Thursday, June 26, 2008

SG - Day 1 (Let's Roooaaaaaaar with me! )

My holiday by far has been really, really, REALLY! unproductive. Everyday just sleep still I wake up naturally, then turn on my PC, chit chat in MSN, blog-hopping, brush teeth, wash face, glue my face on the monitor again, napping, dinner, shower, surfing, TV then sleep.

Sounds like heaven, right?

Can't wait to meet the girls tomorrow, and also my fattyness.


Last Tuesday SL and 48 came over to my place to plan our itinerary in Singa-land. Few hours crashing in my room, we only took like 15 mins listing the places we wanted to go and the rest of the time..... 48 checking her email and us busy surveying a new mobile phone for her because Shane rosak her old one. SL chatting with his friends, 48 playing my out of tune guitar and me.. I can't even remember what was I doing.

Them in my imaginary room

My room "cannot-see-people" one.. So I had to simply PS-ed the above photo.

Until like 3.30pm, I asked if anyone wanted to "tea" and SL answered, "Finally! I thought no one want to go...". Cheh, want to go tea then say mah.. as if I am the worm in his stomach.

Because I'd been wanting to eat fries for loooooooooooooong long time so we went to Jollibee just for the fries after our usual french toast, half boiled egg and teh-c in Universal.

Practicing our camwhore moment

SL said that I always over-PS-ed his face till it looks too silky smooth so there, the above photo is the original one, with my acne scars exposed and my usual sibeh ugly hair (malas to put hair mousse bah.. Wanna save money) and yeah, our gigi very pretty and white hor?

Very, very unhealthy...

Then, I don't know why we went to OGDC again.

The fishies, terrapin and 3 eat-full-nothing-to-do boliau-lang

Err, Grinch... that pool ah, why always look so dirty one? I know there's a sign saying "Under maintenance" but, but the sign has been there for months liao eh. And why the fishies seem to get lesser and lesser? The big big one hilang already! You eat ah?

That's me... duh

in the midst of pointing him, but soon realized I was in public

And this stupid Grinch will not let go of any chance to take ugly candid shot of me and post them up in his blog. What? Using me to get more traffic is it? HAHhahahahahaha!!!!

We're too late for the entrance so we could only roam around and took silly pictures.

Know why the one I demonstrated is wrong?
Because I wasn't the one who took the picture lor.

Then SL sent us home, and I started to pack and blogged (scheduled post) so that you guys still could read some updates when I was not around. Slept at around 12.30am and woke up at 4.30am to get ready. 48's papa came I took over his car and drove everyone up to BSB.

Reached the airport at 6.30am

One last photo with 48 in Brunei

Our (SL and mine) luggages

Remember that ah. We only had one bag each and our total luggages only weight 20.3kg. And 48's luggage alone already weight more than that...

Checking in

My first flight with RBA

Since we had nothing to do in the airport so I thought we could have checked in earlier. Se-ka-li.... my silly boyfriend wanted to give me a surprise but he was too late. What the fish right? Want to surprise people also be punctual mah, and also at least "kap" the plan with my friend first.

Made me feel sibeh dulan for not getting to see and hug him before I go.

Bah fine. Go makan-angin must have good mood one right?

After a few SMS with the fat guy, I turned around and saw this....

We're suppose to board at 7.30am but seems that not much people listen to the announcement nor read their boarding pass. I wonder if its them or their travel agent. They're heading for Umrah and they're late. Perhaps they very confident thinking that the plane wouldn't take off without them on board.

Saw this funny sight while an auntie was going through the scanning process.

I was laughing when I saw her taking her undies out from her Coach bag lah. Yes, I was pretty sure that its an underwear because it still had that red Triumph tag (women will know this) attached on it.

First of all, why did she put it in her hand carry bag? And furthermore, even if she had it in her bag, why must she took it out and flashed it?

Okay lah, none of my business mah.
Better keep your mouth shut Nonnie, later people felt offended again and sent you hate-comments.

Wait, one more thing to rant.

I thought we're not suppose to carry any liquid on board? Even if we do, we're suppose to keep them in a plastic bag and seal them and I'm thinking that there's a limit not to exceed, right? But what we saw was... those people queuing all had a packet of either Lemon Tea or Milo in their hands!

Well, if the authorities didn't make any noise, who are we to complain?
Should have bought a bottle of water and not hold my thirst until my meal came if its allowed.

Our Seafood meal

Just alright lah.
Mai hiam eh sai.

And an hour plus later, we landed!
Finally, took a deep breathe and smelled Singapore~

SL and I had 4 hours to kill in the airport because our initial plan was wait for 48 to arrive and took only one cab to the city. If you're wondering why we took different flight, that's because SL and I took RBA whereas 48's was "transiting" via Singapore. Yeah, she went back to Kangaroo-land liao.

