Friday, April 18, 2008

Indecisive... yet Manipulative

Woman: Hey, I'm going to tapao. What you want to eat?

Man: Urm.. Curry Rice.

Woman: WHY YOU ALWAYS EAT CURRY RICE?! Choose again! Bah, Fried MeeHoon lah!

Man: Laksa then.

Woman: LAKSA VERY HEATY!! Fried MeeHoon okay?

Man: Fried Kueh Tiaw then...

Woman: Har? Ok? Fried MeeHoon ah.

Man: Fried Kueh Tiaw, wet one.

Woman: Ba ba ba..... Wat-Tan-Hor then.

(Wat-Tan-Hor = Fried Wet Kueh Tiaw)

This particular conversation between my parents made me giggled so much in my room when I overheard them.

And when my mum walked in to my room, I teased her "Cheh.... You had already decided for him what should he eats, what for go ask him again? Just straight away tapao back and feed him lah. Fake democracy...".

Then she whined a little about old man's cholesterol level, high blood pressure yadda yadda yadda, took the keys and left the house.

While watching P.S. I love you, Holly had exposed the ultimate secret of women that is... we women have no freaking idea what we want!

. . . . . . . . . . *long pause*

And when Bobby watched that part, he immediately looked at me and from his eyes, I could see that he's demanding an answer from me hinting, "Is that true?".

I looked at him, and quickly looked away.

But I got to admit. It's true.
Most of the time, I have no idea what I want... I just need clues.

I remembered having Bobby picking me up from my work place and I felt famished.

"Where you wanna eat baby?", he asked.

"Ching-chai (anything) lah. You decide. I'm very hungry now... FAST FAST!"

"Bah, chicken rice?"

"Harrrrrr..... Don't want lah."


*Frowned and starred at him...*

"Err... Jollibee?"

"Eeee... I don't wanna eat fastfood lah!"


"I just had it last week bor...."

".... Then where you wanna eat?"

"Urmm... I don't know also wor. You keep suggesting lah. I just ban until you mention one that I feel like going."


Sometimes I even gave him a puzzle and asked him to guess where I feel like going. If he got the answer wrong, I'll be very mad and called him heartless for not paying attention to me...


Damn. I'm such a troublesome girlfriend eh.

But, that doesn't happened often lah.
Only once in a blue moon when I was in terrible mood.

I'm just wondering....
Does it happen to all woman out there?

Mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, daughters, cousins, nieces and aunties.. I bet you men had enough of us being indecisive, yet manipulative.

But, we're just not going to change our unique characteristic in a million years.



CiliQueen said...

YES! it does happen..isn't that one of women's unique characteristic?? :D

Nonnie King said...

CiliQueen : Yeap, most definitely.

Are we lucky or what?

Bobby said...

But we men have no defense against it....

Effy said...

i love that word. Fake democracy. Hahaha.

War186 said...

I am indecisive but never manipulative. Well I try not to be the latter lah ah. Feel guilty lah like that when your bf always take good care of you, no? :)

Kelly said...

Err...mine is the other way round,
I ask kl - so what shall we eat?
he ans: "sui bian la"...
then he ask back me: What bout you?
My ans: also "sui bian la"...
Then we have to pick a few that both feel like eating and vote for the last pick? sigh~~ next time i will use coins!
I guess conclusion - both of us are indecisive (meaning men sometimes do have this character too)...muahahah!

teddY said...

You're exactly like my mom! When my dad (or we children) asks her about what she wants to eat for any meal, she would say that she's fine for any choice and leave us to do the decision-making. But when we painstakingly arrive at a common concensus, she would tell us a whole bunch of reason why we shouldn't eat this or eat that, and in the end she's the one who decides where we're all eating!

I guess this doesn't make women manipulative - they're just smart! They let the men do all the thinking (when they'll do the painful and frustrating brainstorming process of listing out possible choices and analysisng them one by one). And so they'll carefully listen to the final analysis of their men and then go on to choose which one is the best. I call that smart! Women uses this to compensate for their indecisiveness, heh.

De Pianist said...

i think my mind is half woman(indecisvie) and half man bah?( decision maker) lol..i always can't make decision to eat yet i'm forced to make one in the end..=_=...

Lee Anna @ yuuki_chan said...


Just like my mum, she always leave it to my dad to decide where they will have their lunch, dinner, etc. But then when my dad already decided, she will disagree and want to go somewhere else.

And she will take more than 5 minutes to decide. Harharhar...

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : So.. are you complaining? :@

Effy : Isn't that what we all are good at?

Wardah : When bf/gf take good care. After kahwin habis tia.. SO, better make sure use of it now. HAHHAHAA

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : *cough* If he got time to eat with you, you eat sai also happy lah. HAHHA.

Teddy : Oh yeah! You got a really nice point there. SMART instead of MANIPULATIVE!

okay, I now declare,

Pau Lene : Er, I'm only indecisive when it comes to small matter. I can handle most of the things myself.

Cilaka... say yourself half man lagi.


Anna : Crap.. you're the second person who said "I'm like your mom".

Die die die die.

More than 5 minutes is consider fast liao lor. Hhahaha

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

LOL. That's so me!
Must remind hubby to read this! He kept saying I'm so troublesome. -.-

Nonnie King said...

Chicky Dear : Tell him all women like that one. Just get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Lols! Like MJ

The other day i asked if she wants to go out , she said yes. so i go pick her up

5 mins later on my way to her house, she text me said " no jadi.

then i turned around.

then on my way back to meet my frens , she text me back less than few seconds later said she want to go out.

bloody hell i went back to pick her up! She still laugh like crazy woman when she got in the car, while i was cursing like old woman. AHAHAHA!

IngSiang said...

When I ask someone (a girl) what she want, she always tell me she don't know. Perhaps that's what girl/woman is all about, I mean, guys are too decisive, girls are too indecisive, that's how the world goes around. No?

And hell true about the manipulative part, hahahahahaha.