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B+N Wedding (Tea Ceremony)

Bobby was complaining that I had even posted Maurina’s wedding and our wedding I have not even touched… Sorry lor… That’s because I know I will have a lot to say and it’s going to be those toilet paper roll kind of post. So here it is.  

B NLowRes-0001
Obligatory photo of the bride’s shoes.

Usually rocking a pair of 4” heels wouldn’t be a problem to be but I know I’ll be wearing my ‘bridal shoes’ for at least 4 hours so I am not going to do that! My bridal shoes are one of the easiest shopping/hunting tasks I had because all my married friends warned me to start looking once I had the dates. Never do last minute shopping because you may not know if you can find the perfect pair that you feel connected to (Yes! I believe in Love at first sight when it comes to shoes!) and moreover, you can start wearing them at home and practice if you are not really stable when it comes to inches.


My pair of DP ivory lace and satin peep toe court shoes comes with corsage detail and buckle ankle strap costs only around £35 and huge thanks to my lovely cousin J who helped me to purchase it and brought it all the way back to Brunei from London. I had those babies in my hands in July and everyone was like, WHAT? THAT EARLY? Haiyah! Better safe than sorry mah!

B NLowRes-0007

For my jimuis , there’s customized nametags courtesy of Glowing Ideas ( and also beautiful wrist corsages from Sha, a fellow blogger friend from Singapore ( and had Bobby to bring them back. Yes, Sha does accept international orders and she is good with those ribbon twirling! Chose ribbon roses because it is lasting and more durable that my friends can keep them for long and wear them again on the reception night.

B NLowRes-0008 B NLowRes-0009
White bridal gown, rented from Frozen in Time studio, where is included in our pre-wedding photography package.

B NLowRes-0012
Make up artist (morning session) , Sandy from Seria.

B NLowRes-0014
And this, is my best friend… 48.
The one who companied me up BSB, down Miri to get my errands done and listened out to all my rants and still managed to make me laugh at the end of the day. Well, that’s because she flew back just for my wedding and she had nothing to do most of the time so I just forced her go out with me. 爱你爱你爱死你!

B NLowRes-0015
My room, chaotic as expected.

Think SL and SukChin was looking for my car key to park my car somewhere else to give way for the bridal car later and 48 as usual, like in her own world. My ignorant skills not-many-not-less also is taught by her one.

One thing everyone asked me when they came see me in the room was,
“So, you had a good sleep? Can you sleep?”

And my replies were, “Yes! I slept at 11pm because I was super tired and if the alarm didn’t ring, I think I can continue sleeping”

“Wah, you are the first bride ever who can be so relaxed”, everyone laughed.

I had assigned  tasks to my friends, as for the traditions and customs to follow, I know I will just have to follow whatever the elders ask me to do. So basically all I need to do is put on make up, get dressed and wait for my husband to come.

B NLowRes-0024
FussyKelly and PSL

I don’t know if you have noticed that all my friends were all wearing blue and there’s a funny story behind it but you will only laugh if you understand Chinese/Mandarin.

I was telling the girls to wear blue, any shades of blue will do and in Mandarin, it sounds like this
“穿蓝色啊。。 HAMI蓝都可以”
(Wear Blue ya, any blue will do)

And Chaugy actually thought that HAMI-LAN means anything, because.... erm.. the HAMILAN (Blue in Chinese) also sounds like "Whatever f*ck"... So they were actually arguing over it like,

- Ah King said all wear blue!

- No! Ah King said wear what also can! Because she said wear hamilan also can!

Laugh die me really! Sorry sorry, my bad my bad.
I shouldn't have said "hami-lan" because it sounds like a bad word and it's misleading.

B NLowRes-0027 B NLowRes-0028
Not sure about that but my Foochow mother (from Sibu somemore) said it’s necessary to like “hold it and just 比一下"

B NLowRes-0030
The inflatable lantern that foochows hang on the bridal car, and now.. it’s next to my bed.. on the floor. HHAHAHAHAHA. My mom will kill me if she knows it.

B NLowRes-0031
The cloth bags that contained my dowry… I am glad to have that wedding shop in Miri that you just need to tell them your dialect and your husband’s and they will know what things you need to buy! 

