Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mission King-Possible

Remember this sad post?

This entry is sort of like a... sequel of it. I guess?

Note to all friends and.. friends? From today onwards, your Chalieness is on a strict mission, i.e. saving $1k a month. Save for the freaking "ONE YEAR OF RAINY DAYS"!

(Don't make me go ranting again... I think all my friends had enough of it and some even gave some really absurd "suggestions" or "alternatives". Silly goose.)

Maybe it seems nothing to you out there who's earning $3k and above, living in your parent's big bungalow, driving the latest Merz and still have extra to spend on luxurious dinners and outings.

But not for me who has to pay the monthly installment for the car, insurance premium, give mother some "allowance" ,pay for utilities such as E-Speed (which is so bloody expensive compare to most countries) and still have a big dream of buying a house with my own money in 10 - 15 years time.

It's not easy.

(I personally think that its still a rip-off, the new E-speed Time. Seriously, $29.90 monthly and only free 100 minutes, and $0.05 / minute after free traffic exhausted??? Its like, paying $0.299 per minute where as cybercafe only charged average $1 an hour, which is $0.0166666 per minute! And I do know some cybercafe even charged as low as $0.50 to $0.80 per hour. "Wan-Ban" meh)

After countless attempts of calculating, it's confirmed... I'm only left with a measly amount of $150 ~ $180, to spend!

And this money excludes the fuel for traveling to and fro work, easi recharge cards and normal socializing makan-makan + gossip-gossip tea time with the kanasaiers.

$150 seems a lot to those age under 15. No need to worry about school fees, no need to worry about food and living. All they need to do is study and pass their exams (not by cheating) and think what new mobile phone to buy and bring to school show off to friends. Bug parents to buy recharge cards so they can download the latest ring tone and also MMS/ SMS silly things. And also buy the latest Lollipop or Avril Lavigne CD or any other ojipala merchandised products.

*puufffffff* ihatespoilbrats!

So there, it's official now.

Your Chalieness will be banned from Excapade, boutiques, shoe shops, bag shops, and gelato stalls and not even pasar malam tongkeng stalls, for 2 years! Imagine that!

(Unless any kind souls out there are charitable enough to buy me Salmon don or double-chocolate gelato. *flash puppy eyes* If only I can charge $0.10 per page view from my blog. )

Every single penny is important to me now.

Last time I see $0.10 big like bicycle tyre.
Now, I have learn to see $0.01 big like LORRY TYRE!

Don't mess with a crazy poor woman on a shopping-diet I tell you!

But, so far so good lah. I had only spent $8.30 for the past 2 weeks. On food.
Sigh. I'm so kasian can die now!

If only I stay in BSB, I'll go to the Donut place and work as a professional QUEUER!
Queuing up for people who wants to buy "now-the-in-thing" donuts.

Hmm.. how much should I charge ah for an hour queue har?

(Really so nice kah? I have not been there nor I think I have the chance now. Parking fee is not cheap and I cannot sabar waiting so long for DONUTS! Anyone tapao some for me perhaps?)

Okay lah. I admit lah. I'm less kasian compare to those who doesn't have proper shelter, clean clothes and decent meals.

I'm still eating healthily (Mum's food, what else. No KFC, no DQ, no Cadbury, no Lays.. of course healthy lah!), channel surfing with my Astro controller and blogging in my air-con room. I'm luckier comparing to 46810354 people out there. (Numbers simply hamtam-ed. I have no idea what is the total population of the third world countries)

Still, for those who itemize out a bloody "WISH LIST"...

OI! I'm not interested lah! You don't have to put there and tell everyone what LV bag, Nike shoe or MAC eye shadow you want okay. Why do you have to constantly "remind" everyone what you want kan? Somemore have to keh-si keh-si show off and strike it off telling everyone "I have that liao luuuuuuu~".

(If it's for your birthday or Xmas I faham lah. Make it easier for your friends mah. Else.. you bloody show-off-ers, sod off!)

What? Hint hint your non-existence secret admirer to buy for you hia? Wait till langsat ripe and fall down liao, the item you listed become outdated liao also don't have ah. Chewwwwww.

*Pfffttt* Sour-grape power rules!

Warning: You're reading a Shopping+Excapade-dieter's blog.

All content posted in this entry varies from what blogger is in real life. Am still very nice and sweet for the moment okay.

And.. I just spent B$8.00 for my car's fuel (Phew~ Lucky I live in a peaceful country which exports Oil and Gas), leaving me a grand total of B$172.00 to survive until the next pay day.

Wish me luck!

I need plenty of motivation and encouragement now.

Introduce you to my good friends,

Miss No-money-inside cheapVincci Wallet and Mr. One-Eighty-Calculator

Don't leave me alone please you two. You're very very very important to me now, both controlling my shopping-urge and remind me of my


Stay away from me you evil CREDIT CARD! You're useless from now on!

p/s: Before you peeps out there go guessing wildly that the money might be for my non-existence wedding, NO! WE'RE POOR AND HAVE NO MONEY TO KAHWIN! Happy now? How many times do I have to repeat that har?

(And don't you dare go curse me to give the buy-1-get-1-free package ah! Don't understand? Aiyooo.. Pregnant before kahwin lah!)

p/p/s: Any helpful tips on saving money or earning money, share share lah~ Can? Pwease~?

p/p/p/s: I'm not asking for your sympathy. I'm not broke, I'm just saving money.


