Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New "Shoes"

Previously I had friends who asked me via MSN about the flowers Jamilla is making/ selling. The size, the price, the selection of colour and "Do those flowers look nice in real life?".

I was able to answer all except for the last bit because, to be honest.. I had never seen those flowers with my own eyes and touch with my hand.

But now I can tell you with confidence, YES! THEY DO LOOK NICE IN REAL LIFE! What you see is definitely what you get! I dropped by Xiang's (Jamilla's Chinese name... I'm used to calling her that) house picking up the flowers delivered to Sze Li and also the one for my mum.

They look really good, honestly.

As you can see, you can either order only 1 stalk, or a bouquet made up of number of stalks you want. The above bouquet is made up of 3 stalks of roses, and they're so cute because of their miniature size. Very cute and friendly size that you won't have trouble keeping.

Back in the days when I received flowers from guys, one of the thing that really bother me was the size of those bouquet! Yes, it's flattering to receive a big bouquet and very got "face" too, but... thinking of a place to keep them is a problem.

They stayed fresh for few days (maximum) and wither. So what are you going to do with those dried up brownish flowers that petals might scattered all over the place later? I'm sorry but I'm not that romantic to hang them upside down, and let spiders make a sweet home out of it. I chucked the flowers again (because they stink!) and kept the wrappers.

Anyway, what I was trying to say was... Even if you're on a low budget, no worries... Just get a small bouquet like that which will cost you less than B$10.00 and the flowers will stay blossomed through out the whole year.


One more thing before I blog about my main post, in case you didn't realized again.. I'd put up the links again.

Check, under "Kingie Linkies".

It is an expand/ collapse list which you just need to click at the space in front of the letters to either expand or collapse the list. I know.. clicking space is weird, but I still can't figure the javascript yet. Gimme time.

I think its a fabulous idea!
Those of you who clicks on links through my blog, happy now?
Those who don't, you won't be seeing links if you don't want.
Yeah, win-win situation.


Okay! Finally I can blog what relevant to my title.

So today I went shopping, and spent B$320.00. Unbelievable, I know. But it was a necessity, I'm not going to put my life in danger just to save money. I am frugal, but I love my life too.

I went in this dark little shop and told them what I was looking for. The first thing the boss said to me was, "Kamu Cina kah?".

He gave me a price and told me that's the lowest he could give and I remembered James telling me the price range. So I agreed and got it fixed.

What was I buying you ask?

Shoes. Rubber shoes, for Corrie.

Ya, that kind of "Rubber Shoes".

So far that tyre shop has the lowest price compare to those that I heard off.
B$80 for Bridgestone. Good deal right? I changed all four tyres thus the grand total B$320.00, nett price inclusive of this and that.

Corrie is 2 and a half years old now and I had not buy her any shoes... until one day a mechanic friend told me its time to get them change because "botak" already.

I don't want to wait till the tyres got swollen and eventually burst, then the next thing you see is long "slice" of tyres while driving along the highway.

Like I said, what also can "karit", but I am not going to put my life in danger.

I worked in a workshop before as a general clerk and I have a lot of mechanic friends. In my opinion, I think mechanics are cute. They are humble because they think that they're lowly educated thus they tend to speak to people with more respect, of course... with a lot of foul languages in between too.

I picked up the wackiest and "roughest" line from there. You know, private parts and sending regards to parents that sort of line... I don't think I need to emphasize here.

Keeping my blog G-rated, suitable for all ages.
Or at least, PG... Parental Guidance Advice.

Rims... Something that I will never understand.

I salute women who can name all car models, manufacture date and all those specs! I think girls like that are cool, equivalent to guys knowing what to add into their curry.. Santan, yoghurt or milk.

30 mins later...

Neh, I don't speed.
Conserve fuel and also tyres. Pick that mindset from Bobby and started to drive 80km/hr and max 110km/hr.


Am sleepy now.

One last thing to blog.

Something I noticed when buying drink from the kedai runcit beside the tyre shop.

So... Keropok comes in PEC.

And, if 50cents means $0.50, then...
0.90 cents is


What are you waiting for? Go get them now!


larry said...

Nonnie u got to give me the name of that shop ah - i too in need of new tyres for my girl " Mandy"

JaMiLLa said...

Ah King,

Ur Kingie linkies ...yesterday i was trying to find out whats that here and there mi kia one eh ...hehe ok need time to figure out.

Oh ic ..ur friend asking whether it looks nice in real life ah...good question!

Its 100% true! The flower that I make is NICE. Hehz! Its to make people who receive the flower to be surprised and feel happy about it. If someone claim thats not nice, let me know and i will improve my handicraft skills.

Enjoy reading ur post at this late hour while I need to rush making flower. Since monday, i slept late to complete the order. Now have my mid-night break to makan and read ur blog.

0.90 cents??? HAHAHAHAHA! *LOL*

Note: Can email me the photo of 3 roses mini bouquet that u took? I like the black background. That's make the flowers look attractive.

48 said...

ah dear i have forgotten to put my order in for my flower
am i too late?

@lex said...

One question! is the rose scented? and like 48 says is it too late?

Nonnie King said...

48 : Not too late. Go order now. Or tell me what you want.

As for the rest, I'd answered you personally.

48 said...

Just order through u can ah?
I think I would like 5 carnations kua. Or if roses nicer in a bouquet roses can oso.

Like 4 red ones and a lavander in the middle. Or I trust ur taste oso.. as long not japalang colours can liao..

tq ah.. the rest we talk later

nikki.szeli said...

OMG, are those mine?? =D SO NICE!! Lucky the colours combination isn't weird x) i can't waittttt to get it!!

Nonnie King said...

Yes Sze Li, those are yours!
I know having blue rose in a bouquet sounds funny but, it doesn't look anything like that at all.