Friday, June 29, 2007

"Cher, belanja"

Sorry peeps. No entertaining post with loads of photos sucking up your bandwidth nor I'd discovered any funny things.

My past week seems so stale and unproductive, which can be a little untrue in some way...Because I did went to some 'bengkel' and yadda yadda yadda (nothing interesting to talk about)

* * *

Talking about school stuffs... I'll like to share something with you all out there.

Somehow, some way.. my MSN address seems to be spread among this particular class in my school. My students added me up and chat with me... I'd actually blocked them already, to avoid any inconvenience caused to me...

And, I had always been an anti-social in MSN... even with 40+ people online in my list, I chatted to zero, or maybe 1..or 2. Not more than 3 because I find it tiring to catch up. Plus, I'm not as chatty as I seem in my blog.

Yeah... Guess its the same reason why I didn't like talking on the phone with people. You just don't know how to end a conversation once it goes boring and pointless.

Back to the MSN thingie.. here's a conversation (not the full and boring one that most people loves to paste) between me and a student.

(After a few lines of usual stuffs like how are you, what are you doing now... thing)

Student: Cher, belanja me.

Me: Tell me why should I belanja you.

(Seriously, I hate people asking me to belanja for no reason at all..! Unless you're my mum because she spent the most on me. )

Student: Because my B.Mobile credit (local mobile service provider) abis...

(Wth?! What's wrong with kids nowadays? Asking teachers to buy them credits?! Daring also ah.)

Me: Well, in that case.. shouldn't you be asking your parents to buy you instead?

Student: My parents asked me to buy it myself.

Me: Perhaps you don't really need a mobile after all? And why should they buy you a mobile phone but not supply you the credits?

Student: Don't tell this to (her class teacher). I'm just joking.

Me: Doh.. I'm pretty serious about it leh.

Student: Sorry Cher.

Me: It's fine. But joking about asking me to belanja and all sorts puzzled me.

(Because who on earth asked their teachers to belanja them credit?)

Student: If you want to buy me credit I don't mind. I will say thank you and say that you're very kind.

Me: And so does that mean that not buying you credits make me a bad person?

(Student went offline after this without answering me)


Leaving a clueless me staring at the monitor.

* * *

1. Why do they think all teachers are rich? At least rich enough to buy reload card or belanja students for no reason at all?

Just like how Mizi's students said to him,

"Sir, belanja kami sir. Gaji cikgu beribu-ribu kali ah!"

-_-" (bang head against wall)

2. Children nowadays are really daring to voice out their mind, unlike us back in our time. I remembered i used to avoid conversation with any teachers, what's more to say requesting for money? God, what if my teacher go tell my mother I die lah!

3. Why do a 11 years old kids need a mobile phone for? When I was 11 I had nothing but water bottles, school bags and tons of homeworks. No PS1/2/3, no computer what more to say internet, no Astro but only TVB series video tapes. And I'm a happy kid.

I'm sorry but I need to sigh,
"Kids nowadays are just too lucky."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Apostrophes and Hyphens

I'm still working on my noticeboard. Had chosen the dark brown material by the way. And now what I need to do is fill it up and paste it up the ugly wall.

Don't worry, I will sure show off you in my blog one.


Note: This post is not written against anyone particular.

This entry will offend 25 "friends" from my Friendster. Yes, I'm that jobless counting it. Well, not a difficult task for someone who only have 332 "friends". =p

I don't know for you but... I find putting apostrophes, hyphens or any weird combination of letters (example: xox or oOo) in front and behind nicknames very annoying.

Imagine, you want to find a "friend" with the name... erm.. let's say XYZ lar. And so you skipped to the last page thinking that since the name started with the letter "X". Then you realized it's not there.

How? You have no choice but browse page by page with your eyes staring at every inch of the monitor just to make sure you won't miss it.

And there, found it.

Instead of putting the nick as XYZ, your try-to-be-unique-and-cool friend put '''- (XYZ) - ''' just to be different from others.

What the heck?

I'm sorry but I totally don't get it.
What? Is there such competition as the "Friendster's Funkiest Nick"?

