Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seria Bazaar 08

Plug of the day: 

So anyone of you joining the 1st Brunei Tasek Climbathon or going to Dine under the Stars
I'll be there though. *wink*


I bet most of you peeps had thought that I had a blasting night last Saturday celebrating last weekend. Sadly, my life is never that happening as you all imagined. Most of my Saturdays and Sundays were spent either watching Astro-marathon, play lami with the gang or go BSB with them if any of them happened to have something to do there.

Last Saturday was different. I knew that there was a bazaar going on in Seria town and wanted to check it out so I asked Theen and SL to go with me..

(Read Liza's and Grinchandar's coverage)

How pathetic. I only have 2 friends to ask out on a Saturday night.
(FussyKelly was celebrating super advanced Mother's Day with her family)

Some more I was the one driving because one was lazy and the other one, didn't even bother to ask because I'm always the driver.

SL asked us to park the car at his house and walked to the town because its impossible to find parking at that time. Err... his place is just 10 mins walking distance from the town, mine is 15 - 20 mins. Just like walking from Nyonya Gadong to the Mall. 

I can't remember when was the last time we walked together at night like that, perhaps in 1999. The good old "finished O'level and had nothing better to do days" and us like poklens hanging around aimlessly.

But it was fun. SL was shocked that one of the road sign's height is now up to his chest. He said that he used to langgar his head to the road sign and got extra careful. And I was like, "Ya lah ya lah... You taller liao lar. Want to take picture for memory or not?". Told you, I'm mean to my close friends.

We made the right choice. The parking lot beside the old-vacant-cinema was full of cars exhibiting their sound systems or funny blue lights... which I really don't understand.

Cool tongkat!

Don't laugh! Initially I thought that those wooden sticks are natives blowpipes (used for hunting with poisoned needles) and I was expecting the seller to say that cool answer too and I'll ask whether I can try it out. I was tad disappointed when he told me they're walking sticks. 

I mean, so short... for babies kah?

Speaking of babies, look at this poor boy...

It was so hot and humid there I bet he just got tired after crying asking to go home. Lucky him, being able to fit in a carriage and no need to walk.

One of my secret wish is to have a shopping cart big enough to fit an adult, so that I can sit in it and ask Bobby to push me around. Then I just need to use my magic finger and point at the things I want to buy and he has to put it inside the cart. HAHHAHHHHHAHA!!!

This, baru call SHOPPING QUEEN!

Other than stalls selling miscellaneous stuffs, there were also performance for the shoppers to view. Like... New-style-Chinese-dance with a pop song?

48, both Theen and SL said seeing them feel like us when we're in form 5! 

Anyway, I was asking one of the girl's relative

Me: 她不怕嗎?Eh, she doesn't feel scare meh? 

Him: Ah?

Me: 她不怕丟臉嗎?Scared of embarrassment.
To be honest, I don't think I have the courage to dance in front of so many ma-lak-lou (cantonese- rough looking men) eyes big big looking at me and using their handphone taking pictures don't know for what purpose. And... I'm afraid of people saying, "Eh, I saw you dancing in front of Seria Plaza there leh that night.. Not bad wor. How much they pay you har?"  

Ma Lak Lous

That's one of the reason why I choose to stay at home instead of going out on Sunday. Too many ma-lak-lous squatting along the walkway or sitting on the railings and looking at the girls, ladies and even obasans (age 10 to 60, regardless of size and appearance) "Tsk tsk tsk.. Moi moi, pigi mana moi?".

Obasan - Middle-aged women

If you still don't get what I mean, just go to the bus terminal in Bandar.

I like the colour balls!

This reminds me that I still have 3 kain haven't potong yet...

Spin and win!

Do you still remember SL won a POWER RANGER MOBILE PHONE from the same game last year in KB Bazaar? 

You wouldn't believe how well the business was. There was a kid waiting for his turn to spin and the stall owner asked him to wait another 30 minutes!

Wah lao.. Buy donuts also don't take that much time lah.

And later the uncle convinced the kid to play the Ping Pong game instead.

And that kid won a packet of Lee Fah Mee noodles from the Ping Pong game! Paid $1 for a $0.70 noodles... well, I guess the thrill of throwing two balls cost only $0.30.

Still, better than that stupid Power Ranger Phone.

Then there was another game, Ring Toss. 

