Friday, June 20, 2014

BN Honeymoon 2013 - Venice


Travelled north to the colder Venice.

For you people who is bad in Geography.


We only had one day for Venice because… well, it’s not that big mah. But then 2 hours after we arrived terus regret and said, “Oh man! Should have shorten the Rome one and have one extra day for Venice lah!”


IMG_8803 (640x458) IMG_8805 (640x474)

3 degree Celsius in Venice so most photo background foggy like that.
If you all wanna see nice pretty photo go google yourself.


IMG_8806 (640x455) IMG_8807 (451x640)
My karit husband refused to buy any warm jacket because “maybe use one time only” and borrowed this from his dad, my father in law. SO for the entire honeymoon trip, you will only see him either in his Hattrick sweater or this beige uncle jacket with sometimes faulty zip. Well, he sanggup. 

IMG_8808 (640x477)
I like tamu!

IMG_8809 (640x477)IMG_8810 (480x640) IMG_8811 (470x640)

Just walking and walking, look see look see. It’s a lot more relaxing and a lot less Indian/Blangedashi scammers (pardon me if I sound racist..) hence we felt safer and enjoyed the intimate Venice more.

IMG_8812 (479x640)

IMG_8813 (640x480)IMG_8814 (479x640) IMG_8815 (480x640)

Seriously easy to get lost in Venice! But don’t be afraid and just enjoy it!
Except when it was already dark, super cold with no one around and super creepy with wind howling…


IMG_8816 (480x640) IMG_8818 (480x640)

I have pretty good navigation skills and I usually feel very confident when walking around a foreign place but Venice’s maze of narrow streets is very challenging! I bet even the locals get lost hmpphh!

There are some yellow signs that point out the directions to some key spots on the wall when there’s intersection to assist. 

We got lost many times on our way to where we wanted to be but we’re in no hurry so ya, getting lost can be a delight.


IMG_8821 (463x640)
Resting my feet


IMG_8824 (640x480)
Piazza San Marco

IMG_8825 (640x480)


There’s so many fat pigeons around!!!!

WHY PIGEONS SO FAT THERE! Okay lah, I know it’s to keep them warm lah. Express sakai-ness also cannot is it….

I tell you, the entire trip whenever, wherever we saw fat pigeons, ducks and goose, we said..
“Lucky these birds live here. Siap liao if in Asia. All roasted liao…” #justasianthings


IMG_8827 (462x640) IMG_8828 (472x640)IMG_8831 (640x479)
In front of the basilica.



IMG_8835 (640x457)

Had a ride on vaporetto on the Grand Canal just to rasa. Not really a fan of gondola rides because

1. expensive. 40 minutes ride (max 6 person) and it costs  €80 day time and evening is €100. Only me and Bobby 2 person nia. I rather use that money to EAT and SHOP!

2. I don’t know why I don’t like transportation that is human-powered. I will feel guilty.


IMG_8836 (640x480) IMG_8837 (640x471)IMG_8839 (640x479)IMG_8842 (479x640)
Santa Maria della Salute

IMG_8843 (640x470)IMG_8844 (640x459)
I stood near the “entrance” of the vaporetto and kept looking at how fast and smooth the staff can tie the rope to secure the boat la. Very lihai lah. And firm lagi!

2:50 if you just wanna know what I’m saying


IMG_8845 (640x465)

So clean and no rubbish floating…

IMG_8846 (640x473)

If only Kampung Ayer which has the name “Venice of the East” can be this clean then I’ll be really proud and happy!

IMG_8847 (640x480)IMG_8848 (640x479)IMG_8849 (456x640) IMG_8850 (480x640)IMG_8851 (640x472)IMG_8852 (640x470)
You can see Rialto Bridge on the above photo. That’s our destination~

IMG_8853 (467x640)
Biggest pack of Marlboro I’ve ever seen!


IMG_8854 (480x640)
Walking up the Rialto Bridge

IMG_8855 (640x480)

IMG_8856 (463x640)
I wanted the yellow colour leather bag but that’s the only left and got some bends and scratches liao. So I bought the maroon one of the left.

Very lin-si the shop owner you know. I was just trying my luck and asked politely, “Is there any discount for this?”

Okay, okay, I get it. No need so angry.