Look at the below picture,

(... which is obviously not my list, that's why I need to blur their face out)

How kiasu can these people be? I counted, the first "friend" on the list has 4 apostrophes with spaces in between before her nick followed by the second "friend", who has 8 apostrophes.

What is all this about? The Battle of Apostrophe?

(The above cartoon was drawn by me using MS Word, not bad huh?)

The reason why I made it looked like a war among ladies was because I noticed the majority of those who made an effort to edit their nicks are females.

* * *

Other than apostrophe, the second most frequent used punctuation mark in Friendster nicks are.... (cue drum rolls) "Hyphen"! *clap clap clap*

I think the reason is the same, those who used it preferred to stay in "Page 1" of their friends' lists.

* * *

According to this website,

An apostrophe is a symbol that indicates that some letters have been omitted from a word (for example, "do not" can be written as the contraction "don't"). Apostrophes are also used to show possession (for example, Jane's doll means a doll belonging to Jane).


The hyphen is a punctuation mark used to join or to separate words. Some examples of hyphenated words are: merry-go-round, light-blue, twenty-four, and re-entry.

So, which letter(s) from there in your nick, or name was/were omitted and possessed it?

(Example: ' XYZ ' )

And which part of your nick/ name need to be joined? All I can say is, your nick is incomplete missy/ mister. I thought I saw a lot of broken links there.

(Example: - XYZ - )

For those who used both punctuation mark... I.. don't know what to say.

(Example: ' - XYZ -' or - ' XYZ ' - or ' - ' XYZ ' - ' )

Maybe I'm just plain outdated.
Is that the latest trend? I mean putting pointless punctuation marks on your nick.

Gosh, I'm ranting like an old fart again.


You do what you want with your nick and I blog what I felt like saying.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tell me which to choose!

Short Note:
School is starting tomorrow and I'm still not mentally prepared for it! Say hi to the traffic tomorrow people!

I'm not going to take any nap this afternoon so that I can sleep earlier and better tonight and not end up being like a night owl have my face glue to the monitor.


It all began with me having nothing to do and started rearranging the furnitures in my room last few days.

And after moving my wardrobe to another corner, I stared at the wall with... *let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6* 6 nail holes!!! Totally an eyesore especially when my monitor is directly underneath it, whenever I raised my head.. I saw those 6 ugly things.

And so the itching hands and restless brain of mine urges me to do something to cover it up.

Yeah, I'll make a notice board. A pretty one with my own personal touch on it. I still have one unused Styrofoam board anyway.

I dug out my mum's old old "kains" from the wardrobe and started choosing. It's to wrap up the Styrofoam board so that there won't be any visible holes.

(Not sure for Malays, but mum told me that Chinese often gave piece of cloths as a gift back in her days, resulting in the stacks of unused old-fashioned prints kains in my wardrobe now. )

Damn retro leh?

And I don't know which to choose now! But I think not the pink one with floral prints. It's just so not "Nonnie" and kind of ... kampong.

Suggestion people?

Will start work on it as soon as I pick the cloth and show you guys the end result.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

And I'll invent the "Leave in SHAMPOO!"

Short Note:

Finally the blogging competition is up for voting.
You smart people know what to do right? LOL

(To be fair, read other bloggers' entries before you vote ya)


If you followed me in my Twitter, you should know that I had a lunch date with the Girly Bloggers. Oh man, it was so fun, funny and 'funstastic'! (purposely spell wrong one okay)

Let me see, there's me (of course), Ness, Atul, Maurina, Tina, Wardah, Dee and Rosie (wow, all Wordpresser except for me and Dee), who seriously need to check her mails more often. And she preferred sleeping than lunching with us when Atul called her up. Thanks Ness for her persuasiveness that made Rosie came for our second round coffee session.

(Ya bah.. I drove all the way from Seria leh, must give face)

We had lunch at Red Canopy and took a group photo our foods arrived. And kasian the poor waitress who helped us in taking the photos with 5 different cameras (minus Atul and Ness). Oh well, we're all bloggers mah, and what do bloggers do? Take pictures and blog lor.

