Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yokoso Japan–Day 4 : Disneyland (Part 1)

Sorry I have to split this Disneyland post into two because I took TOO MANY photos! You know lah, sakai bah first time to Disneyland had that everything also must-take-photo-syndrome. Hehhehehehee.

And, my buddies said I’m doing it the wrong way, tabalik (reverse) already. When I complained to them saying the parade in Universal Studios Singapore was sooooooooooooooooo disappointing, they’re like… you went to Korea’s Everland (which their summer splash parade was awesome like what!) and also Tokyo Disneyland…. how to top that? Well, I still have a lot of theme parks to explore so stay tune~

Taking MRT to Disney Resort



Upon arriving… people mountain people sea!

Took a group photo before we went separate ways. Fussy and KL been to Disneyland HK so they chose Disney Sea whereas us three suaku picked Disneyland since we’d never been to Disneyland.

My Disney Passport.

Entrance. So BIG lah the whole Disney Resort!!!!

I just realized that Mickey is a Scorpion too, just like me.


Walking to Disneyland, such a lovely weather.

Tips: Check  the weather forecast before deciding which day to go else you will have a bad time (if it’s a rainy day….)

Bag checks

I like how people dresses up for Disneyland, like really really dress up!

Kids wear costumes, adults wear hats or clip-on ears. It really make Disneyland a happy place lah~

So cute kan the kids!

Lazy to queue up to take picture with the Disney characters so I did this only…


Haih! Why so cute one the kids! And those young mummies really fashionable also.. No obasan one loh

Look, I took picture with Daisy!



It’s like, I having my second childhood here again!

Our first stop

Everyone has Duffy bear and Shelliemay. Except for us cos we didn’t want to spend money on soft toy
*kes karit*

Quack quack quack…

It was just roaming around like biasa

Ice cream stall! It’s not cheap but it’s really yummy!

My orange bar, big right! Actually not so lah once you take out.

Vai’s Apple bar

And both of us picked Orange

Probably the most un-cool place in Disneyland, the smoking area….

People sitting down waiting for the parade.

I really really love how disciplined Japanese are! We were all required to sit down and not allowed to stand up or even kneeling because that will blocked the views of the people behind us. Unlike in USS, don’t know why people so kiasu all stood up and went front front, scare die rugi cannot see like that (which… the parade would pass us by anyway…….)

Really loh, my expectation went up really high after Tokyo Disneyland. I kept complain to Bobby that, “Why no people jaga one… see, the parade is starting and no one chase those stupid people away one (the people who still die die walked slowly on the road which is already closed for the parade to pass)”

Umbrella is a MUST for the month of June. It’s rainy season, and if it’s not raining… it’s super hot!

Okay, pedophile moment again…..

Took this picture of the little girl she was super obedient lah. She had rubbish that she accidentally dropped near SL and insisted to pick it up herself and disposed them in the bin. Haih, when can our kids in Brunei be like that leh har?

Note: It’s not that the teachers or schools don’t teach them… but most of the time, it’s their stupid parents who ask the kids the throw rubbish outside their car’s window! And same goes to spitting! And couple of times when I went jogging at the park, there were families having picnic and would just leave the rubbish behind because “Biar ia… ada orang buang tu….”

It’s the adults who need to be re-educated really!



And, here’s the parade!

Can tell right? The theme was “Easter Wonderland”



Pedophile moment part 2….


Even the fast food also Easter theme~





Picked Eastside café because they have vegetarian menu

Even those aunties waitresses are super kawaii and nice

To make our life easy, we just get the sets.

You get to choose what starter, main course, desert and beverages in the menu.

Chicken and Mushroom with Balsamic vinegar

Green salad with lemon dressing… very green indeed

These pirates passed by and waved to us.


Never had I eaten spaghetti carbonara with an runny egg in the middle like this. So so so so Good!


Vai’s vegetarian pasta with tomato sauce and beans

SL’s seafood pasta. Very good too!

We had lunch while waiting for our turn for the fastpass.

Fastpass helps you to “queue” and inform you what time if your turn. After getting the fastpass (which you have to use your disney passport and scan it with the fastpass machine), you just need to return to the ride at the stated time.

While exiting the restaurant..

Where we dined…



Okay, that’s it for now…

Part 2 coming up soon~