B NLowRes-0035
My tag

B NLowRes-0036 B NLowRes-0037
Eat full full later baru got energy.
And it was my mom who prepared those Mian-Xian (mee sua).

B NLowRes-0039
My dearest bunch of Garden Circlings~

B NLowRes-0040
One of the door games

B NLowRes-0041 B NLowRes-0043

B NLowRes-0045
My Jimuis getting ready. Yes, PSL is jimui also cannot ah. And I dare to say he probably spent the most on his attire. Hahahhahhahaahah!

B NLowRes-0047
And that’s me, talking to them from my window while waiting for Bobby and his hengtais to come.

It was very convenient for me as I got to peep through the window on what’s going on down there.



The girls and I had a mini meeting on wedding door games and I made it clear I didn’t want any elements of sexual innuendo especially those like hanging bananas around the crotch area. I know I’m not that innocent and I have a reputation for sharing dirty jokes. But it’s my wedding and I am pretty sure there’s other games to play instead of those usual one that involved sexy lingerie and cucumbers.


B NLowRes-0051

B NLowRes-0052 B NLowRes-0053B NLowRes-0054 B NLowRes-0055 B NLowRes-0056

Door Game #1
Those who watch running man should be familiar with that I guess.

B NLowRes-0057
Testing out door game #2.

B NLowRes-0058
#3, which was a pain for Bobby.


B NLowRes-0062
Here comes the groom!

B NLowRes-0063
And his hengtais of course.

I made those bow ties for them (really lousy sewing job btw but it’s just a one-time thing so no one is going to notice anyway) because I couldn’t find the colors I like or, it costs too much. So the best solution is none other than D.I.Y. Costs me less than B$25 to make 8 bow ties (one extra because Willie couldn’t make it).

B NLowRes-0066
Cute polka dots aprons for not staining those white shirts.

B NLowRes-0068
My nervous husband in suit.
SUIT UP! Man, I love Barney Stinson~

B NLowRes-0077

B NLowRes-0081

And you can see how excited were them making those kopi kau kau kau kau!

B NLowRes-0082
Dare to try?

B NLowRes-0098
Cheers boys~ 做兄弟.有今生冇來世

(This was the most hated game according to the boys because the coffee was so kick that even Bobby stayed away from coffee for almost a week!)

B NLowRes-0107
Ren, you looked like you like the coffee eh!

B NLowRes-0108
Super kick….


The second game, which is like a hybrid version of 超级无敌夹面包. The boys will draw cards with body parts written on it and they will have to use those parts to catch the bread.

B NLowRes-0122

B NLowRes-0112
And this, is foot + lips.

B NLowRes-0113
Super talented man.

The girls played it the night before while preparing and none of them successfully catch the bread. Hence to all our surprises, this game seemed to be the least challenging of all for the guys.

B NLowRes-0116
Butt + Back

B NLowRes-0120

B NLowRes-0128
Damn good reflexes these guys!


Then to the third game, which was my idea.

You see, Bobby is a 100% banana who can’t speak Mandarin (but it’s getting better these days with just few grammatical errors) and so I made him write promises using brush for Chinese calligraphy. Just my Chinese name alone is enough for him to cry. Hahahhahahaa.

B NLowRes-0130

B NLowRes-0140

And after writing, he had to read it out loud and wait for my approval.


B NLowRes-0150

And, he cheated!

Ming translated them into pin-yin so it’s easy for him to read and yet it sounded so funny that Kevin, our photographer laughed so hard and crouched holding on to his camera. And the guys all scolded him for not able to pronounce his wife’s name. Serve you right! And now from time to time, people will suddenly ask him what is my Chinese name. Go try ask him if you see him around and let me know if he can answer.

B NLowRes-0154

And that’s his cheeky look cheating off those scripts.


B NLowRes-0158
Another group photo before the last game.


Game #4, find the key to my room.

B NLowRes-0162
He was blind-folded, and the bucket was filled with water and ice, and also 20 other keys plus utensils like spoons, forks, and even coin to confuse.

