Saturday, January 29, 2011

One typical morning

Bobby Lim says: morning bi

Nonnie KinG says: morning your royal fattiness

Bobby Lim says: aiyohhhhh, why royal fattiness lagi
Nonnie KinG says: uuummm, if not, your royal chubbiness?

Bobby Lim says: hmmm....i kindda like ur royal fattiness

Nonnie KinG says: okie

Bobby Lim says: ok, u may address me tat

Nonnie KinG says: good day your royal fattiness

Bobby Lim says: arise, my chubby subject

Shifty Steaming mad Crying face Green with envy Annoyed

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello KFC

After 2 years.. or more I can’t remember of not having KFC in KB, it’s finally open!

There’s only one KFC in the whole Belait so you won’t understand how troublesome was it for us if we craved for some yummy crispy fried chicken. We had to either go Miri or BSB to munch them. Kasian kan? So yesterday, it was finally finally finally open!


Look at that freaking long queue!

We queued for almost 30 minutes don’t play play.



Hello Chicky~

My silly colleague Sheepy pulled Chicky’s tail when she saw the mascot outside the branch. Then when Chicky came up to the first floor, she was so ecstatic and screamed “CHICKYYYYYYYYYY”. Had a picture with Chicky (what? adults can have some childish moment too right?), then.. she asked Chicky, “Hello Chicky, are you really that cheeky?”


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading minds = Cheating

So, yesterday while waiting for Bobby’s appointment, we had about an hour to kill and the jobless duo thought of having some games to play.

Started of with me writing really shitty commands like,

IF <Nonnie> Hungry
     Hungry (Loop)

Yeah, I suck at it I know. Bobby pointed out several mistake like, there should have THEN, the loop is not like that, that kind of thing… I’ve returned all my programing knowledge back to my lecturers. Sowyyyy…

Then, we moved on to the next game.. Hangman!


Countries, celebrities and fruits of vegetables.

So, Bobby drew lines hinting the number of words.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _ _ (Fruits and vegetables)

That guy tried his best to think of words as long as it can be and, for me… it’s easier to guess. I spelled my answered, while pointing to those dashes to see if my answer fits in nicely. I was really confident with my answer.

Me: C
Bobby wrote down the letter C as the first word.
Me: U
Bobby wrote down the letter U as the second word.
Me: S
Bobby gave me a stare, let out a sigh and wrote down the letter S as the third word.

Now dear readers, can you guess already what is the answer?

Me: T-A-R-D, A-P-P-L-E!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Correct right? I’m super smart can!
Bobby: Not fair one!
Me: What not fair? I got the answer on my own okay! You’re super predictable!
Bobby: Cheh, I tell you one.
Me: What you tell me? I guess it on my own one ah.
Bobby: You read my mind, that’s how I told you.
Me: Cheh, you so lihai, so easy read you read my mind lah bannn (笨, in Cantonese, a slang)
Bobby: No, I don’t cheat.

*both of us burst out laughing*

I don't know smile kek-tiok.. I cheat hah? By reading his mind hah?
Sometimes, this boyfriend really ah… don’t know what to say about him.

(Us, choking faces)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chok-face / Chok樣

I came across the term “chok” face when watching TVB’s 43rd Anniversary Awards when the hosts were teasing Lam-Fung about his “chok” face.

I didn’t quite get it so I went googling about it.

Here’s one photo of Lam Fung’s making chok face.

So, you get what’s chok face already?

It’s actually a Hongkong/Cantonese slang describing the kind of face that you purposely make, faking it, or.. easier to understand, “choke”! – making people feeling suffocated or, want to choke themselves. It can be faces that youngsters do nowadays to make themselves look better, be it emo or “stylish”, trying to be handsome, trying to be sexy and charm others. For some girls, it will be posing with pouty lips, innocent doey eyes, acting like a 6 years old…

(The above paragraph is what I’ve summarized from the results after I googled “chok face”, what those Hongkies explained)

Now, examples time…


This one super funny.. beh tahan the Filipino uncle ah!


Now to end this post, here’s a bonus chok-yueng for you all.


(which he wasn’t actually demonstrating chok-yueng, he was just talking half way, under a hot sun hence that chok face. Kasian my baby)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How this "ber-couple-couple” thing starts nowadays…

Have a good read on this people…. very precious ah.