Instead of using perpendicular sticks, the vendor used soft drink and fruit cocktail cans! And the prizes for this game is way better than the ping-pong game. I saw a foreign labourer won a packet of 3-in-1 instant coffee mix and some other groceries.

Now, $1 for those are more worthy.

Its just like gambling, either you lose your $1 or you win something. And from my point of view, the above men you saw in the photo were just hoping for luck to arrive so that they can buy cheap groceries, bring back home and show to their wives.

Wonder if they did check the expiry date label. 

Went to CAM for our favorite snacks... 

Roti Kertas!

Its crunchy like potato chips and less oily!

We would order only 1, knowing its not enough and fight for it and later order another one if we still want for more. 

Then when we're on our way back, we decided to check out the noisy car show..

Saw a lot of cars with high potential ear-deafing, heart-stopping sound systems and can I ask something?

Do all car lovers like BLUE? I see blue lights everywhere!
Headlights, room lamp, under the car, and even in the car boot!

Last year we have waterfall in the car boot...

..and this year,


Er, tell me what's the purpose of having a TV in your car boot?

Oh I know I know!

1. Putting up the sign "If you can see this TV, please kindly horn me to let me know my boot cover is not properly closed".

2. Asking your wife and all your kids squatting on the floor and watch Sponge Bob when there's a power failure. Lawa kali ah, everyone will thought that the whole family is cuckoo squatting and looking at a open car boot.

3. My TV is too precious to keep at home. I must bring it everywhere I go to keep it safe.

4. To entertain your friend when convoying. Text him/her while driving...
    "Yo Wang, check out Mawi's new MV!"


Well, I don't know anything about cars except it can bring me around, has 4 wheels, feed on fuel, service every 5,000 km and pay insurance and road tax annually. 

My eyes nearly popped out when James told me some car rims cost $6k!!! I kept on muttering, can buy a super PC already, can pay for my fees and enough to makan the whole year already, why on earth people wanna spend 4k on steels and irons used on a CAR!

Have money, go buy Tiffany or Tag Heuer lah! 

Haih. Thank God the boyfriend knows nothing about cars.. He can't even differentiate CX7 and CRV! But ask him any scores of the premier league, managers, coaches and football players.. he can even write you an 10k words essay.

The music was so loud and there were kids.. or young adults shuffling!

Ya, shuffling in Seria car park next to the creepy Marina cinema...

For a moment I thought I was in Miri Balcony...


JaMiLLa said...

The Dining Under The Stars sounds nice oh ...candlelight lagi singer and dance performance ah..

But sayang, at the moment i cant afford to buy it. I need to make and sell of 20 to 30 flowers in order to have a dinner under The Stars..

Anyway, take alot of photos to let me see least i can enjoy it, just by watching it from ur blog. HEHE!

Princess Nashwa said...

Hahaha.. Yeah, what's the point of having a tv inside the car boot.. unnecessary luxury. I find it hilarious watching excessive extensions such as the rear spoilers .. I think it makes a perfect clothesline to hang your clothes out to dry in the sun :D

Effy said...
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Effy said...

The crystal blue alteeza looks very familiar.. I’ve never ever thought I would see it here.

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : I'm going to be there as a media. I won't have extra cash to go for such posh night also la.

Liz : LOL! That clothesline thingie really cracked me up!

Lucky Superman is more into syringe, test tube and poo-poo (HAHAHHAA) and not spoilers and rims.

Effy : You know whose car is that? Boh di dui.. Mati ku.

Effy said...

Yes of course. Just say that I'm going to be one of the many sitting down watching sponge bob when there's power failure. ROFL

Nonnie King said...


Your birthday is just one day after mine, I think I can go get you a stool so that you don't need to squat.

Your brother one kah?

Effy said...

My sister but her husband 'uglified' it.. Left most people speechless and frustrated. So you're not the only one thinking like that. As much as i love that car it is a disgrace. Hahahaha. So any buyers?

Patricia said...

I totally understand on the MA LAK LOU part.. I get so annoyed by this people also.. LIKE TO STARE..!! I no like.. hehe.. But that's what you see in Brunei.. =p

6k on rims? really crazy fellow some ppl.. better give me I can go holiday lagi.. I'm looking out for cheap rims like less than 1k for my baby.. hehe..

anti-nonnie said...
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Nonnie King said...


I'm sorry but I don't take bad comments from people who have no guts to leave their real identity and be responsible for what they say.

You purposely sign up a blogger account just to leave comment and call yourself anti-Nonnie?

Wow, I'm flattered.