Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our R.O.M - 29/09/2012

So… yeap, we’re finally married!

Still I still don’t have that “wifey” feeling maybe because this was just our R.O.M and after that, I went back to KB and live my “single” life and took my long awaiting nap. Excuse me, I woke up at 5.30am that day can and for the past weeks, I was super busy with work doing some gardening, dusting, painting and all sort of kuli-kang.

And, we nearly couldn’t make it for this R.O.M date because there was a slight chance that it might clashed with an important date, which was not confirmed. Sampai Bobby had to clarify with the staffs and said, “What if we can only confirm if we’re registering on that morning itself? Is that okay?”

But all was well, alas.
Phewwwwwwwwww. Thank Sky Thank Ground.

The day before, Bobby asked what flower I want for the bouquet and I was like, need flower kah? No need lah. And he said, but everyone got flowers one wor. In the end, I just answered, bah.. the cheaper one, small hand bouquet can liao ah. And guess what, the bouquet was so big (okay lah not so big but still…), that I was often caught carrying the bouquet like a lifeless baby, hanging.

My bouquet, mix of lilies and roses.

There were like 9 couples registering that morning, and I think about 5 or 6 tea ceremonies + wedding reception that day. Super good day I guess.

Waiting… and waiting…. and more waiting.
So we took pictures, and pictures and pictures.

The day before, Bobby brought some moon cakes for my mom and put them inside the Utama Grand plastic bag and before he went back to BSB, I asked him to bring the ring pillow and our wedding bands along with him just incase I forgot to bring them the next day and put them all back into the plastic bag after taking out the moon cakes.

And he just brought the whole plastic bag to the court. When the registrar asked if we have our rings, Bobby took them out from a Utama Grand plastic bag. Ya, super glamour kan.

Then, I majal-ed because I want our rings to be placed nicely in the ring pillow I made and asked the registrar to give me some time.

Us, last minute preparing the rings in the chamber.

The ring pillow. Photo with heavy filters from IG.

Bobby was super nervous and the more nervous he gets, the funnier his words and actions are!
He actually asked the registrar (I assume) if we could or should face each other when reading.
Super got feel this man. There were a few pauses because… erm.. it was our first time coming across with some big words that we never say before. Matrimony (the state of being married) and impediment (something that makes progress, movement, or achieving something difficult or impossible), okay new vocabs learned. You’re welcome.

Us reading the vows.

And the registrar was super funny!

Vky was saying maybe I’ll get all teary and stuffs but that didn’t happened. I smiled and laughed so much throughout the process. After Bobby and I signed the paper, and also our witnesses (our parents), the registrar asked “Confirm ah? I’m signing… This is your last chance”

Just a moment before walking in the chamber, everyone was so nervous and upon seeing that cool registrar, we all felt relax already. I can imagine how a grumpy registrar can spoil the newly weds important day and I am really thankful for meeting such a cool person.

Hi everyone, meet my new family members.

Bobby was asking if we should start calling each other’s parents “Mom and Dad” but I’m not ready yet! Wait lah, wait till the tea ceremony can? I paiseh (malu). How did you all married people break the barriers ah?

Our lovely friends and families who were with us throughout the process.
Thank you all! Thank you for coming, sharing our happiness and giving us blessings.

Our first picture together as Mr. and Mrs. Lim


And guess what my husband fresh from court did after that?
He did his own version of “sai” Oppa Gangnam Style with his buddy.
(Psy, Sai.. geddit?)

Okay, I admit, I was one of the people who “encouraged” him in doing this and he layan.

And after that, we went to Lucky Restaurant and seems like it’s a norm to do so!

I saw 3 other pairs of newly weds there too! And that makes 4 couples including us! I put that in my FB status and quite a number of my friends said they did that too! I’m guessing because
1) It’s “Lucky” (Super weak pun I know)
2) It’s near to the Supreme Court Building


And that’s how we got legally married.

When the rings combined, it’s now my wedding ring!

Okay, I googled and baru know that traditionally, I should be wearing the wedding band then engagement ring. Meaning, I tabalik the sequence.