Easy huh? Just one letter asking, “Do you want to be in a relationship with me?” and there, done!

No more, get to know each other better, no more talking over the phones until your mother/father picked the phone from the other room to eavesdrop/ask you to stop hogging the line, no more “observation period”, no more “let me think about it then get back to you”.

Next, you can change your status in facebook to “in a relationship” and leave mushy messages to make it more “official”.

Today single, tomorrow in a relationship, the following day it’s complicated, then single again. Endless cycle hunting for the next person to “ber-couple” with.

Allow me to say something really old-fashioned thing here…

“Sigh.. kids nowadays…”

Saturday, January 15, 2011



昨天因为马来奕整个没电,就跟两位好友到“李来发”。。 一个也不怎么需要电来运作的档子。



“Auntie, 我要rojak和红粉凉豆”, 我信心满满的点了。


“红粉凉豆,rojak”, 再一次有点不耐烦得重复。


这时,我才顿时察觉原来我把“红豆凉粉”说倒了。。 变成“红粉凉豆”,还很骄傲的重复了两遍!

在一旁的朋友还一脸疑惑,以为是她自己的华语不好,把我说的“红粉”当成是红色的萨噶。 当知道原来我说错时,我们两人都笑到眼泪飙。

最近也不知道是舌头打结还是头脑大结,老是在言语上出错。我还说过,“Your big is very bag”, “The nice is so food”, 如此类推。。



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of comics and mangas

I was tiding up stuffs at home and came across some of the old comic books I found at home and I thought, hmm.. why not blog about it? Since, you know, my bloginspirations is near to non-existence these days.

So, first of all… I need to know, what is the difference between comic and manga? Or, is there any difference? And I went googling it. Okay, there is A LOT of difference in them.

Okay, to be honest, I actually just read this and here’s a simplified version.



  • stylized (exaggerated)
  • realistic
  • printed in black-and-white
  • full color
  • thick and can be hundreds of pages in length
  • thin like a small magazine, running about 32 pages
  • graphic novels
  • a collection of monthly comics in a single unified story or story arc
  • created in a sort of assembly-line fashion (writer, penciler, inker, letterer and a colorist
  • done by a single creator

Hmm.. please do not quote me on this. I have to say first, if there’s anything wrong (in your opinion) with what I’ve said, don’t bash me up, just correct me. After all, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to this field. This post is just to record down what I’d read when I was a kid.. till now. And tell you, there’s not much comparing to most of you out there.

Here goes.

Old Master Q

Oh come on! Which of you out there didn’t start off reading Old Master Q from newspaper? I know I did, and I think most people my age did too. I think that’s the very first comic I read, when I was old enough to understand? I mean… it’s Old Master Q! Even people who can’t read Chinese can understand lah. True or not?


And.. if you don’t know the sequence of the above comic stripe, clearly, you have not read OMQ before. Read from top right corner down, then to the left column down.

I learned most of my Chinese idioms (四字词语) from OMQ one lor.

Found something interesting in Baidu! Hahhahaa. The characters from OMQ punya profile!

  老夫子 大番薯 秦先生 老赵
身高 165cm 145cm 181cm 185cm
智商 100 50 100 99
星座 水瓶座 白羊座 射手座 天蝎座
生日 2月3日 4月3日 12月3日 11月4日
血型 O型 B型 A型 AB型
擅长科目 数理化、英语、体育 语文、历史 数理化、历史、体育 数理化、英语、体育
头痛科目 历史 体育 英语 历史
性格 活泼开朗、幽默风趣、狡猾、自作聪明 笨拙、天真、可爱、大胆、活泼 自豪、幽默、开朗、谨慎、帅气 吝啬、小气、幽默、爱贪小便宜、爱作弄人
特点 有一顶小圆帽 头上有三根头发 有一头乌黑浓密的头发 留着一撇八字须
文化 大学 初中 大学 大学
职业 男主角一号 男主角二号 男主角三号 反派一号
未来老婆 陈小姐 不知道 林小姐 已婚,妻子是赵夫人

Wah! 原来老夫子大学毕业的嘞! 跟Bobby一样,水瓶座。 还有,老赵跟我一样,天蝎座口也! 难怪性格有点像。为什么都是3号生日啊? 只有老赵4号,跟我差一天。

Is that fiction or really like that one oh? I mean the profile.