IMG_8857 (640x478)
Went in to this small café for hot drinks. Best choice ever!


IMG_8858 (473x640)

There was a funny moment between me and the handsome barista.

We’re kind lost (again) and needed some directions so I asked him, “Excuse me, do you know where am i?”

I wanted the name of the area, and maybe I asked in a wrong way because he answered me with a smile, “Venice. You didn’t know?”


IMG_8859 (640x480)
I can’t remember what I drank but Bobby’s hot chocolate was so so so so so heavenly!!!


IMG_8860 (640x465)
Skating rink out of no where!

IMG_8861 (640x480)


It was really really cold as the sun set and we’re just trying to get back to our hotel for some heat and rest before dinner and guess what… we got lost AGAIN! But okay lah, we stumbled on to another gold!

IMG_8871 (640x443)

Il Genio di Leonardo da Vinci Museo !!!

Grande Exhibitions have partnered with the Anthropos Association of Italy, creators of over 120 different machine inventions for the Da Vinci - The Genius traveling exhibition - in a joint venture to open permanent museums (Il Genio di Leonardo da Vinci Museo) in Scuola Grande di San Rocce, Venice.

IMG_8870 (479x640)

Totally unplanned!
Very fun and exciting too!


IMG_8862 (465x640) IMG_8863 (473x640)
I think you know why I posted the pic on the right (above)
Lampada…. *nudge nudge snort snort*
Big lampa…
Told you we’re full of lame inappropriate jokes…

IMG_8864 (480x640) IMG_8865 (460x640)
Trying out those machineries

IMG_8867 (480x640) IMG_8868 (480x640)IMG_8869 (640x422)
Last supper


We actually sat there for almost an hour to watch the documentary… SO FREAKING COLD! But still wanna watch finish lah. <- here’s the youtube link of what we watched if you’re interested.
1 and a half hour~

And dinner time!

IMG_8874 (640x479)

We never really planned where to eat for our entire honeymoon trip. Usually we’ll just use Yelp and check what’s good and nearby where we stay. And for Venice, La Zucca was highly recommended!

La Zucca isn’t a vegetarian restaurant, but it can satisfy people looking for a place where to eat fresh vegetables courses made with natural ingredients. The restaurant is small, with 35 seats inside and 12 outside (only in summer time). It’s really close to San Giacomo square, near a picturesque bridge. Inside the atmosphere is welcoming and modern, with oak coating on the walls and a little kitchen open, so the customers can look to the chef working.A nice feature of the restaurant is the door on the canal, that allows customers to came inside directly from a boat.

From their website

Without any reservation, we just walked in and it was a Friday night packed with people! The nice Japanese waitress told us we have to wait maybe an hour so being us with nothing to do and no where to go (Venice feels like a ghost town at night!), we just sat on the bench and waited outside.

But lady luck was on our side.

We got called soon after and asked if we mind sharing table with other people or not. Oh come on, we’re Asians man! Share table and finish meal in 30 minutes sap sap sui lah. We all biasa to that liao. Not very angmoh to just sit there drink wine then drink coffee, food served course by course. If can, semua sekali gus lah~ HHAHAHHAHAHAA

IMG_8877 (640x473)
The sweet Japanese waitress.
Very lihai lah, she can speak Japanese (duh), English and Italian.

IMG_8873 (640x480)
The complimentary bread basket. This already very yummy liao!

The menu is in Italian and so we just asked the Japanese waitress to recommend us. Of course, their famous pumpkin flan is a must!


IMG_8872 (640x480)
Don’t remember what is this called.. but it’s artichokes.

IMG_8875 (640x480)
Pumpkin flan! They say it’s not dessert but I keep feeling that I’m eating a dessert lor.

IMG_8876 (463x640)
Some pasta in blue cheese, pine nuts and celery. (Everything I don’t like…)

We had a tiramisu for dessert but no picture of that. Think we terus habis when it was served kua?

IMG_8878 (640x438)

And that’s our day (and night) in Venice.


Oh oh, the hotel we stayed was Antiche Figure Hotel, just across the train station.

We stayed in the red room and lawa lah the room!

Actually you can see more about our honeymoon trip #bnhoneymoon in ig.


Next, our favorite destination – ZERMATT!