B NLowRes-0165
And finally~

B NLowRes-0174 B NLowRes-0175B NLowRes-0176

B NLowRes-0180

B NLowRes-0181

I’m not posting the photos of “You may kiss the bride” ya. Hhhhehehehee.

And here comes the time to offer tea to the elders.

B NLowRes-0200 B NLowRes-0201
And my mom was like, “Now, call me Ma. And give me a hug!”

B NLowRes-0213

Coolest and funniest mom ever! When I was leaving the house, I felt a little sad because saying goodbye to my mom and thought she was probably going to say stuffs like, “Girl, you are all grown up and now someone’s else. Remember yadda yadda yadda… bla bla bla” things that will make me cry like a baby. Instead, she went totally awesome and say, “Oh, leaving? Okay. Bye bye~”

I was left dumb-founded and everyone who witnessed the scene was laughing so hard and said, “Wah auntie! Why you so cool one?!”.

“Cheh.. she’s coming home in a few days time what.. “


In love And that’s my mom.

B NLowRes-0214
With the Kings and their Queens


B NLowRes-0215
And the Dings~

B NLowRes-0216
And the aunties and uncles from FT

B NLowRes-0217 B NLowRes-0218B NLowRes-0220 B NLowRes-0221
Hmm.. my fingers are so short and stumpy and it’s not even funny….

B NLowRes-0222
And we’re all getting ready to head to the groom’s place.

Thank you all my dear jimuis and hengtais, for waking up so early to make it for our wedding and the time spent on preparing and making our wedding a memorable one. Super love you all man!

B NLowRes-0225
Bobby nearly kana poked by the umbrella. Hhahahahahahaa!
Well, the red umbrella is a must for the bride okay~


B NLowRes-0227
Super nice to be drive around while the two of us just sit back and relax… until the next agenda.

B NLowRes-0228
Here we are, the Lim’s residence.


B NLowRes-0231 B NLowRes-0232B NLowRes-0235

The bride will get changed and then offer tea to the groom’s family.

B NLowRes-0240
My new Pa and Ma

B NLowRes-0260
Guess where I got my cheongsam from? And guess how much!

eBay and it’s less than BND25.00. Muahahhahhahahaha!!!
I didn’t want to spend too much because I know I won’t be wearing it again… probably only during Chinese new year or costume parties so ya, frugality rocks!

B NLowRes-0268
My new extended family

B NLowRes-0273
Baby Ethan was there for a very important mission!

B NLowRes-0274

B NLowRes-0275


B NLowRes-0278 B NLowRes-0279B NLowRes-0280
And it’s time to eat tang-yuan!

My stupid friend made me feed Bobby the tang-yuan with my mouth and said cannot chew, must terus swallow. Siao one!

B NLowRes-0283
Ahhem.. my husband sibeh strong okay.
Everyone was like “WAH BOBBY! KENG AH!!!”
Cilaka one… I know I’m not light-weighted but no need say till so obvious can?

B NLowRes-0287
Baby Ethan and Coco failed at their mission.. that is.. pee on the bed (into the potty lah of course!)
I love the above photo so much because the look on the babies are priceless. HHAHAAHHAHAA.

B NLowRes-0292
Our wedding rings. Simplicity at its best.

B NLowRes-0309
Damn fugly bed sheet lah.. I changed it after a week because I cannot tahan looking at the cheesiness of red wedding sheets. But Bobby likes it. *roll eyes*

B NLowRes-0310

B NLowRes-0313

B NLowRes-0314
My favorite photo of all! 48 just went full retard.
When we said Bah.. let’s do a funny face, we still expect a hint of cuteness in it but 48 went full range with it. And PSL, your funny face and your smiley face got difference meh? And yes, Bobby was staring at my boobs.

Best is Baby Ethan lah…. digging his nose! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

B NLowRes-0315
The idea for this photo is… ROBBERY!



And that’s it. Everyone left at almost 2pm (From 6am in the morning, KB to BSB, then BSB to KB or the other way round) and everyone was super tired after that. That’s Chinese wedding for you people.

Next, reception .. I hope…

if I don’t procrastinate….