The lunch was great. We ended up sharing juicy gossips and local stories that no one knows. Brunei is a very small country and everyone is somehow connected in some way, just like Rosie and Ness's brother, who would have thought they're working colleagues?

Wardah warned me earlier in MSN that she's a very shy and quiet person and so don't expect her to talk that much. And she said she "speaks" more in her blog than in real life! Well, a picture tells a thousand words, so we can't complain that she has less texts in her blog because she post lots of pictures there.

And poor Wardah was teased by us (the noisy and loud ones) because she's just too quiet and shy (as warned earlier). Actually, I think we just want to make sure she didn't felt left-out and since she's not talking, so we kacau her lah. Don't marah ya War.

We had a lot of funny jokes that day. Like the mixed breed of Chinese and Indian can be named as "_____", Tina jokingly shouted at Rosie that she took too much when Rosie hadn't even touch that eclair!

Also the below conversation:

Me: Maurina, your curls looks really nice and bouncy.

Maurina: I had it done in the saloon.

Atul: So how long is it going to last?

Maurina: Until I get my hair washed.

Me: And so you won't wash your hair and just use the "leave in shampoo".

Ness: Uhmm.. You mean leave in conditioner is it?

Me: *malu*

Know what? There's no such thing as "Leave in Shampoo"! So embarrassing lah. But it made everyone laughed. Never mind, I'll invent a "Leave in Shampoo" then. LOL.

And next we're going to play bowling together! Yippeeeee!

*Most pictures stolen from the girls*

(I only managed to snap photo of Ness and Atul's foods as they sat nearer to me. Looking at the above picture make me feel so hungry lah. Bah, I better go sleep before I start hunting in the fridge)

* * *

Read the rest of the girls' version here:

Ness: Thanks Girls

Wardah: 21/06/07

Atul: Lunch

Maurina: Girl (bloggers) just wanna have fun

Tina: This eclair is mine , And I keep wondering

Rosie: Pichas hehe, Surf's Up

p/s: I'm going to re-edit it tomorrow after I wake up. Want to put in more photos. Biasa~ Nonnie style kali-ah.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dragon Boat Festival - The Seria way

Short Note:

Feel damn big face having Choonie answering my request to blog about Power Station, some more put big big picture of my blog there. =D

And, yeah~ Girly bloggers lunchie tomorrow! Can't wait to see all of them again.


As mentioned in the previous entry, it was Dragon Boat Festival yesterday and for me, the most important thing about it is not eating rice dumpling (zong zi), instead.. it is the egg-standing game and going to the beach that keep me excited.

Chinese believe that balancing an egg on its end is possible on that day. Maybe it has something to do with the magnetism, gravitational pull or it's just like angmoh believing that on the day of the Vernal (spring) Equinox, a raw egg can stand on its end. It's just very coincident that the Equinox and Dragon Boat Festival almost fall on the same day.


Even Borneo Bulletin published the news today.
Very short though and mentioned nothing about how could that happened.

Anyway, I had fun playing experimenting it though. I even asked a couple of friends to try it out, including Bobby. He tried it with his dad and his dad didn't believe that it was only on Duanwu-jie that we can balance an egg, and so he said he'll tried it out again the next day to prove the "theory".

And? His dad totally forgot about it today and so... case pending.

My Eggies. Cute leh?

Managed to balance 8 this time.. Well, I could do more but I was bored after the 8th one and prefer my Astro. Next year I'll try balancing them with the narrower tip.

Hehe. Here's a video of me balancing the eggs showing you all that it really worked!

Sorry, no cute face of mine because I was wearing my rotten t-shirt and ugly short pant with messy hair and ugly auntie spectacles (that's how I normally look when I'm at home) .


And I waited patiently at home till it's 5.30pm for them to meet at my place and off to the beach!

