Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life in Hostel - Week 2

I just spent a total of 50 minutes uploading 16 pictures from my laptop, one at a time. Lucky the connection today seems pretty good and no one has been restarting the router.

I tried my best to limit the stuffs to bring up/ down but still every time I ended looking like a refugee escaping or China woman selling pirated DVDs with 3 to 4 big bloody bags!

Normally I'll have one bag for laundry. Another one for my laptop and school stuffs (semuanya paper, the orientation bag) and one last bag for miscellaneous stuffs such as my facial products and other ojipala.

And today... more terror!

Apart from the usual 3 bags, I brought up....

A piece of long fabric to cover my table.

This was how my table look like a week ago. Macam in science lab kana poured by unknown chemical substance leaving stains and marks behind.

So I brought up a piece of long fabric and cover it up.

Mattress comforter - to make myself feel better being one layer away from what it looked like

Jug Kettle. Boiling water to make myself a cup of Milo is so much easier now!

Oh oh. I forgot to take picture for my mini rice cooker. Mum told her to boil water using the jug first then pour it over to the rice cooker to cook faster.

My savior - Air Purifier!

Now I'll be greeted with nice lavender scent instead of having to feel like my room belongs to some random old people who refuses to bath.

Not asking you to see the toilet paper lah. Check out the two bottles, cooking oil in the red bottle and the other one is soy sauce!

I finally have a rubbish bin! Previously I just ching-chai took a plastic bag and leave it on my table nia. The red bucket is my shower bucket. I think most girls do that here.

My laundry bucket - cute or not?

My wardrobe - with only 2 baju kurung.

Since the wardrobe doesn't have selves or divider to put other casual clothing, so I bought this hanging cabinet thingie for $5.90.

Not bad hor?
Not until I hung it up and wanted to put my clothes inside baru realized...

My height is less 180cm ... not even more than 165cm and it's pretty hard for me to reach it.

(I blurred myself out because the attire was not fit for this blog. It was raining heavily and I was caught in the rain so I took off the wet shirt and leave the tube on.)

The first meal I cooked in UBD. Penang Har Mee. Ho liao~!
Served best with TVB dramas.

(My classmates)

And this is me... incase you guys had already forgotten how I look like. It only has been a week since I left school and some commented I look thinner and some said I'm fatter.

o_O ?
I think most of you will agree with the later anyway.

The camera is not mine, obviously (cos I no duit to buy now).

Current Hostel-Mate Count = Still Zero.

Last night I heard a bunch of girls surprising my floor-mate (living in the same floor but don't know how she looks like) with a birthday cake and singing for her at 12am. So sweet lah the girls. I felt like walking out my room and just walked over to greet the birthday girl but then paiseh also since I don't even know any of them. Just walk over like that like so... perasaan.

Wonder how my birthday will be celebrated this year with limited budget.

Oh ya, I tried frying an egg with my rice cooker today.

I think I need to put more oil next time.


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

So good......

Noy said...

Noy: Biasa lah nonie..hostel life. Try not to think much about it, just some rumour/ stories only. Sometime people get scared very easily/ got strong imagination.

Haven't got hostel mates? why not joining international students club? Maybe you could get to know international students living in the hostels (just a suggestion though).

Usually hostellite people just stay within their room. They keep themselves busy with assignments, reading novels, surfing the internet, watching TV (in the common room) and watch CDs/ DVDs.

Noy said...

** Watching TV (in the common room). Opps..thats outside the hostel room.

Emmm....Why not try to socialize with the others in the common room at night? Since, some of them usually watch Korean series thru TV Brunei2.

aj said...

Where did you buy that hanging cabinet? i tried to find that thing but they sell it like above $7 and it's quite pricey. couldn't find a cheaper one.

Nonnie King said...

Bad Girl : Good about...?

Noy : I think its because most of the time I'm out. Hehhehe. If I'm in my room I'm probably doing all what the rest was doing.

You stay in the hostel too Noy?

AJ : KB Soon Lee dear. Its $5.90. You try and see if you can find it or not. Its pretty handy.

Bobby said...

How it reminds me of my life in uni. I still remember your cute laundry bag from mata mata last time hehe.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I never got a chance to stay in hostel. :( But then again I think I'm too timid. :p

Noy said...

Nonnie King: Yup, I stayed in the hostel :P.

cc said...

Really reminds me of my uni days. I stayed in the hostel for one year, in a tiny room. It was the best ever! So much happenings!

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Oh shaddap. I know what you're going to say next.

Chicky : But there's lot of other girls there. I think there's nothing scary bout it.

Noy : And will you say hi if you see me?

CC : I think I'll miss it when I'm done with it.

Noy said...

Nonnie: Sure I will :) But I rarely see u in shbie (?)