Saturday, April 26, 2014

A little surprise

So today marks the last day of my semester 2 for 2013/2014 because I don't have any exams. 4 modules of 100% coursework I hope that explains why I've gone missing for so many months. I need to start blogging about our honeymoon too. Hehehee.

Anyways, after I submitted my last painting assignment this morning, Bobby asked me to go back home (bsb) to iron some clothes for him. And when I got in our room... I saw this on our bed

Hahahhahahha! Sweet also this silly husband of mine!

He had been wanting to get it for me since last year. .. actually I wanna get it for myself ever since I saw how cool is the new pokemon x and y are. So he said it will be my Xmas gift. But because we spent our Xmas last year in london and bla bla bla... We kind of forgot about this 3ds thingy.... until the day we walked past the shop selling it.

You can read from the note that he actually bought It last Monday but he was afraid that if he gave me early, I wouldn't want to finish my assignment and just keep playing. Sien one.. no confidence in me also. I so no self control one meh!

I know he was expecting me to text him and told him that I'm very happy with the surprise and so on, but I decide to play cool with it. I told him I haven't go home yet because I was spending time in the hostel with my ubd mates. And when I picked him up for lunch, I happily told him...

- baby, I bought the 3ds liao! I'm so happy that I can finally play it liao!

He replied with a super loud "WHAT?!!!!! YOU SERIOUS??!!!! "

Hahhahahhaha! Priceless reaction! I then went on lying about it and he also started to feel suspicious about it and said,

- I don't know if you really bought it yourself, or you actually went home and saw that I bought it for you already and now lying to me

Not bad ah... He gained back his calmness in just a minute and started analysing. And I also couldn't helped it and burst into laughter and tears admitting that I just want to "surprise" him too.

His conclusion, "No wonder we're married!"