Who them? Who else, my usual lepak-kakis lah. You sure know who are them if you followed my blog long enough. *hint - 2 girls (one pretty and one chubby) and a guy (the wear spec one)

* * *

Not sure if only Belaitians do that (I mean the whole going to the beach thingie) because non of my BSB friends do that. They even asked me "Go beach do what?". So how about you? If you happen to be a Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwanese or even Hongkies.

We went to the beach not to throw rice dumplings of course (pollution okay! Plus, how sure are you that the fishes are going to eat it and not being washed up to the shore and rot?). But we love to take it as an excuse to go to the beach and k-po around, gossiping and commenting every passerby.

KB-ians would go to the beach behind the Silver Jubilee Park and Seria people will either go to the beach behind OGDC or 6-legs, I mean the Billionth Barrel Monument. (Yes, the one I went with Bobby last two week)

And so we parked the car at there and walked along the coast line, sampai OGDC there some more.

Well, technically speaking, from the end with less people to the area with more crowds, hoping to bumped onto some friends or people we knew.

* * *

Our beach is not like those you saw on TV, crystal clear water, white sandy beach, big colorful umbrellas and beach balls and bikini women walking around with a glass of cocktail. Yeah, I wish too.

The sand is dark and muddy, the water is murky, the people are wear big loose t-shirts with Japanese slippers and mothers shouting at their children to stay off the water. That's Seria.

Here's some photos of what I saw yesterday.

His lens are damn kiasu okay

And ah Theen and I were debating on what was inside his waist pouch.

I said it'll be his other lens and probably some other thing that got to do with his camera and Theen insisted that it's his Tupperware water bottle...

Yeah, we're damn wu-liao (jobless). I know.

And this car owner,

Gila one. He thought he's driving a 4WD is it?
Poor Soluna.

Theen named these dirty foam,

(Pardon my friend, she's just too cute to function. Whenever she made those cute squicky sound, we all beh-tahan and turned to her and asked, "Theen, how old are you liao?". Maybe that's what made James loves her so much thus giving her that big fat diamond ring.)

Come on lah people, understand a bit. You can't expect Seria to have clean sea water one. We drill out oil from the sea leh. All you can see along the coastline are some floating coconut, dead jelly fish and small small ketams.

Star fish? I seen once only. But I don't know why dolphins still want to visit our water.

* * *

It's normal to see "wrestling" scene such as this shown below on Duanwu-jie

It's more like a Seria tradition, throwing people to the sea. Everyone kana it before,maybe it's Seria way of baptizing. =D

And Theen's brother (the guy wearing white shirt in the fighting scene) was still wearing shirt and working pants and his leather shoes when he got all soaked up. And he did carry a mobile phone in his pocket, and he used plastic bag to wrap it up. So prepared huh?

Throwing mud balls are consider small case liao. I remembered once I was carried by my 2 male classmates, one carrying my hands and the other one on my legs and swing me to the sea. But it was fun, all wet and dirty... and get scolded by mum later because it's ultra hard to clean the sand out from the clothes.

And everyone will be smart enough to equip their cars with big plastic garbage bags and newspaper because for sure everyone gets dirty.

Those were the days. We're too old for it now.

Tips - To avoid people throwing you down the sea, bring along expensive gadgets like mobile phones and cameras to have excuse not to get wet.

* * *

We walked, and walked, and walked.. and bumped into them.

Our ex-classmates. Hehee. We don't even need to janji meet where or make arrangement before we go. It's just a very natural thing for everyone to go there on that day.

Yeah, as you can see.. one was still wearing coverall as he rushed to the beach after work. Actually S.Leong too, but he changed and kept his coverall in his car.

By the way, the guy standing beside me (NO! DON'T LOOK AT ME IN THAT PIC, SO FREAKING UGLY LAR) is Soon Lung, one of the friend who went to Bangkok with me last year remember? When I asked them to stand in a line because I wanted to take a group picture, guess what he said.

"Got put in your blog or not?
If no I don't want to take eh."

Makes me wonder, how many of my ex-classmates read my blog?

* * *

Next, pictures of the Foursome.

I have no idea why we all had to squad down since there's no one behind us. Face smaller ha like that?