It was love at first sight when choosing our wedding bands. Bobby didn’t want any stone on his ring because he finds it sissy. We went to quite a number of jewelry store but the rings we saw all just look very similar. Then I remembered Max ever recommended me JL Jewelry and we were amazed by the uniqueness of the rings we saw there. And, the price was good too!

So, R.O.M done. Next, the tedious part, our room and wedding invites.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Scumbag Sun

Yay! Done with our pre-wedding photo shoot and took like 2 hours picking the photos! And we thought it will be an easy task. So now we’re just going to wait for the design, approve and get them printed. And we also did our pre-wed video already but unfortunately, the weather turned so bad and we had no choice but film the very last bit next week, or next next week. Haih.

Mom was saying that for sure it’s going to rain on my wedding day because it’s like a sign. It rained super heavily the day we had our outdoor photo shoot. Then for video also same same. Super no luck for the romantic and beautiful sunset scene. Cilaka….

Well, next big thing in our list is our R.O.M!
(And again, we have another thing to worry about… We may be forced to postpone it due to some “foreseen circumstances”)


Polaroid films taken last Friday.

I did a really bad job in the filming. Kept laughing or looking at the camera and Bobby on the other hand, was like a Oscar nominee! We were all shock during his solo interview. He just talked non-stop for 5 minutes, no stammering, no long pause, no “ummm and ahhh”, with a little sweet smile on his sincere face. He was simply amazing. I don’t think I have the courage to see myself in the video later.

Monday, September 10, 2012

You can’t call everyone Uncle and Auntie

Decided to make this post ever since I heard Bobby calling his paternal aunt, “auntie” instead of “ku-ku”.

Thing is, for Chinese, we have proper titles for all our paternal or maternal aunties and uncles, even our siblings’ spouses too. Hence I was a little irked by the fact that my fiancé failed to address his relatives properly. And one more thing, he actually the title to address his elder sister’s husband (in the future) will be “Jie-Gong” instead of “Jie-Fu” because it’s Jie-jie’s lau gong! *palanting from chair*

I’m sure everyone has no problems in calling their primary family members, so I’m just going to state a few of paternal and maternal lineage.

Father’s elder brother - 伯父 (bófù) / 伯伯 (bóbo)
Father’s elder brother’s wife - 伯母 (bómǔ) / 伯娘 (bóniáng)
Father’s younger brother - 叔父 (shūfù) / 叔叔 (shūshu)
Father’s younger brother’s wife - 婶母 (嬸母) shěnmǔ / 婶婶 (嬸嬸) shěnshen
Father’s sister (Elder or Younger also same) -  姑妈(姑媽) gūmā /  姑姑 gūgu / 阿姑 āgū
Father’s sister’s husband - 姑丈 gūzhàng / 姑夫 gūfu

Mother’s brother - 舅舅 (Jiu- Jiu)
Mother’s brother’s wife - 舅母 (Jiu-Mu)
Mother’s sister - 姨姨 (Yi-Yi)
Mother’s sister’s husband - 姨丈 (Yi-Zhang)

Oh, and cousins also have a difference between “表” and “堂”.
Those sharing the same surnames is your 堂 (Tang) siblings whereas those with different surnames are “表” (Biao) siblings.

If you still have problem, just go to this website la

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The poor camera

Finally collected Bobby's camera after repair and the repair cost is rounded to BND270. Fml kao kao. Seriously, no thanks to my clumsiness.

I'm refraining myself in using the camera. The first time I accidentally on the camera when it's inside the pouch and the lens went cuckoo. But luckily it was still under warranty so we had a brand new unit replaced.

Then for the second time, I misplaced Bobby's SD card which inside was all his valuable family trip photos... This one really hit me hard as memories are the hardest to duplicate. How the heck am I going to compensate that?!

The third unfortunate event, dropped in onto the gravel road when the camera was still on, with the lens still out!

And now, I returned the camera to its rightful owner, even though it means it's going to stay on top of the table and not used for month because bobby rarely uses it. But well, I'm not taking any more risk!

Funny thing that with my old Lumix (almost 4 yrs old), nothing bad ever happened to it. Touch wood! Maybe like what I always say, 粗用所以耐用! Hahhahahhaa