Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Favor

Ah hah! Here comes the part that I’m going to talk about the wedding favors we prepared for our guests. The part that gave me quite lots of headache when we were still clueless on what we want. At first we’re thinking of luggage tags since our theme is “Love is in the air”. I emailed a number of sellers from Alibaba and man….. the quotations replied all gave me a mini heart attack!

Then we narrowed it further down to something edible! Mints, chocolates, candies, cakes…. Since you know, it’s not “zhor-teng”, just makan and buang the wrappers. But what food? And also the packaging? Haih!

In the end, we thought what my mom suggested was cool and different hence went for that idea.

Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_LthjgnYmL6s/S5YcwJTauQI/AAAAAAAAEfw/jb4G8z1qg7w/s400/DSC08524.JPG

It looks something like the above picture but smaller size. According to my mom, different “pangkat” gets to eat different size. They have size 1, size 5, size 9 those (if I remember correctly) and grandparents eat the biggest size! (Which means bigger/heavier pieces of gold ornaments to be given to the newly weds as well)

And so when we went to Sibu for our mini reception, we brought back 4 big boxes of leh-piang, 15kg each! That’s 850 pieces of cakes! *pengsan* We sent them all into cargo and had to hand carry all our bags. Lucky it was just our dirty laundries. Even the driver who drove us back to Brunei thought we bought car spare parts because of the weight.

As for the packaging part, we went to several companies that do printing and we’re either not happy with the material or the sizes, or the prices. Last last, when I was in Japan in June, we went to Kappabashi, which was just few streets away from our hostel and man.. they don’t call it KITCHEN STREET for nothing! You can get almost everything there! And it was at one of the shops that sell Japanese tea cakes (和果子) packaging and utensils. I love the quality, the material and the print! And best of all, it was way way way way way way way cheaper than any boxes/bags I checked from the past month. I only had the size to worry for now but I didn’t care, I got them anyway and prayed to God that the bags would fit the cakes!


Cakes done! Wrappers found!

Next, tags!

I designed and printed those tags myself after getting a few comments on which lines were better.
1) Keep calm and eat wedding cake, or
2) In case of emergency, eat cake

And most of my friends preferred the second one. So I made a little amendments and printed a “suitable for vegetarian” logo beneath the words so our Muslim guests wouldn’t need to worry about the halal issue. And also for the vegetarian guests as well.

Bought some nice glittery turquoise color paper from Technographic again and borrowed Sheepy’s printer and printed them out. Cut them one by one and asked my little brother to punch a hole in them one by one.

Then came the worst part, PACKING!

If it’s not for my lovely buddies who helped me out, I think I may not be able to get it done on time. And also, I was lucky to have that 6 days gap between the tea ceremony and the reception, it was a much needed breather!

Pardon the lousy quality, it was taken with my lousy iPad’s camera with bad lighting.

Yup, that’s 7 of us (including me myself) doing the packing. Mom and Bobby put the cakes in the bag, the girls put in the tag and tied it and SL kept switching jobs depending which production line was slow. Esehman~

Saw those boxes behind Kelly and Theen?
That’s the boxes we brought back from Sibu containing the wedding cakes.

We had dinner before packing and they went on a “glutinous rice balls search” because they wanted to eat it for supper, after seeing me eating them during my wedding day. They went to 4 shops and semua nadai! Ended up buying frozen chips and nuggets and asked me to air fry them. Kuli kang had to be fed.

Again, pardon my super cannot-make-it face.

Finally we finished everything at 11+ pm and man… it was super tiring!
Those you saw on the table were like, 1/4 of what we packed!

Here, a clearer picture.


I’m not sure how many of my guests got my humour about the “Emergency” and “Extreme Hunger” part but we couldn’t care less. I know those cakes were really popular among the elders, and honestly speaking, we don’t know where all the leftovers went to!!!!! But nehmind la, as long as everyone is happy kan~

There, the wedding favors we prepared for our guests that took us so much time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun Shabushi Restaurant

Gadong Central has become a FOOD heaven seriously! You can almost get whatever cuisine you want over there. And Bobby and I decided to try out the new Jap restaurant over there named Fun Shabushi.

It was empty during our visit probably because it's on a Friday and it was already 11am... We were kind of worried that we couldn't make it (No thanks to the traffic in BSB!) but woohoo, we felt like super VIPs and booked the whole restaurant wtf.

The first half of the menu consists of ala carte Jap food like sushi, udons, tempuras and so on. And the second half is the menu for Shabu Shabu! Quite interesting. Usually if a restaurant mix them together, the Jap food choices are limited and not so exquisite one lor.

We definitely had no time for shabu shabu so here's what we ordered.

Aburi (lightly grilled) Salmon Pasta - $12.80
- It was quite dry

Hotate Cheese Yaki - $8.20
- Bobby loves scallop and for this one, it will be better if they removed the innards as well. But the cheese was heavenly!

Una Tama Nigiri - $4.60
- Pricier than most places but I swear, this unagi was the best we ever tasted! Freaking good!

Tamago Maki - $1.80
- I like the sweetness in those eggs.