* * *

(random photos of)

Can you see those oil rigs? That's what you can easily see along the coastline and makes Brunei a rich country. (Note: COUNTRY, I didn't say People. I don't understand why everyone thinks that Bruneians are all super rich. Come to my place and I'll show you how poor am I)

And, I love Seria.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seria - Miri - BSB - Seria

First thing first,

Happy 端午节!!!
Uhmm... okay, I know there are tons of you out there who can't read that three Chinese words and obviously they are not "Wo Ai Ni". It says "Duan Wu Jie", meaning Dragon Boat Festival and I'd blogged about it already last year.

And.. I'm so going to eat rice dumplings and play with eggs tomorrow.

As mentioned in the previous post, I'd been away for few days (and apparently no one miss me.. *sobs*) to have some quality time with gigi-besi as he'd finished his exams. It turned out great and we really had fun. Well.. just by staying beside your love one is already fun and satisfying enough isn't it?

I followed Theen and James down Miri as they wanted to go shop... or I should say "window-shop" for some furnitures. Bobby and I had fun walking around and imagine and plan our future dream house, dream sofa, dream bed, dream this and that.. Sigh..All dreaming nya. Gives us some more time will ya?

I wished I could take some pictures of us inside the furniture shop but there was a sign saying "No camera allowed".

And so, next we went to Boulevard as Luuee told us that there was this Mr. Miri event going on there. Don't give me the gleeful smile yet ladies, not what you're thinking~ You know, oily muscular uncles.. I mean men, having sparkling spray paint all over their face and body are just not my type.

Still, I took some pictures for your benefits in case any of you like to see oily men with obvious veins and scary muscles wearing super tight and small underwear.

Uhm... The first question that popped up in my mind and asked Bobby was,

"Do they got put anything inside their tight panties?"

And don't you dare to pretend and tell me that you never thought of the same!

Erm, did you guys noticed the man on the second left? Don't you think he's a little chubby to be Mr. Miri? Bobby said he could have wait a little longer (like 7, 8 months?) as he's already in the middle of weight gaining and all he need to do is eat something-something to lose the fats. Or, something like that? (Not interested mah....So don't bother to listen and remember it clearly lor)

I hope no one that he knows is seeing this.

After a simple meal at KFC and a few rounds in the shopping mall, we walked out empty-handed and headed back home (because I wanted to watch TV =p, I'm a TVholic!).

While being stuck in the bloody traffic, we saw this man sitting high on top of the proposed flyover.

Very dangerous can? I bet its all nails and wooden planks on the ground and lots of cars beside it. I really couldn't imagine if he fell down *touchwood*, but it did made me get down of the car and PAKAT him.

Note: PAKAT not as in "working together" or 合作, but stopping them due to safety measures. Argh... Don't know how to explain and Google is not helping. But I know those of you who works with Shell, or Shell contracted company will get it lah.

* * *

Next. Fast forward to our dinner. Don't worry, no pictures of food. Just drinks. because we only ordered normal stuffs like lamp chop and curry chicken rice and there's nothing so special about it. But the drink, for me it is lah. And so I present you the...

As you can see from the above photo, it's Ribena + 7-up + lemon slices + ice cubes, but it taste really really really good! How difficult can it be? And so Bobby and I decided to try to make it ourselves the next day.

* * *

Fast forward the next morning.

Hehe. Out of the blue, Bobby woke up earlier than me and cooked me breakfast.

*BRB. Overdose of sweetness now. Got to take off the smile on my face before I can blog normally*

Oh well, even though it's instant porridge, but still... the thought and action of him waking up early, cooked for me and made me (another instant) hot drink is grateful enough.

Forgot to mention, this guy cleaned up the his room, living room and the bath room + toilet bowl so that I could enjoy my stay there... Sweet leh? Anyway, that place really needs some major cleaning.

Hello? We're talking about a guy who can't even fry an egg here. All that he knows is boil stuffs.. I mean food.