So we went online for awhile....

Did some coloring....

Walked around and surveyed the price of iPod Shuffle and mobile phones for 48 while waiting for her. Our luggages? We just left it rotating at the conveyor belt and only picked them up like... 45mins later, after hearing those "Please do not left your luggages unattended" broadcast.

So we took our sweet time walking belt 37 and noticed, "Eh? Its empty"

We asked a staff who stood nearby and she asked if we took flight no. xxx and if we're from Brunei. We said yes and next, she asked us proceed to the "Lost and Found" department because our luggages got mixed up with those whose going for the Umrah!!!


My first flight with RBA then encountered such mishaps liao.
(And everyone said that I brought bad luck to SL since no one ever kana that before....)

The Lost and Found Department
(Bet most of you never see)

SL feeling pissed, waiting for his turn to lodge report

Apparently we're not the only people who lost our luggages. There's 20+ pieces of luggages lost and got one uncle who sat beside SL demanded that he's not going to leave until he's compensated for his lost.

We're told the latest we could get our luggages back was "Tomorrow Morning" !!!!!
Or maybe "This Evening".... earliest.

So having no choice, we had to head to get out from the terminal and got ourselves a new simcard, called 48 (whose still in Brunei that time) and told her our situation and asked her to join us at the hotel herself. We had to check in the hotel so that we could let them know where we stayed, hence they could sent over our luggages once found.

Never had walked out the terminal empty handed, feeling so light having no luggages to carry your know. The feeling was so odd. Even when we checked in, we needed no bell boy because there's NO LUGGAGES!!!

In our hotel room...

with SL still looking pissed, calling the L&F Dept

We called, and called.. and called, there was no answer at all, except for operator asking us to wait and the mellow waiting tone.

So I gave up and just left them a message, telling which hotel we stayed, our room number and contact number. And they called like, 20 minutes later telling us our luggages will be sent back to us between 1.30 ~ 3.30pm!


Aiyah... you all don't know how scary is it to stay in the same room with SL when he's in a bad mood. He looked so stern and I didn't even dare to make silly joke. Whatever he said I just nodded or made simple replies. Because I scared he bomb me, said I was the "Broom-star" and suay-ed him.

The last time I saw him so angry I think was in 1999, when he was the chairman and had to handle lots of ojipala matters in school, and no one listened to his orders... =p

(I think his colleagues saw more of his angry face than us friends anyway. Hor? - I know some of you are reading this and probably giggling now)

Us girls slept on the bed and SL had to sleep in this so-called "sofa bed"

Really very kasian lor SL. Not only he had to sleep on the floor, he had to help us (especially me) taking our shopping bags, took pictures for us and read maps...

48 even joked that we should order only 2 set meals and feed SL the leftovers...
Soi hor? Just kidding lah, we didn't do that.

My first meal in SG

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken (SGD5.50)


Spaghetti with Oink Cutlet, same price

Oh oh, we only makan-ed after we got the call and finally felt relieved about our luggages. So we thought we could walked around, makan first while waiting for 48's arrival and our bags.

And guess where SL brought me.

Yeap, temple.
(The start of my "Uncle Tour")

All you can burn incense joss sticks

This uncle very cool

When I said "Uncle", its not "Uncle Jan" punya Uncle...
He's really a middle-aged, semi-botak, wear stripe shirt and black pants uncle,

with a pair of bright red Crocs

and banyak-banyak buttons on it.

We prayed for smooth trip and good weather..

SL went to "Kau-chim" (The ask question, then shake bamboo sticks thingie) and I took my camera out and snapped. Out of no where, a security guard, 60+ years old ah-pek came to me and blocked my camera telling me off that I shouldn't be taking pictures in the temple.

(My one and only picture in the temple)

(Be grateful)

I told him I didn't see any signs outside saying "No cameras" thus I thought its okay to take pictures but the ah-pek continued to "ngiao" me, until I said "Okay, okay... I know already. I'm putting my camera back into my bag liao..", then baru he disappeared.

(ngiao - Chinese slang for nagging/ lecturing)

To be honest, I was actually quite tempted to take out my camera and test the ah-pek again. I mean, there's so many people in the temple yet he could spot me right away and disappeared again in a glimpse of time. See if he's going to appear again and "ngiao" me again. Hahahhaaa.

Me and my beloved Buddha

where you can popped in money in his belly

Then SL brought me to try this super bitter "gui ling gao", Herbal Turtle Jelly

The texture is just like "Cincau"

I know its good, clear body heat and cleansing the toxins in our blood and also cure skin disorder. But I couldn't help but asked SL, "Oi, I thought turtles are going extinct and we're suppose to protect them? "

Well, I did heard that nowadays they no longer use "Gui Ban" (fresh water turtle shell), only herbs because the turtle hunt is banned. Yeah!!!!