Effy said...

You sound like a mad woman. Haha. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

So I guess winning 'Bruneian Blog of The Year' would really help then? DST paying you $2400 for a year's advertising on your blog and $800 in cash from two other sponsors?

Nonnie King said...

Effy : At least I know I'm turning into one pretty soon.

Anonymous : Competing with Kurapak and AnakBrunei, I'm afraid that is not quite possible. I'm not greedy, I'm just aiming for the third place.

Need lots of luck and votes here.

Jewelle said...

You poor dear. Come lets go drink water and maybe you can try to do what I "do" with mine.

Anyway, I'm sure you can do it Nonnie. Good luck!

Jasmine said...

Nonnie, your Mum is lucky because she has a down-to-earth daughter like you.
There are many spoil brats your age who just knew how to spend, nevermind if it's hard-earned money from the parents and worry about debts later. Yes I have 'parang' mouth, this is sad but true in Brunei :)
Thumbs up to you, when there's a will, there's a way. End of the day, when you have achieve what you have dreamt, it's money well-spent because it's your hard-earned money.

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : But, I suck in writing pay post. Or, I have no confident in doing it.

Jasmine : I love your "parang" mouth because what you said is true. Thanks for the compliment, though some times I secretly wish I can be a spoil brat too.

hannie said...

Nonnie, keep it up, i mean both ur blog and ur saving scheme. do what jewelle do la.. you never know if u never try. since your traffic seems good, you stand a higher chance ma..
like the way how to express it in words. .. witty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nonnie...yes there are many spoilbrats here..but not all have attitude problem ..the ones that have like to flaunt what they can afford but never realise that some day they will fall down liao maahhh...abt ur saving scheme...yess there is a way tho' it may be quite few cents (10/20/50) every end of the may come handy some day...i am a housewife - i save at least $1 a day in my Cartoon network piggy helps me mostly when i am suddenly broke :)...just to share with u...

Nonnie King said...

Hannie : I think maybe I'll give it another shot. Desperate for money now, will do anything legal to obtain. Hahhahaa

Anonymous : Hey, I found your idea pretty good. Slow, but definitely comes in handy when I need just $5 for my fuel.

Thanks for the tip!

Appreciate it a lot.

Hungryduo said...

the donuts cafe in bandar is very sweet and small. freaking $7 for 6 small nice looking sweet donuts.
i have yet to try the gadong one.

there is goin to be an increment in prices of petrol. sad to hear that but it's really time for Bruneians to change their view and don't take everything for granted. especially those Bruneians helping the foreigners in exporting diesel.

- Hunnie <3

De Pianist said...

why not selling your handmade cards?your cards are nice actually.just a small business?i've seen someone selling their handmade cards through blogs or if anyone request for it. =)!

it won't cost much to make one card,but it's certainly brings some cash back to you.^^

but if not,like what other says,do some pay post bah..that's only what i can suggest to you bah.cuz i'm now trying to save as much parents money as i can after seeing them willing to buy stuffs for studies for me..hurts my heart a lot to see so much money flying away for the sake of my course..hmm..

Hakeemm said...

Hmm.. I don't beg my parents to buy me easi recharge cards,just wait until they ask me (only $5 or $10 per month) I don't ask for $10-$20 a week from my parents, I dont ask for recess-time-money (only when they offer me lah hehe).. but i think everything in my life now is..ok. hehe.

Just need to study and pass the exam. Nice post.

Nonnie King said...

Hunnie : I have no extra cash to splurge on fancy foods now. Sad hor? Gadong got meh?

Bobby likes Bakerlyn's.

Really? I mean the price hike of fuel. But I guess still won't be as dramatic as our neighbour country kua?

Pau Lene : I ever consider one de. But I realise I feel that I cana't really put in my heart when I don't have a certain person to give to.

That's why lor. But if got people want to ask me make I dont mind one. Hehhee. I sell cheap cheap.

As for paypost, I don't know if my readers will like it or not mah.

Same lah dear, the money I'm saving now is for the course later too.

Hakeem : You're the exact kind of youngster that I will look up to.

I don't know how to talk to spoil brats and I'm glad you're not one. Why is your baby sister not blogging btw?

Qamaruz said...

my life is. exactly like what hakeem had said in the previous comment, now that i have my allowance.which is only BND $210 per month. i feel abit... wealthy? well that was before i was driving lah.and now, car fuel is another .. should i say "burden?" pasal my parents donot supply me with fuel money unless they really need me to run some errands lah. so no money, no driving around.

sometimes im buying my other 4 siblings their monthly top ups hence being the eldest. even with my 210 i have these kinds of responsibilities. i know how you feel nonnie king. hehehe

Hungryduo said...

Gadong is L.A Donuts Cafe, not Fun Donuts.
But Fun Donuts is opening a new branch in Kiulap Plaza Hotel soon.

I don't know bout the price loh.. guess maybe $1 per litre? hahaha guessing only lar.

Buying CDs is ok lagi.. just don't become like andy lau's No.1 fan from China haha My bro's friends rented villa in Empire lagi just to celebrate for their graduation. Not one night but 2 nights ok??! So mahal lar. And they are all 16-17 years old in average

- Hunnie <3

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA ! U said it babe! Please win the blog of the year.

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