*whisper - He even boiled burger patties! -faint- *

And talk about creativeness.. Hah! Porridge + minced meat / shredded chicken / century egg is out.. The latest "in" thing invented by Mr. Lim is,



And yes, that's what he ate most of the time after he wear braces and thus it caused him malnutrition and gets thinner. There, Bobby's secret diet meal as most of you had always wanted to know. Now show me the money =p

It was also the same day that I realized he has...

Damn mafan (troublesome)....

* * *

Then we went to the usual shopping mall again to kill time and eat!

Forgot to say, those who just fall out of love..sorry ah, if this entry bring back memories and make you sad. Just don't leave me any hate comments and tell me that Bobby is ugly because I don't really care.

And this tee Rebbe,

... I so much wanted to buy this for you so that your darling (if any =p) can wear it. But the quality wasn't that good (definitely can print out the bra) and I think it was meant for size XXXS babies even though it printed "Free size" there. Of course, if you want her to wear for you only at private moment and not public display.. still can buy lah.

* * *

After some shopping, cleaning (his room - and I found 3 empty tissue boxes again and he claimed that it's his "collection"! Yeah right.. soon-pien collect dust and cobwebs mah!) and packing (his stuffs), we then headed back to Brunei.

We rushed to Supa Save to get Ribena, lemon and 7-up (for the Ribena 7-up remember?) and also bread for breakfast tomorrow.

And I did it!!!

Well.. the first two attempts was a failure as:

1st try = Fail because I poured Ribena before 7-up, which got both drinks mixed up straight away without having the pretty two layers result.

2nd try = Fail again because Bobby had no skill pouring the Ribena softly in to the glass.

3rd try = My turn and of course I did it since I'd learned my lesson from the previous mistakes made.

And I named it the,

Heh, purposely put the lemon slices like that so that it looked like a pair of eyes, and the purple Ribena looked like the mouth.

* * *

After enjoying our drinks, I then start working on wrapping Chau's farewell gift and her very last-minute card.

*Opps. I wore it before its rightful owner did. But don't you think it's pretty cute?*

And finished making the card in ah hour time.
Nice? It's a very last minute work so Chau, 請見諒。

* * *

Since Bobby cooked me breakfast on Sunday, and so I volunteered to cook him on the next day.

I'd prepared Egg in the basket + 2 extra slices of toast + 2 (almost burnt) sausages + milk.

I know it doesn't look very appealing to you but believe me, not I sell-flower-say-flower-smell-nice, it tasted really good!

Not bad for the first try liao.

* * *

After breakfast, Bobby and I went up to BSB to see Chau Chau off.

Pardon that swollen face + eyes of mine.. just wake up not long mah. Understand a bit lah.

See this, better right?

(picture taken while waiting for our food in Pizza Hut)

Speaking of Pizza Hut, there's something I wanted to say...

You know we ordered chicken wings, and

I hope that explained what I wanted to say..

Pizza Hut, why you so kiam / karit / stingy to give the whole piece of "real" chicken wing instead of breaking them into half. No offense but, even pasar malam stall also more generous than you ah.

* * *

While waiting for our movie (Ocean's 13) to start, we went to buy ourselves a cup of

Mixed (Vanilla + Yoghurt) Brownie Ice cream

Damn..seeing the picture again makes me feel so hungry now lah. Look at the time now, 2.09am.. I better finish this entry and go sleep before I become a big tikus searching for food.

The ice cream and Me
(without any make-up)

Boyfriend claimed that "powdered" face is not kissable or kissing-friendly and thus prefers me not to wear any make-up.

Weird isn't it?

Anyway, gotta hit the sack now. Good night.
(Most likely you might be reading this in the morning =p)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Didn't anyone notice this?

Those who'd been the Mall or saw this in any forms of media....

Notice anything weird about it?

Apparently we're all too late for the ticket collection. *kekekkekekkeee*

Nice try HSBC.

p/s: Yes! This is a super short post. I do have something funny to write but I don't have enough time as I still haven't pack for tomorrow... Going Miri again, what else?