Really, Chinese eats the most absurd thing don't you think? Who was the genius who had the crazy idea of eating Turtle shell?

After "cooling our body heat" (eh, sounds very wrong leh..) SL brought me to another temple-ish shop again.

Gold till I could hardly keep my eyes opened

$2 for 4 gold plated paper and flower buds to shower the Buddha?

Errr.... Feeling lucky?

The weekly Buddhas?
(Monday to Sunday)

More Buddhas

"Uncle" right my tour?
Where got two youngsters at the age of mid 20s go temples and eat Gui ling gaos one?
In Singapore leh! Hahhahaahhaaa.
Bah, don't angry lah SL... I know its your "good heart" to bring me go "bless" our trip together one.

Finally at 3+ pm...


Both of us finally could really felt relieved and laughed.
Stressed man you know.

The tag on my bag

And soon after 48 arrived too.
Finally, shopping time!!!

Us feeling all tired in Vivocity

@ Vivo

Told you guys something...

Only few hours in Singapore, I nearly fell down 4 times, and got hit by car 2 times.. NEARLY okay. No thanks to my walking speed.

One time was when I was crossing the road, the traffic light turned green so I walked lor... sekali, only reached half way then turned RED liao!!! Wah lao eh... Terror you know! Then the second time was me walking in a decent Singaporean speed liao, but a blind taxi driver wanted to turn in the junction when its clearly red for him!

Iwan told me, motor cyclists and taxi drivers are top in his enemy list when driving. Really, we even witnessed a taxi driver braked and stopped in the middle of the "yellow box" (junction) just to get a customer!!! Ganas!

As for felling down... err... that's because I walked too slow too. Not my fault what, the escalators in Singapore are all too fast, for me. Hehheheee. Nearly tripped and fell for the first few time. And stupid Iwan said that I should do more exercise. Kanasai.

Oh ya. I met Iwan...
(Should know him if you follow my blog long enough. Yeap, the generous guy who bought me my Whitie for my birthday, the guy who commented a lot but no long did that pasal he's working now.. damn busy and the guy who ranted a lot in his previous blog)

And he belanja us here,

That guy ah, doesn't even use his brain to order food one. Just simply hantam point point point at the menu nya. Order so much food liao baru tell us, "Its okay, I don't eat raw fish.. I don't eat this.. I don't eat that...", you say kanasai or not? Purposely want to make us fat one look thin for himself.

We're very used to order one dish and shared among us mah, but that guy ah... kept asking us just order what we want and if cannot finish just leave it. I tell you, if I have more chance to eat with him, I'm so going to nag him like a grandma.

And, I still think Excapade rocks!
Cheap and nice.

Then he brought us to Night Safari. And he himself had never been there despite of being a true Singaporean for 24 years, coming 25.

At the signboard

48 and I

Do you know we managed to take a picture with the signboard, which is located at the entrance of the road, right next to a junction?

My dear Abang Iwan just parked his car by the road side and hit the "double-signal"

Caught in the act

At the ticketing counter

Iwan fighting with us to pay again...

Sigh, really.
Next time I go Singapore don't wanna look for you liao Iwan. You scare me. You KENOT pay everything for us okay! Kanasai one. Make me look so kiam-siap.

I just thought the toilet looks nice

Us getting ready for our tram ride

Err, you guys won't be seeing any photos of lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe and so on because camera with flash is prohibited. Unless you want to suicide lah.

Too bad right?

There's a couple of time Iwan got freaked out in the tram when the Tapirs got really close to him. He was screaming like a girl okay, "Alamak! So scary!~" Hhahahahaa.

Then we're at the leopard shelter, he was hitting the glass (actually we all did because we wanted the animals to layan us) and talking and provoking the animals, "Hello! You're suppose to work and entertain now us okay! Wake up!"... Sekali when the leopard really appeared in front of us, he jumped so far away lah.

Hilang the machoness.

Prince Iwan and his Zebra

King Nonnie and her servant

At first I couldn't get up the zebra and Iwan dragged a chair from the table and let me climbed up. So sweet hor?

And 48 insisted she climbed on the zebra herself without the chair. (I actually had an ugly photo of her showing her butt while having a hard time climbing up, but I thought I should save her some water face)

SL was the only one who didn't climb up the zebra because he's afraid the zebra will "lamp" if he climb up.

(lamp- Chinese slang for collapse)

All 4 of us

Them checking out the trails and I did nothing but took photos

It was a really fun night and we had walked all the trails in Night Safari!

We only can see limited animals while on the tram whereas when we're walking, we felt even closer to the wild animals. We saw hyenas and wolves, and stupid Iwan tried to imitate their "Ah-woooooooooooooooooooooooo".

