Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday 48

I'm going to be super busy this weekend and probably will only update on Sunday. Going to BSB and pick up my dearest 48 from the airport and have our final girls night out before Theen's big day...

Sigh.. It feels weird lah, Theen is getting married this Saturday. Macam so fast, like it was only yesterday that we played volleyball together after extra class and her crying on my shoulder for her first heart break.

Anyway, let's talk about something else.
(Don't worry.. I'm so going to blog about her wedding day, provided SL took enough photos for me because I'll be busy organizing the wedding door games, bullying and runding with James)

Today is my best friend's birthday... 25th Birthday.
So old lah.

My very first best friend from secondary some more, way before Theen and Kelly. We're both transferred from Chinese schools, she's from Chung Ching and I'm from Chung Hwa KB. We got assigned to a special class called "Form 1T", T - for transfer and there was only 19 of us... Felt alienated from other classes because we're so n00b.

Us in our half a class
Farewelling Mr. Rajan.. More like making fun though.

Hhahhahaa. I miss shouting our school prayers!

Almight God
Bless our school
Help all teachers and scholars
Give us strength to do what is right
And strength to do what is difficult
May we always honour your name

And I disliked her. She's so kambang lah, teachers liked her because she always did her homework and she's top in our class. Ish, teacher's pet. Hahahhaa. And she found me annoying and very attention seeking, thinking I was those 'wannabe' who's desperate for a boyfriend. We rarely talked because we both beh-song each other.

Until, our class teacher assigned me to sit beside her.. then things changed.

I don't know how that happened but it just did. And we became best friend ever since. Count count... wah seh, 13 years yo!

Look! My bright yellow BABY-G!

Having a straight A student as my bestfriend was cool, because I could borrow homework from her and COPY every morning before lesson started. HAHAHAHHA!

*cough* Dear students, you shall not follow what teacher did because its wrong.

But its very unfair lor, everytime when we talked in the class.. teachers would point me out and scold me but not her. See, discrimination sucks! Once there was a teacher who threw chalk at her for talking but once he knew that she's good in Maths, sigh.... his attitude towards her terus changed lah.

L-R: Cute Theen, FussyKelly with no color hair! 48 the Pout and Anpan Woman!
Tell me why all my besties have big goldfish eyes?!

Back in the days we would compete each other see who had watched the latest episode of series.. Journey to the West, Mr. Diana, basically ALL TVB series lah, 超級無敵掌門人, 敢敢做個開心人, 超級星期天, Crayon Shinchan and South Park.

Went to her house every Thursday night, went to tuition together and during the holidays after form 5 while waiting for our O' level results, we would walked to Supa Save, bought an ice cream and walked to the beach. Or get recipes from SL and baked cookies and cakes.

SL was the chairman and 48 was the vice-chairman.
Even Theen was a counselor.

Commoner and the counselors

Aiyah, I wouldn't get chosen one la... No teachers like me because I was very kacau in class. Talkative and SNEEZED TOO LOUD also kana marah!

Did I tell you guys my nick back in school was "Kiasu King"?

Sien.... being a class clown is never easy. Have to put up a smile no matter what and people just thought I have no emotions one. I wonder if that's the reason why I don't want to hide my emotions anymore now.

The Puffies
Taken at SL's place

After form 5, my darling Wen went to Australia to further her studies and only came back once a year, or once every two years. And we only communicated thru emails and phone calls occasionally.. But those mails and calls get lesser and lesser.

Still, it had never effect our friendship.

Kuching... What is the name of the area with waterfall again?
Near Santubong there

Once a common friend of ours called me up and we chatted on the phone. She asked me to "get a life" and make more friends, don't just stick with 48.. Weird, I guess she was just being jealous that our friendship was strong and she could never hang on with old friends.

I have no idea why some people loves to make new friends so much and dumped their old friends aside. Oh yes, that girl who asked me to "get a life" treated us like sh*t and her new friends like diamonds. Maybe she thought no matter what we'll still be nice to her kua? Anyway, we had lost contact and even if she's back in Brunei we wouldn't look for each other. And I hate it when she bullied SL with her tongue calling him

I find my old friends easier to communicate and there's already 默契 between us.

That's Theen from the future...
After she becomes a mother and eats nothing but bread. LOL!
(My Theen really a lot thinner lah, and I still looks the same)

I have forgotten how I came up with the nick 48 but she's now stuck with the nick. I think its because she's very chatty kua? That's why 4 - 8, shi-patt... die die also wanna gossip. Some of our ex school mates couldn't even remember her name and even when they called her, they said..

"Hallo, can I speak to 48?"

I hate that stupid clown! So damn scary
Theen and I on 48 full of plushies bed...
And she named them all. Sot-plug one

SL! Didn't know you were that thin last time!

And now.... Theen is getting married in 2 days time, yet I'm still stuck in this wave of nostalgia...

Happy Birthday Wen,
and I hope your flight is not going to delay tomorrow!

This year will be the first year that I don't call you up and greet you. But nevermind, we'll have a blast tomorrow at Theen's place spending her very last moment of being Miss Yong.

p/s: Yes, I know I don't look much different 10 plus years ago and now.. Sigh, you have no idea how much courage I need to put up these pictures. Actually not much. HAHHAHAHA!

p/p/s: I'm collecting wedding door games now, any suggestions how to bully the groom?


@lex said...

Gosh ! This is so like a walk down memory lane. Still i really don remember you 2 have pic taken at my place!? hm.. scary ! .. OMG the fish tank was still around ... :P
Another thing.. SLIM!!! lolx .. i never knew i got near that category at all!! WOW ..
anyhow, we'll be having a blast for sure and will be the first abroad trip with my frens from high school! ..

Nonnie King said...

HAHAHHAHA!!! Make sure you save that photo and hold it as a proof.

I feel so hyper now la!

@lex said...

I think i'll will. you know where was it taken?
feeling hyper! i'll after this weekend goes without any surprise ..:P .. u know what i mean

Kelly said...

Yea yea yea, with no colour hair..i cannot stand growing my black hair now because it makes me look like a japanese ghost if i have one since im so over-THIN! hahahaha

i will still love you guys eventhough sometimes i'm not around k?! hahahah, at least im not like your someone "friend" who ask you to go make some new ones and forget the old ones...hahahaha, see you guys tonight! (oi..what time la?)

cc said...

wa, you did not change much at all. ;)