I'll blog again if Bobby prefers to waste his time watching TV and so I'll hogged on his PC and abuse his connection..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nonnie the Veggie Hater

Forgive me if this post is too long and make no sense at all because I'm in the mood to 'talk'.

I understand that all students will be given homeworks to spoil their holiday because all teachers are evils *nyek nyek nyek* do, but.. why am I also stuck at home facing the pc and doing my 'homework' as well?

I'm a teacher for god's sake. I should be the one giving the students a hard time. Why can't I enjoy my holiday? Oh well, what to do... small kaki cannot say so much.

No no no. I'm not complaining because I'm a gutless coward. I'm just...erm... *Help anyone?! What's a better and sweeter word to substitute 'complain' other than whining, protesting, grumbling and nagging? *

I planned to take guitar course, play with my mum's old sewing machine and learn how to bake this holiday... seems like it's more like "Mission Impossible" now.

The only productive thing that I'd achieved so far is... went to the dental clinic and made an appointment for filling and scaling.

And as for the two projects, or more like my homeworks... *ppppfffffttttt* I'm sure I can finish it earlier if I can concentrate on it for more than 30 minutes each session without wanting to surf and check what's on the TV or my lovely fridge...

Not to worry, I'll finish them on time. Just that I'm always the last minute kinda person. Need some pressure to push me.

* * *

Tell me, if I ask you to name me 10 different type of green leafy vegetables, can you? Rule - They must be all green and leafy. (Don't throw rotten eggs to me leh!)

I went grocery shopping with a friend last few weeks and she said she wanted to buy some veggies. And so we walked to the veggies and fruits corner... She was busy picking and I wasn't paying attention to it.

Suddenly she asked me,
"Hey King, what's the difference between these two ah?"

I lowered my head and looked at them... It was printed "Sawi Manis" and "Sawi Keriting".

Oh----Kay.... I thought Sawi is just Sawi... I didn't know there are Sawi Manis, Sawi Keriting, Sawi Pahit, Sawi Putih and Sawi Taiwan. Yes!! Just "Sawi" itself we saw 5 different types! (Refer to picture posted as below)

Probably by now you'll get the idea that I'm someone who seldom company my mom to 'tamu' or wet market to buy food and groceries one.

(The answer is - NONE! Healthy and Yummy are never good friends. They are enemies! Delicious foods are alway unhealthy and healthy foods make you feel like a cow/ sheep/ horse!)

You say die or not?

How to be a good mother like that?

I was a hardcore veggie-hater when I was a kid. I wouldn't eat that plate char-kueh-tiaw or mee-hoon if I saw a single strand of bean sprout in it. I would pick it out strand by strand, tossed it over and over again just to make sure it's "safe" to eat. The only thing closely related to fried veggies that I would eat is, mixing the 菜汁 (veggie sauce) to my bowl of rice, which no traces of onion and ginger.

So.. that is why I never bother to learn the different type of veggies. For me, they only have one standard name.. 青菜﹗(Green leafy veggies).

Oh wait, I did knew one.. SPINACH, because Popeye eats it (even though I still can't tell the difference in real life and I always thought spinach are all canned). I think the main point of this cartoon is to con innocent children to eat it. You know, normally parents will tipu and say, "Nah boy-boy, Popeye eat veggies so got power to beat bad guys. You must eat it also oh~Uhmmmmm. Taste good or not?". -_- Cow-dung, tipu small kid.

But still, I ate tofu, carrot and mushroom...because they're not green and they taste way better.

As years passed by, I learned that eating vegetables is good for our body.. and so I tried to force myself eat some. Still, only the leaves, strictly no stems! And I don't get those people who said "stem" are the most delicious part because it's crunchy.

I wonder how will I react if my kids hate veggies too.. Should I go,

"Yay! You got mommy's genes leh! Mommy also hate it when I'm at your age. Bah we don't eat it together. Just throw them away and don't let daddy know."

which is too much... or I should just lie to them and say,

"Its very delicious one! Mommy loves veggies the most. Don't believe? I eat and let you see. Ah--Uhmmmmm. Yummy!!!" And proceed to the nearest bin to spit it out.

