Monday, June 16, 2008

James and Theen 出门 (Part 1)

Short Note: Forgive me that I need to break this post into two because I definitely would not finish it by today if I'm going to upload everything. Am going to 48's place to play Wii later.

Btw, some man just annoyed the *toot* out of me today while watching Kungfu Panda in Qlap cineplex. That man sat behind me and keep pushing his stinky feet against my chair. ARGH!!!! I lost count the number of times I turned around and stared at him, and he still did the same. Until I raised my voice a little telling 48 loudly that there's an idiot who sat behind me keep pushing my chair and baru tia he stopped the action. Bloody hell.

And please, for the gazillionth time... KEEP YOUR STUPID PHONE IN SILENT MODE WHILE WATCHING MOVIE IN THE CINEMA! We paid the same amount of money to enjoy so why must I tolerate your annoyance! Idiots in cinema shall be punished!


This is a very belated post which is suppose to be blogged last week but the approval was under KIV as the pair prefer me to blog after their wedding reception.

The unofficial title of this post would be,


So yeah, Theen was saying on her wedding eve that she prayed it wouldn't rain but as always, bad prediction always come true. It rained till...... haiyoo... I would use elephants and rhinos instead of raining "cats and dogs" lor.

I woke up on Saturday morning at 5.30am by my alarm clock and dragged my lazy ass out of my room and was immediately greeted by the strong gush of wind.

I don't think you will have any idea how heavy the rain was but nevermind, let me show you this next picture then you'll know what am I saying.

Yes, the above picture was taken in my garage where I parked my car. I was just sitting in my car and sticked my feet out just to show you all, the water reached my ankle and I could only wear my heels later.

Sekali, Theen's place more teruk!
Knee level okay! Really can row boat liao.

Wonder if any of you have ever heard the old saying about raining on wedding days.. My mum told me a funny saying and surprisingly, 48's mum said the same too.

Erm, I can't write it here so go ask your mum what does it mean if it rains on someone's wedding day and see if we got the same answer.

And we're thinking how the hell the groom was going to enter? I mean, have you seen groom wearing look all smart in his suit but having their pants up roll up with a bouquet of flower and look like they just walk out from shower?

We all had to do something like this...

Thank you Mr. Pang for being my model.
You did a great job.

(This is so Theen)

Finally we got to see the pretty bride, in the pimping process.

Her gown was absolutely stunning and had shown her great assets to the fullest. And I think I'll get the same make up artist for myself next time because I like Theen's make up, not that thick like monkey's butt cheeks and not pale like the corpse bride. Reasonable price too~

This is us, the masterminds behind the wedding door games.
(minus Kelly, that girl was late)

Half way through the styling process, Theen was asked to go to the dining area and had her last meal with her siblings being Ms. Yong.

Noticed anything odd? Look again.
I give you tips... Hair and Theen.

Got it?
YES! There's a clip on her fringe and she's not even aware of it!!!

Not until we burst out laughing and showed her the pictures with our cameras.
Hai~ That's my friend for you. Overdose of cuteness and silliness.

Bah, continue with the hairdo.

While watching the hair stylist cum make up artist, I so felt like taking a stool for her to stand because she's so petite. Don't get me wrong, I like petite girls. They're so lucky because they always look younger than tall girls and most guys prefer tiny girls because can fulfill men's egoistic to feel strong offering protections.

By the way, she's very young too.

We're being told that the groom and his "brothers" would be arriving at 8.00am and by 9.00am the latest, we had to leave the house liao and arrived James's place by 9.45am. Erm, Chinese pantang. Tons of rules to follow.

So by 7.30am we're already panicking about the heavy rain and also the friends who hadn't arrived. *cough*FussyKelly*cough*

I adore those pink heart-shape balloons and rose plushies lah. At least its not the same old plain color ribbons and red balloons that I came across most of the time. But sayang lah, the strong winds and heavy rain had drenched them.

The grand arrival of her royal Fussyness.

Oh oh, do check out the level of water...
And everyone "lok" water like that to get in the house.

"lok" - walk in water.
From don't know what slang or dialect...

And him....

... was hard to decide whether he should be classify to the "Sister" or "Brother" group lah. Hahhaaa. Bridesman? Don't worry SL, you still have 3 times to figure that out after the remaining 3 of us kahwin.


We didn't get to get a group photo with Theen lah.
I mean with the 3 of us. Or 4 of us plus SL.

All that I can do is this.

I was telling Theen no need to wear such beautiful shoes on wedding lah, people cannot see what's under the big long gown anyway. But still I think I'll wear heels just to get extra cm feeling more compatible with Bobby.

How come some of you don't get the pampers ah?
Easy lah, we're going to make the groom and his brothers wear it. Muahahahahaaa.
If you think that is cruel, there's more to surprise you later on in the next post.

Remember the Chili padi + wasabi in this post?

Don't play play, it wasn't just any dilute vinegar water because only 50% of the liquid in the cup is plain water, the rest... vinegar lah.

We planned to feed the men the chilipadi and when they ask for water, muahahhaaaa..... we'll be serving them Vinegar water instead~ Smart leh?

You think marry my friend so easy is it?

Bah, continue in the next post...


siokngi said...

Aduh! It was really raining cats and dogs, huh! I asked my aunt about the 'raining on wedding day' but she didnt know the answer. -_-

Can't wait to see the next part of the post!

Nonnie King said...

Siokngi : LOL. Maybe your auntie is too young? Or only Brunei aunties know about it.

Anonymous said...

Please no mobile phones in the cinema!! If i were to create a top list of things that annoy me most , this is definitely the ARGHHHHHHH!

Bobby said...

It is annoying when people take no bother at all being vnoisy or irritating in cinema. In Miri more teruk especially got people answering the phone and continue talking out loud with the caller. Hahahaha funny expression on her royal fussyness. So good timing can take the pic hahaha.

nikki.szeli said...

hmm ~ i remember my bestie, who is an Iban, told me that according to Iban's old saying aa ~it is good to ,arry on a rainy day.

They believe that the husband and wife will always be together. Something like that.

I wonder what's the funny saying, im so gonna ask my mum. haha!

@lex said...

erm .. think u just expose me to public ! .. right ? . :P
anyway .. hope i don really need the 3 x to get experience ! . lol

kelly said...

Luckily i have a bf already, otherwise im going to sue you for making me a widow by posting that digusting expression photo where even kl also said - "u always give such ugly expression" hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I can't wait, Wats on uR Nxt Post, Isst on Jun14 @ Miri.? Wats So Cruel abt..? Coz" We Bro's Planning to Giv a lots of Comments which u XXX hehheheh...

" Well,i dont think easy to marry ur friend lo..But REMEMBER !!...To jadi ur Friend "SISTER'S" hor.. More Worst lo.. Coz i got a groups of bro's which can be ur Worst Nightmare. hehhehehee...

kelly said...

must be one of the monkey frm james brother gang giving that comment! hahahaha! nvm la, not you married ma, is james married...hehe

Patricia said...

waaaaa... I know this hair stylist la she is my friend.. hehe.. =D