Monday, April 14, 2008

Pyjama Movie Night

It was such a wonderful night!
Congrats to Big Brother Reeds for holding this successful event!

Spot me

I was wearing a black satin nightie, with a black tube inside (in order to cover more flesh), and another satin jacket to keep me warm. I wish I could wear what I normally wear at home but my tee has too many holes in them that its gonna appear more sexy than the nightie.

Most people actually thought that I wasn't following the dress code! And I had to slip off my jacket and showed them my shoulder and a little of my back to defend myself.


And Miss WittyMau tricked me in taking off my jacket. She went, "I like your jacket, can I try?" .Without a second thought, I took off my jacket and she chucked in on the coffee table.

Just like how she tricked Atul to come for the movie night.
Nice one hun.

The GirliesL-R: Tina, Atul, Maurina and Nonnie.

And when they saw me, all they asked was... "Mana si Bobby?", and not "How are you Nonnie?".


Minutes later, Bobby arrived with his favorite "iPood" shirt, basketball pants and a pair of sneakers... which totally turned me off.

First thing I said to him was, "Why are you wearing your sport shoes? You don't wear them to bed do you? Not ngam lah the feel... Spoil eh. You should be wearing slippers lah."

He answered innocently, "Because... I don't feel like wearing slippers...."


"They stink.."

Great. Yet you dare to call me smelly.

The movie was great. I left my tissues in the car and wet his shoulder, while worrying about my non-waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I thought I'm gonna look like a racoon or some goth princess when they turned on the lights.

After the movie, we stayed back a little for the food and catch up with each other sharing gossips that couldn't be shared over the blogosphere. They kept asking me to stay a little longer but I couldn't, because I was going to drive back alone to Seria! And the time was already approaching 11pm.

It was big breakthrough for me to drive alone at such late hours. And a stupid suicidal lizard nearly got me killed by passing the road so slowly. I wasn't driving very fast... only at the speed of 80 ~ 90 km/hr. Lucky there's no car on the opposite lane else you'll be seeing me hitting the headlines today.

Four days of not blogging kind of make me feel a little rusty now.

Stay tune for ....

Our interviews with Jenny. M

in the next post.

I think I'm going to get punished for having too much fun with the bloggers lately.
I can sense tons of work coming up.


I'm Choonie. said...

I can't imagine myself attending a pyjamas party. I will be naked. hahaha... just joking!
BTw.. you look nice in your pyjamas.

nureen said...

Hi nonnie...miss u alot..wit the connection down these few days...cannot surf everything..gah! anyway u look gurly...haha...nice! next tym u bring me ah...i wanna ikut jua~~

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : So.. does that mean that you sleep naked most of the time? Happy also ah your xxx life. Hahhahaha

Nureen : To remedy my absence for the past week, I'll try to blog daily from now on.

I look girly? Meaning most of the time I look manly kah?

War186 said...

Wah the pyjama night looks so much fun. If only you could convince me to go haha. :P You guys really did wear your pyjamas huh. :D

I'm Choonie. said...

Nay... I dun sleep naked. Not comfortable at all. I sleep in my old 破烂衣. It is very comfortable, but cannot 见人.

Anonymous said...

apa eh si war ah inda kool woooooo *evil*

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Payah eh convince you. I think the only way will be kidnapping Boon.

Choonie : Same lah! That black nightie actually sleeps in the wardrobe for years and have not been worn.

Maurina : Hhahahaa! So bad.

Abby said...

ooo ur dress looks like lingerie hohohoh

Abby said...

oh wait it is huh! hahahaha! sexy!