Maguro Nigiri - $2.80
- I tasted better one than this... Can't find good maguro in Brunei lor... (Sorry, standard naik because the maguro in Japan was too good that it spoiled me too much)

Salmon Carpaccio - $12.60
My favorite of the day!

Tofu Steak Agemono - $4.80
(No picture)
Bobby loved it... It's was just ok for me.

Wakame Shiru - $1.80
(No picture also)
- Soup. period.

Overall, we quite like our first dining experience over there and the price are pretty reasonable as well. Next, SHABU SHABU!

We were rather amused by this couple seats cubicle and definitely going to try this seat out. Fun bah facing the wall eating the same pot sharing saliva. Hahhahahhhaa. But only with my husband lah~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yip Yips Angpow Box

Even during the very first discussion with my pretty decorator, I told her I will take care of the “Angpao Box” myself because we (as in Bobby and I) already had an idea what we wanted.

We didn’t want bird cage (eventhough it is beautiful) because people told us that it’s a total b* to put in and take out. I don’t even want to start with those mainstream expensive angpao boxes sold in the internet that are basically boxes decorated with ribbons and cutesy couple plushies.

I love the Raving Rabbids angpao box I saw from the internet so much that I told Bobby that I wanted something like that, but not with the Rabbids lah.. though I also love those menacing rabbits!

Source from here.

Then Bobby thought, why don’t we use Yip Yips? If you follow my blog long enough, I hope you remember we once joined the HSBC Run and we dressed as Yip-Yips!

Once upon a time in May 2011….

It’s an awesome way to recycle the fabric.
We didn’t even need to redo it!


And so we bought two plastic cylindrical containers as above…

Took out the fabric out and taped them properly to the container and stick those white styrofoam balls and then black cut-out circles for the pupils.

As easy as pie.

And then I made the speech balloons and ta-da!

B NLowRes-0328 B NLowRes-0327
Our one of a kind angpao box!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Binary Solutions I.T. & Computers

Finally a computer shop for you guys in Temburong! I remember back in the days when I was working as sales in a local computer store, I really pity the folks from Temburong because they either had to drive all the way to BSB or use boat to bring their PCs back.. and mind you, a 17” CRT monitor is a total b* to load, unload and carry around. I seriously cannot imagine myself trying to balance myself while boarding the boat and carrying the big box of system unit at the same time!

And for now,



And now Binasol is having a special promo for their opening on desktop!




Monday, January 7, 2013

The bridge between two hearts

was the title of our pre-wed video



Due to lack of videographers in Brunei, and also those we enquired had really bad services or reputation.. or overcharged (imo), we found a really awesome one from Miri. Good price, great service and awesome work! Huge thanks to FussyKelly who introduced her to me! *muacks muacks*


We did the filming in …. September or October I can’t remember. I gave her a few locations, and she suggested some as well. And when we wanted to film the ending part in Jerudong beach with 30 beautiful helium balloons, the weather got so bad, so windy and was about to rain, I was supposed to release them slowly in the air and instead of them flying beautifully, the balloon strings got tangled up and I had to release one go….. and was blown horizontally and trapped under a tree…..

30 balloons x $1.50 each … gone.

And we had to reschedule for another shooting. Kasian my videographer.

For the second time, we did the filming in Miri. And my awesome videographer drove us around to really nice places and mind you… super far as well! Bobby and I already K.O in the car hence I couldn’t imagine how tired was her with all the equipment and driving us again.




Juliana, my videographer, reminded us to get some insect repellents before we head to the beach and I was damn hero confident that I won’t get attacked much, because…. I usually don’t attract mosquitoes one..


Damn… HUGE… wrong …. freaking…. gigantic….


Both of us, no…. all three of us kana attacked till so kick that I had to wear long pants or skirt for quite a while. Macam AISKRIM POTONG KACANG!


Damn you sand fleas of ESPLANADE!



Hours and hours of travelling, getting ready, NG-ing, and finally the polished output. I’m glad she didn’t put in the part I was muttering or looking awkward because I really had no idea what to say!

Bobby, on the other hand, was so well-prepared! He showed no awkwardness, no shyness, and spoke fluently during the whole shooting. Everyone was amazed because he was just so quiet all the time and suddenly, he talked 10 minutes non-stop summing everything up.



Juliana added some scene taken during the proposal night, courtesy of FussyKelly. It actually made the video complete. And Chaugy commented both of us sound very Singaporean….. Errrrr… AErrrrrr….. no comment.

Nah, enough of ranting, here’s the video.

The Bridge Between Two Hearts from Nonnie King on Vimeo.


I still feel paiseh to see and hear myself in the video.
Sien, I can never be a superstar liao lor like that....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2012

Seriously… 2012 is my laziest blogging year. And hence, my new year resolution for 2013 is to blog at least once a week! I used to blog so often that if I had no idea when did something happen, I can just check it from my blog because I basically documented everything over there.

And now… I can only remember the major things that happened.

Like got proposed in May, Japan trip in June, pre-wedding photography in August, video in September (I think?), registered in September, Hens Night in November, Tea ceremony and reception in December.

Half of these events are wedding-related!

which reminds me…. if I should blog about my wedding.


Maybe to make my (blogging) life easier, I will post a photo and give a caption and maybe a brief sentence on what happened.

Aiyooo… really lazy lar.