Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grinchandar's Mountain

Last week Liza text me and asked if I was free last Tuesday and I said yes. The plan was having a pot luck dinner over at the Grinch's place and it got postponed... and postponed... and postponed. Until last Saturday, which happens to be Grinch's off day.

But, one hell of a busy day for me.

I rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought the ingredients to make the Rose Sandwiches, then rushed back home and fried the eggs, baked the corn chicken, sliced the bread, toasted it and rolled things up.

Lucky Liza even got extra time to nap!

My Elegant Rose Sandwiches
(Click on the link above to know how to make)

I arrived Liza's place at 7.15pm and her eldest son was the one who greeted me at the door (His mummy still showering bah..). Aaron was so cute lah, he showed me his Spiderman's colour pencil set and the Mother's Day card he made in school.. even though it was spelled "HAPY MOTT DAY". And... he squashed one of my rose sandwich *cries*, he's too fast to stop.

That boy ah, act so cute and innocent again asking me... "What is this?". And just when I answered his question, his palm terus slammed on the tray and flattened my rose.

Eh auntie, your son's favorite hero shouldn't be Spiderman lah, I think he'll like Flash more.

We're the first to arrive Iskandar's place. Sigh, something is wrong nowadays... Why ladies are the one waiting for men huh? Then came Safarul, Affy and Qamaruz and Ali.

See... young teenage boys.
Malu or not let auntie and kakak waited so long?

So while waiting, I asked Isk to tour me around his mansion, and touch his expensive furnitures. I like his house, very simple and neat. Not much of colorful carpets, furnitures and vases. Err, not very safe for kids though. And also, people who has acrophobia surely will hate it. His railings on the first floor is not made of steel or wood... but glasses, ONLY!

His bed..
with 4 giant pillars!

I had the urge to jump on it and roll but of course, it wouldn't be nice and also.. he said no when Liz asked. But the pillars are so kiasu that it feels nice to hug around it.

What pole dancing?

Couldn't help but think that it might be used for other purposes.

Liza made baked potato and chicken, rose sandwiches from me and Iskandar prepared the most, pasta with bolognese sauce, mixed vegetable with hearbs and also catered food like rice, rendang, curry, and mango fish!

Iskandar's mixed veggies

*stare at tummy.... Sigh*

Liza and Safarul

We had a wonderful time chit-chatting and sharing "informations". We even joked that this is our mini-KB-bloggers-night. Quiet night with no distraction but food and laughters only.

And we all learned a new phrase from the journalist, "Emotionally slutty". Quote from Carrie, Sex and the City. Referring to someone likes to share everything he/she knows, whether or not it is his/her personal stuffs or other's privacy.

That bunch of guys very teruk. They went on and on sharing ghost stories, scenes from those horror flicks and kept telling me that the road which I would use later has "friends from the other world" waiting for victims....

And it was pouring outside!
Wind pounding hard and trees swaying left and right with skeleton-hands like shadow

In the end, Ali (who happens to live in Seria too) escorted me back.
Damn touching lah.

It was raining so heavily that even with my wiper in its fastest speed couldn't swipe the rain water in time. We're all driving at 40 to 60km/hr only. It was really scary.

His twitters

It was a long night... but fun.
So when are we having it again?

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Princess Nashwa said...

'Emotionally Slutty'... haha..

The guys got confused with the term. Meow! hehe.. Anyway, you posting the picture of your signature rose sandwich makes my stomach rumble in hunger :D

Good job with the sandwich.. pretty and tasty! It complements will with the ghost stories huhuuu