilams to the common room


First time in my life I get to sleep with aircon in the hostel man. I felt so xingfu that I nearly wet my pants and cried.


25. Played Black Jack with Monopoly money
(They’re We’re super innocent okay)




26. I won!




27. Time to sleep.



5 of us sharing only 3 tilams. You have no idea how freaking heavy our tilams are  And.. the 2nd and 4th person in the row constantly get stuck in between the gaps.

LOL. Like masuk longkang.

Now, there’s something that I should really feel guilty about that night. I was fast asleep that night because:
1) AIRCON!!!!!!!!
2) It was my last day of exam and I was too knackered to function properly.

And… I woke up realising ChaiWen, the girl who was sleeping beside me was gone!!! I asked her why she disappeared and she gave me an awkward smile saying, “Sorry ah Nonnie… er… you… er… snored. I couldn’t sleep so I went back to my room…”


Funny because it was what that happened to me when I slept over at Soly’s and told her that she snored so loudly that I couldn’t sleep. Sekali the next day terus ketulahan. So malu can die okay.

28. Moving my stuff out from my room first.


Then signed in my name so that the guards will open the “pagar” and I can drive in my car to the block so no need walk so far.


29. Them waving goodbye from the room. I miss this as well.


I remembered every time I walked back to the block, I would look from outside seeing whose room has their lights turned on to see who's at “home” and who’s not so can barge in their rooms later.


30. My last day sleeping in the warm room




31. The blanket… so thick… that it’s used as decoration nia..



32. Bye… bilik buruk. LOL.



33. Okay, here’s a bonus picture for you all..


Apparently, I look super Malay with tudung. Had to wear it for some role-playing thingie. Hehehhee. Sad also, this is the very last picture of me and my room.. And the “Pig In/Out” hanger is just lying around my room now not in used.


Bye student life.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My final week in the hostel




More pictures to come.

I just need some time to steal gather from their fb accounts.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

I super rindu what the things that happened last week lah…

Can reverse the time sikit?

Friday, May 22, 2009

My poor shoe…



RIP – 21st May 2009.

….. And now, it’s time to go C&K, Vincci, Summit, CR !!!

Yang lama tidak pergi,
yang baru tidak datang~


Anyway, that stupid shoe kinda decided to “buka mulut” at super salah time! Lucky I always have “back-up” shoes in my shoe, which I think all girls do. But the thing was… my so-called “back-up” shoes are 4” high.

I couldn’t feel my feet after wearing it for 6 freaking hours!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The first post labeled “A teacher’s life” in 2009


I was suppose to edit the photos taken during YeeJan’s birthday and write a post kissing my student life goodbye but you have no idea how insanely busy everyone is now in my school.. as in working place and not UBD anymore.

Today is only the third day of me back in school and I’d already stayed back until 4pm preparing all the stuffs and whatnots. Crazy! Anyway, our school will be hosting something really big and fun that you wish you can come and join us. Hahhahaa. I kid you not. Every kids will go gaga seeing our hall tomorrow!!!

I’ll try to take some photos tomorrow and show you lah.

(I know most of you out there always think that

“being a teacher very senang one. Work half day only”

– Ya right! Come and be a teacher and you’ll know how much work we have! Sometimes I really feel like giving a big fat slap to people who said that lah. Not only we have to teach, the amount of work we have to undergo to prepare a lesson, the meetings, workshops and all sort of events and activities we have to attend and organize, when a kid comes crying to you because he/she just fell down… Gosh, you never know how many things can happen in school in just 6 hours man)



Be patient okay?

Monday, May 18, 2009

“Excapade Sushi caters for everyone”


Hey, I’m not trying to kiss-ass or what, but ask anyone in Brunei to think of a name associated to Japanese restaurant, surely the first to pop out is “EXCAPADE”.


Malu to say but this is a way tooooooooooooo long overdue post which was supposed to be blogged a week ago when masih fresh and new. Nevermind lah, like ikan masin also good, got more flavour mah.


I was invited by S.Fong to the soft opening of the latest branch located at Regent Square, Kiulap last Monday (which was also the very same day I had my 2 hours paper on “The Teacher And The School Curriculum”). Also, the kind couple had treated the children from Pusat Ehsan and Child Development Centre lunch and made a donation.

As usual, I was a little kaypo (busybody) wanting to know why they have another branch in Kiulap instead of setting it up in a new location and S.Fong explained that she had received a lot of feedbacks saying that it was difficult for the disabled. Hence in this new Kiulap branch, you won’t be seeing any partition or private rooms.. instead, big spacious walkway in between tables just nice enough to fit in wheelchairs. How considerate kan?

*cough* Due to unforeseen circumstances of my lousy 4yo camera, I became a pencuri instead stealing photos from Marul and Reeda. Sorry ah. It’s a good thing they watermarked their photos *endcough*

Super “people mountain people sea”



Food on our table
(Note: This one macam “appetizer” only. There’s more to come!)


Mau called the Fried Fish Roe on top “Twisties”



Salmon Sashimi!


Scallop Tepanyaki

Slipper Lobster! Very black-pepper-ish!

Lamb Misoyagi, everyone’s favourite for the day

The texture is very similar to Bakkwa.

Ice Cream Tempura

I had one Macha ice cream with red bean all to myself :D

Can you guess whose sissy portion of wasabi did this belong to?

Hint: XY Chromosomes

What bloggers do when a new dish is served
Maurina being kiasu using her phone to take picture.


I have always love how Mau does her eye makeup and so I took her MAC eyeliner and asked her to line mine.


And once I opened my eyes letting her see the end result, Mau gasped
“Ai! Your eye makan my liner!”

Sigh, the sorrow of having single eyelid. I was seriously considering of having blepharoplasty but Bobby insisted a big N-O on the idea. Double sigh.

See the difference between Mau’s eyes and mine.
Like cannot see kan the line?


To make the lines visible, I have to literally paint my eyelid with at least 3mm thick of liner.

Oh, on our hands are Nails&Wax vouchers. Really paiseh lah, yau-sik-yau-ling.

Happy till can see teeth cannot eat eyes.


Back to Excapade.

Ever wonder why Excapade can be so popular among us Bruneians even though there’s no special promotions, advertisements and wifi (even Miri-ans also rela to drive all the way to KB and eat!)?

For me, it’s their

1) Good service
2) Quality food, and most importantly
3) Reasonable price!!!!


Even Yohei (the Andy Lau lookalike Japanese hunk whom I travelled with in KK last December remember?) gave 2 thumbs up for their sushi when I brought him to the Gadong branch! He had one teeny weeny complain though, the rice for the Nigiri was too banyak. Hahahhahaa.

One last photo for this post and also the one and only sort of a group photo taken by Michael.

L-R: Marul, Reeda, Liza, Maurina, Nonnie and Rano.
No introduction needed if you have read blogs long enough. 

More about the soft opening here and here.


If you have any positive or negative feedbacks for Excapade, feel free to leave a comment in their Facebook page. Yes, don’t play play. Excapade also got FB one ah.

To avoid disappointment, make sure you make reservations first ya.

Branch Contact No.1 Contact No.2 (Mobile)
Kiulap +6732234012 +6738859966
Gadong +6732443012 +6738740012
Kuala Belait +6733333993 +6738722993
Serusop +6732335512 +6738736880
Kiulap 2 +6732234011 +6738759866