Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting hitched!

Not me of course....
Few more years later maybe.. but definitely not now. Gotta give some time for Bobby to save enough to buy me that beberapa carat diamond ring ;) kan?

However, I managed to fool a couple of friends with ":D I'm getting hitched!" for my personal message in MSN.

Silly Alex (not SL, the other Alex, Alex Lim.. Gosh. I do know a handful of Alex(s) don't I) fell for that and asked why so sudden. You know lar, when you tell a lie, you got to make another one to cover it up right?

The conversation went like this.

Alex: When?


Alex: Why so sudden?

Me: You say leh?


Me: If not?

Alex: How did it happen?

Me: How I know wor....

Alex: So now how?

Me: I also don't know... I haven't tell my mum yet.. and now Bobby still jobless.. I really don't know what to do la. But, tak kan I go for abortion right?

Alex: Ya lor. Very hard leh like that...

Me: (A bit sick of making up stories... scare ketulahan later)

Me: Eh, you don't know what is today's date kah?

Alex: No. What day is today?

Me: April 1st

Alex : KIMxK! You're definitely going to get it from me when I get back.

Me: Like that you also believe one..

Alex: How I know. You so random

Even my best friend 48 fell for it and asked when also... -___-" I know sometimes I portray myself like an "October Vegetable" (desperate woman), but wedding is every woman's dream. I'm not going to ching-chai simply hamtam plan it.

Like my friend, they took one whole year to plan their wedding.. Even though every time when I asked them the progress their replies will be, "Har.. Don't know wor. Haven't think yet."

Last Saturday, they went to Empire Hotel for their pre-wedding photo shoots. And of course, I wanted to get involved so I dragged SL along and also asked Bobby to go there as well, to gain experience. *tsk tsk*

My pretty friend

I'm really not used to seeing her with that thick make-up. And I really had an urge to peel her faux lashes just to feel the sensation. But nevertheless, she's still super-duper pretty in my eyes.

Moving her ki-li-ka-lak up the buggy
We volunteered ourselves as her free coolie.

Sigh.. see the size of her eyes and mine...

Back in the days (which is... almost 10 years ago), we used to guess and predict who will be the first to get married and now, we know the answer.

Our predictions are damn chun.
She's cute, kind, patience with a kawaii voice, can cook can bake can clean too. She's the full package! I mean, who doesn't want to marry her?

If only I can share the stories of James proposing.... Damn funny you know! All I can say is, a romantic dinner turned into a Mickie-Ds take-away and a girlfriend whose paying more attention to the french fries rather than the diamond ring.

Her lilies bouquet

They spent a night in Empire so that they wouldn't need to rush back Seria after the photo shoot, also... they need a place to change and put on make-up.

Door knob in the middle

The view from their balcony

Practicing the art of camwhoring

Hair Setting

While the bride-to-be gobbled down a packet of chicken rice

Love her lace hair wrap

Theen trying to hide her great "assets" underneath the veil

She felt a bit uncomfortable with that gown she picked. The gown was already altered when she first tried it and she didn't try it after that. Until the photo shoot day, she lost some weight again and the gown didn't fit her weight.

The make-up artist cum hair stylist had to do last minute alteration for her in the room with Empire's sewing kit. Really wrap-mountain-wrap-sea.

Apparently, man also need to be powdered up. That's the charismatic photographer, Kenny with the tacky peace sign. And the bride-to-be doing her last check-up before leaving the room.

Just kidding..

And off we go! To the outdoors~


Its not an easy task to pose...

- when its for your wedding album

- with sun is glaring

- strangers walking pass by and starring

(James was a bit stiff and giggled when he saw passer-by)

- and photographer directing every movement and where to look...

- and hogging the whole road and car couldn't pass through

(The driver must be swearing because on his left, there's my friends taking photos.
And their right, worse... a forklift traveling in a speed of 5km/hr.)

And most of the time the couple was not looking at the same direction!
As directed by the photographer.

I like this one.. So "Jay".

I realized photographers like to shoot with a very complicated angle.. Or, its just because he loves to lie down on the floor.

Or maybe with that angle, their double chin will be less visible and their body elongated.

Take photos sambil do sit-up maybe?

The bride-to-be's entourage/ kaypo friends/ free coolies

I thought I'll be treated like a princess having my boyfriend and my best guy friend go jalan-jalan with me and I'm damn wrong. Most of the time these two guys ended in their own world ignoring me and talked about movies, dramas, or magazines...

Random pic

This is Pingko Tang. I malas to add a "ng-ng" under her butt.

/abrupt end/


Bobby said...

It's definitely going to be worth to wait to marry a beautiful person that you are. Will be waiting for the time to come when I've finally can afford to be ready to ask you to be my wife. Love you, Nonnie.

Nonnie King said...

You suddenly so sweet I beh-si-kuan leh...
I love you too.

Jewelle Tan said...

Aiyoh, you should have close comment after yours and Bobby's lovey dovey comments leh :-)

Anyway, this post reminds me that I have yet to post my own Empire stay - forgotten already.

You should have April Fool your dahling on the same subject and "test" him, ha! Your friend looked lovely.

jessie said...


Soooo chweeettt~~!! =)
Its really difficult to come into ur page these days..
Takes a long time to load...

Haha.. heavy traffic!!

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Why? I wanna make everyone puke mah. Hahahhaa

Ya hor. Why didnt I think of that. But then again, I was afraid of the answers he say lead me to major disappointment.

Jessie : Take long time maybe because a lot of photos?
I don't see my stats going up also.

De Pianist said...

ehem ehem..something's feeling sweet in this comment place..ehem ehem...haha..

i can't help laughing at that photographer..the way he takes photo,the poses..lol..don't know what to say...haha

Bobby said...

Ahem...if i comment it on 1st of April, you would not believe me right? ;p

Roxine said...

I literally laughed out loud the way u described the photographer =p

Maybe eksen sja? =p

Kelly said...

I'm not sure if you have ever received email on subject - how do China photographers pose when taking photos? well...i gotta say ah theen's cameraman really posted like that email!!! maybe i should try out like his pose in order to get a excellent photo shot! hahahaha....

Thanis said...

Eseh - I tot you're really getting hitched liao.... ;)

I think last time most of my frens thought I would get married before them de... mana tahu one by one they are surpassing me and even got anak liao ...

Must be the curse :P

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Aiyah~ Wanna make you all thiner mah. Puke puke.

I hope he's not reading my blog though.

Bobby : Rule #1 - No mean prank jokes on Nonnie. Even if its on 1st April.

Roxine : YES! EKSEN is the word I was looking for!

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : You don't forward the email to me leh. Bah, next time when you try I take photo of you. Hahhahha

Thanis : CHoi... don't say like that. You'll find your Miss. Right one.

@lex said...

I have the email Kelly was mentioning. if you still don have it let me know ...
Also, WTH ... i have to be careful around u when u start cam-whoring... where got ignore u O .. :P

Scubabum said...

Bobby... u shud be able to afford / ready for smart and beautiful nonnie soon rite? Welcome to BAG and see you around the office.

Nonnie, ur blog cracks me up all the time.. so funny and the DIY posts are definitely worth to try...!

Nonnie King said...

SL: Bah send.

And... I'm giving you free publicity okay. You're welcome.

Scubabum : Hahhahaa! Thanks big bunch for saying that! I'm so expecting a big sparkling stone from now on.

And, Bobby was just asking me this morning if you know that he's the "Bobby" in this blog.

Now we know the answer.

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