Friday, May 30, 2008

Hurdle in a steeplechase



Yesterday we had a welfare visit organized for all the staffs and the kids visiting Pusat Bahagia (Handicapped Center) Eric Goh. I'll just let the pictures do the talking and add in captions or comments.

fei4 shi4 xiao-ren you4 na wo de blog lai2 gong ji wo.
Jiu4 shi4 you ren tian sheng ming2 gan3 xi huan gao3 ta-bian!

What you will be seeing later are all made by their special students.
Trust me, you'll be amazed.


All so pretty and sold with a really "friendly" price.

Neither me or you will have that kind of patience doing all those beadings I guess. Also the color combination, I tell you, they're all natural-born artists.


I was surprised to see Nana (her baby name) there and we all had so much fun talking to her. So cute! I asked her where is her cheh-cheh and mei-mei and she answered at home. Then when I asked her why mommy only brought her and not the siblings she just kept quiet and smiled at me. Rupanya she was crying so hard that my colleague had no choice but brought her along.

Manjaness win!

By the way, she sucks her thumb a lot. And my other colleagues tried to scare her by telling her if she keeps sucking then her thumb will be gone and set a few example for her to see what happen to people with no thumb.

"See, you cannot say very good or very bad without your thumb one. Cannot hold your thumbs up or down liao.."

Guess what she did.

She used both of her forefingers and pointed up and down, showing us that even without thumbs, she still can do that.


Is it the milk powder they drink or too much information from tv? Why are kids so smart nowadays? My dear friend Orange mummy already complained to me that her 2 years old Eshyn has a sharp tongue now talks back a lot. The sad thing was, she can't even answered back to her daughter and felt really defeated.

How ah next time?

I thought the baby doll dress looks really cute!
Looks like some kind of school uniform though.

selling at a really cheap price

Now these,
are what I really can't do!

I have no patience in doing things that will take me more than a day. Yes I like crafting, but I only want to do it when I can see the results immediately. If I can't finish it in a day, trust me.. it will never be completed.

Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. *Buzzer*
Wrong! No wood involved.

Its made up of recycle cardboard and ...

What about those small little sticks you saw?

Are you sure they're satay sticks?

Come and get a closer look..

Hmmm.... why got yellow patches and lines on those sticks har?

Come, I zoom in for you again.

*Dang Dang Dang Dang*

There are wordings on the sticks!

Can you tell me what is it now?

Its paper!
Recycled from old telephone directories!!!

Very cool huh? I had never thought that we can make used of papers like that.

Had to roll it till its become very very very thin.

that most of us had problem doing it...
Need some time to master.

Later stick one by one on to the cardboard and paint it.
Follow by decorations.

How about this flower?

Can you guess what it is made of?

Shells from Pistachio nuts!

Who would have thought of it?
I was so impressed lah.

They can recycle any waste products that seems useless and worthless in our eyes.

like rice bags...

and coconut husks!

They can even make beautiful painting out of it.

key chains and wall decors

Even glass bottles from tomato or chili sauce

Even ordinary person like us can't make anything like that and I'm truly impressed. And if you're interested, you can buy all of these with a really low price to motivate them.

I'm really happy to live in Brunei, a country with so much love and care.

Do you know that they are given allowances based on their grades?

Do you know that they prefer people to donate raw materials for them to make something out of it and sell them instead of donating money? That is what the lady in charged of the center told me. Of course, every contribution given to them is precious, be it money, materials or your time to volunteer.



ACCYEE said...

awwwwwwww i am amazed and so impressed too! these people are even greater than us and they deserve so much better. props to them!

JaMiLLa said...

WAH Handicraftttttt I love it!!!

Pusat Bahagia ...really nice name!!!

Me too impressed with their handicraft. Must visit them someday. In Seria ah king?

Yeah very lucky to live in this peaceful country! So much love to share around.

I'm Choonie. said...

This is the best place for you because you like DIY.

De Pianist said...

Wow~ i also won't have this patience to do it. kudos to those people!woot~! *clap*

Bobby said...

These people really are amazing. The handicraft really looks nice. I'm really take off my hats to them

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