I guess those animals just malas layan us stupid humans thinking, "Humans really have no life man. Spent so much money come in and see us, try to sound like us yet make a fool out of themselves. See, another silly human trying to get our attentions. *yawn* No life"

We did heard the lion roaring from far and we thought it sounded like those fake dinosaurs in Jerudong Park last time. Oh oh, and Iwan threw the porcupines stems and branches just to see how pointy their spines are. Wah lao eh, putting our lives in danger kan?

Anyway, we're all damn sua-ku there lah.
And... most of them are really smelly.

We left the night safari at about 12am and that guy still sibeh semangat wanted to bring us go makan supper. We all low-batt cannot layan him anymore because, hello.. I woke up at 4.30am and had not showered for more than 24 hours.

I was in such bad shape and looking like hantu, where got energy makan again?
Sleep also no time liao.

And.. we all snored that night.


iwan said...



wah lao wei... say so many bad stuffs abt me hor...


wah.. damn paisei,,, now whole world knows abt it...


i enjoyed my time with u all lah!!!

Nonnie King said...


Has been ages that I see this "1st!!!" from you leh friend. I do miss it to be honest.

Where got bad stuff? Its call reverse psychology bah, so that more girls will pity you and kasian you then sayang you.

I miss your companion eh.
We must meet again okay?

cc said...

Went to night safari once, and saw Lee Kuan Yew. Haha.

Nonnie King said...

CC : Lee Kuan Yew certainly win me 9 streets compare to lions and tigers liao...

48 said...

Forgot tell u i did buy new mobile at terminal 3

I'm Choonie. said...

I like Night Safari. I dun know why. Every time when I was in Spore, I always wanted to visit the Zoo or NIght Safari. Too bad, my two best friends in Spore do not like animals. It is always left out in their agenda.

Nonnie King said...

48 : What Model? I just bought my mum a new phone too.. SHould have bought it in SG lar.

Choonie : Er... I didn't even ask if my two besties like animals or not, I just said I wanna go nya...

IWAN said...

i love ur imaginary room lah.. so nice...

and to be honest, i agreed that SL looks fierce when he is not smiling.. hahhaa!

ok lah, from today onwards, i will try to visit ur blog on a daily basis.. hahaha!

next stop: BRUNEI!

De Pianist said...

ah..should have told you earlier than iwan loves belanja ppl a melb also the same..tell you ar,if he goes to brunei,tie his hands up so that he can't pay for you again..haha..:P

iwan said...

aiyo lene,
dun say like that lah.. its not that i meet u all everyday mah, betul tak nonnie?


Kelly said...

i ve nothing to comment..BCOZ I M NOT THERE!!! Goddd...please let me hit 4D the next time my girls goes on to a trip so i can join....(I will buy 4D from now on kekekke)

JaMiLLa said...

Great trip in SG! Enjoy reading it...

Visiting temples and eating guo lin gao is not so uncle for me la ...i love to visit temples when im travelling ..its a MUST-VISIT place....looking at those generous buddha ...thats so good ...and one more thing is when we are travelling in another country, its good to eat guo lin gao to reduce the heatness of our body since we have to jln jln to diff places ...gain more energy instead of being sick during the enjoyable trip right...Im so eager to eat it when my first to KL ....its good taste!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Imaginary room of course can be nice. IN reality... Cannot see.

He looks fierce, but he's always the one kana bully by people. Look fierce also no use.

Hehheee. No surprise ah, must let me know earlier if you're coming. And no need stay so many days cos I don't know where to bring you.

Pau Lene : Hahhaa. Then I have to buy hand cuffs first.

Kelly : If you got money to buy 4D, why don't you invest in KL and ask him to pay for your trip. Just kidding. I know you wont.

Jamilla : And I will intro him to you next time. Hahhahaa.

JaMiLLa said...


Who you wanna intro to me oh ah king???? *Pretending*

@lex said...

Luvs the imaginary room ... I wan it 2 .. OMG .. wat a long ..
oh ya .. YEs .. i'm back !

@lex said...

Of cos .. upset .. lah .. L&F Dept. wo .. who wan to visit there the first day lagi ! .. gosh ...
fierce? .. me? . sure or not .. ? ...
lol ..

@lex said...

Sorry for so many .. comment at one time .. need to put it in everything reading a bit of the post ... if not this "uncle" memory very bad one ...
come to this abt it .. i think 'jamilla' has a point .. it was raining bad the first day .. n we manage the whole trip without feeling sick .. (so quick thanks me n the 'gui lin kau') .. hahaha

JaMiLLa said...

hahaha thats so pretty nice of you yeah "@lex". We pray for the trip going smoothly and maintain in a good health to go around esp our throat. Imagine u have sorethroat and cant taste nice local foods.

Hope my trip to Penang next yr will be going nice and good health...

Anonymous said...

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