Sunday, September 7, 2008

What we do in SHBIE's lab...

If I tell you what we do in Dr. Leong's class is either to blog or to draw, does it make you feel envious?

No I'm not kidding. I mentioned before in my blog that one of my project is to create an educational blog and most of the time during that particular lesson, we're either surfing or blogging in the lab. Cool huh?

(It would be really enjoyable if computers/internet is less turtle-ish)

And last Thursday, we're given a task of creating a drawing in MS Excel using the drawing tools. Soly mentioned that she's gonna draw Wall.E and so I thought I might as well try that too. 

It wasn't difficult for me as I taught my students how to draw in MS Word too. I drew Sponge Bob and Crayon Shinchan using Paint too. So I really enjoyed this task, even though it's only 2% contributed to our results.

My Wall.E and (pregnant) Evewall1

I opened my blog (Spiritual Garden) and Fandi saw it and said, "Kau rupanya yang blog atu....", and later pointed at my profile picture and my header and continued his sentence, "Don't look like you also".


"Because I don't bother to dress up and put on make up when I go to school (both uni and my working place). I will look better if you bump into me in town...", defending myself weakly.

How I look on a daily basis


I'm normally too lazy to put on concealer or mascara because I would rather sleep till the very last minute and again, too lazy to style my hair... as in putting mousse on it. Thus, I'm always seen with a headband and pony tail, clean and fast to do.

Soly and her DoraField


That dialogue box was for the "Smelly Cat" lyrics. Its a combination of Doraemon and Garfield. LOL.

Finah Fandi's Spongebob 


So funny. That guy is so clueless and drew a cuboid using two rectangles and lines to draw them. I sat beside him and went like, "Why you so susah-susah draw that? The cuboid is available in the basic shapes what..."

You can click here to view Mila's and here for Etty's.


Had to update my student blog soon...


mmi said...

I cant even draw shin chan. Haha. But i can draw a robot.. Something like wall.E... :b me likey shin chan and spongebob! They are so cuuuttee

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I can't draw for nuts. :(

48 said...

this one to @lex:
ya coming back next month!!

De Pianist said...

eh..i didn't know that we can draw in Microsoft Excel leh.haha..but that's cool. love Wall E..though i didn't watch the movie.hehee.

Effy said...

OMG i just want to say, NONNIE YOU LOOK SO CUTE STANDING BESIDE THE MONITOR WITH YOUR CUTE DRAWINGS. Ok sekian terima kasih. The lab looks awesome too.

War186 said...

Hey I know your coursemate Fandi haha. He's my ex-classmate back in MS.