Sigh, like this cannot. Like that cannot.. Teach me how?

* * *

And it's funny to see how they translate those Chinese names of the veggies to English or Malay.

Now I can named a few of it liao, like the usual kai-lan (but still not so sure what's the difference between Hong Kong one and local one..), Xiao-Bai-Cai, Cai-Xin (Choy sum), Bo-Cai.. erm, but I get confused once in a while.

Still.. got improvement mah!

So how about you people out there? How many green leafy vegetables can you name? (Excluding broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage... because they're not leafy!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Random photos ahead.

Taken on last Saturday when Theen asked me whether I wanted to go have dinner with her and shark fin soup was on the menu.

Her parents got those tickets from donating money to some local association but due to the reason that they're vegetarian (like my mum...) and so there wouldn't be any 'edible' food for them (except for those decorating cucumber and tomato slices obviously). But they also didn't want to give up the chance of winning something from the lucky draw and so forced their daugther Theen to go. And so... I got a delicious and filling free meal. Kekekkekekee.

Can you see what's wrong with the banner?

And this too...
(But only for those who can read Chinese)

Oh my god... Instead of 蟹, crab﹐ they wrongly printed as 蠍, scorpion...

And so I guess the bowl of soup was suppose to turn out to be like this....

Again... no one proof-read before they print kah? (Just like the WYWY Menu) How about the printing company? You guys don't help to double check and correct your any mistakes found kah?

And this uncle...

I admired his courage to wear this out!

At first I thought it was just some usual batik or floral print (like most uncles love to wear to make them feel young), but on a second glance... wah seh... Japanese manga character leh. But, I don't know who.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Caption Game

Remember the "Caption Game" that I said I had no idea what to give for the winner?

(Photo taken by Hanisah. She just wanted to take a picture of them talking about Man-U and bla bla bla while Bobby suddenly posed with the 'peace' sign with his right hand, which was chopped off from the pic)

Hehhee. Here are some of the entries from friends and fellow readers. You be the judge and choose what you like.

* * *

My personal favorite from YoungBruneian.
(Anonymous reader who I think is Rebbe's friend)

It is so kanasai-ly cute! Eventhough it's a bit offensive. Yet, I like because this really make me laugh (to a point that I almost forgot it's me who he wrote has 'bulu' on my chest or armpit. Gahhh >.<)

* * *

From Wardah
(The active girl who play basketball/ netball and eats at Pizza Hut/ Swenson a lot)

Hehehee. These captions make Bobby looks silly.

* * *

Pauline De Pianist
(My Chubby Garfield, come lah.. see who pinch who first)

She loves giving me new nicks. Lalat Gal, like this also can think of.... Next time if I happen to take picture with a ball, I think it will makes me a Ball-Gal (Bogel!!!!)

* * *

Thanis the CookieMonsterz~
(Whom I'm still waiting for his invite to try his cooking)

Eh eh eh.. I got market one okay. Kanasai, why should I be the one to propose and why is Rebbe asking Bobby be careful not to say wrong thing hah? Sai sai.

* * *

Iwan (e1)
(Reader turn blog mate turn good friend)

*Sniffs* Nonnie is FAT. I thought you always tell me I'm not FAT? PenipuUuUuUuUUuUuUuu!!!

(I know you're joking la~)

* * *

(Silent reader I guess..)

Actually.... *shy* My fart is stinkier than his. =p

* * *

Hanisah / Anneesa
(My Hell-mate)

Come come, let's go to the toilet so I can prove to you I'm 100% female who have frequent "auntie visit" every month.

* * *

Kelly Lim
(My 38 + kaypo + machiam + super "lui" yet pretty best friend)

Durex got hole also no use liao lar~

* * *

Yus @ Rebbe
(the founder of Palermo =p)

Bah, when is your birthday? I go buy you a botol of Palermo!

* * *

Nonnie the blog owner,
Me lah!

I love this the most! Muaahhahahhahahahhhhahahhaaa. Eventhough it's not quite true. Well, one can always dream right?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And so, which one you like the most?