External links:

Official website (English) :
Official website (Chinese) :







Yup, the blue robot cat from the future with no fingers (go challenge him kom-peng! The only person he can ever win is Mr. Krab. Geddit?) that need no introduction. I love love love love his gadgets/dogu lah (though, every time also gave shit to Nobita because of misuse) ! You know what’s the very one dogu that I’ll like to be invented in real life? Apart from the his “Go Anywhere Door” lah of course, there’s one particular item that I really want. It’s like a box-like machine, where you can sell whatever you want and it will give your money back. Price depend on the state of the item of course. Imagine all those junks in the house that you can “sell” for money! Old magazines, clothing that doesn’t fit anymore, and many many more! Totally good for our planet I say, and savings too!




Crayon Shinchan

You don’t know me if you don’t know that I’m a huge fan of Shinchan! Like.. Super fans? I have like all Crayon Shinchan’s comics and I read them balik balik. Some may think that he’s a total idiot but honestly, he’s like a total genius to me. I mean, how can someone has that high high high EQ? Whenever people like scold him or suan him, he took it as a compliment and paiseh paiseh there say thank you lagi! Kek people 100000000 times more teruk. He’s too out-of-the-box but, note to self, never read it when pregnant. Mati if I have a kid like him man.

When I was in form 2, I brought an issue of Crayon Shinchan to school then next thing you know, most of my friends started to read and love them too, especially my best friend 48. She even collected Shinchan’s magnet when she was in Taiwan but damn 遗憾 that before she collects all, she had to go back to kangaroo-land already.


Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo

Another comic.. or I should say, manga, that I’ve sworn to collect ‘em all! I’m super into detective comics!!! Or, maybe.. just this particular one! I started reading this manga when all my friends had “decoder” at home and STAR Chinese Channel showed the series every … don’t know when because I don’t have a decoder remember? … and I felt super left out because I couldn’t join their conversation when they all said 金田一 this and that. That time, the opening song was Coco Lee’s 爱我久一店 with her orange hair and super short tee showing her belly button, like this…

She will also said a little bit of introduction before showing the series and bla bla bla. Oh, I’m talking about the old one with 堂本刚 (Dōmoto Tsuyoshi) and 友板理惠 (Tomosaka Rie) not the newer one ah.

My favorite case, is “The Mummy’s Curse” (十字村杀人事件). I actually cried reading that because…. 太太太太感动了!!!

The Mummy's Curse sees Kindaichi and Miyuki visit a classmate about to get married, accompanied by a teacher, who was a boyfriend of the bride. The small hexagram-shaped village in which the classmate lives is packed with wealthy aristocrats who keep mysterious, cut-up mummies in their luxurious homes. But things turn serious when a murder is committed in a locked chapel, and the aristocrats start dying one by one. For Kindaichi, this case is more than the mummies' curse. After finding a connection between the victims and the tragic accident involving the burned church 27 years ago, Kindaichi finally reveals the murderer and the village's dark past!

And guess who is my favorite character in it? Hehehhehehehhee.

Haih~ liang zai daooooooooo…..
明智警官 Red heart




Slam Dunk

If you born in the 80s, you must have watch/read this before! I think during my time, most of the boys got so “inspired” by this manga and also, Michael Jordan of course, then everyone started playing basketball, little or hard core.

Now go on and guess again who is my favorite player in it?

木暮公延!!! Sorry ah, geeky people with specs on is so my type loh (Type, and the guy you get ah, 往往是两码子的事). Just like in Power Rangers, instead of the mainstream Red and Green (later White) rangers, my favorite is actually the Blue one, Billy. The brainy one taking care of computer stuffs. And also, my favorite from TMNT is, yes, you get it, Donatello.

Actually, there’s another player that I love lah. This one more mainstream.



Yuyu hakusho

This damn comic made me super paranoid thinking a lot of little monsters or mini devils that can‘t be seen with naked eyes around me lah。 But the first 2 books super funny lah。 Laugh die me。 Then, I kinda got bored during the battles。 You know lah, I girl-girl mah, those 打打杀杀 scene, I really not interested one lor. But then, quite kan-cheong also lah. Especially when Koenma became adult and he so so so handsome lah. Sorry ah, a bit shallow here.

Then again, my favorite is… Kurama~  Because.. Hiei too short liao. Then Yusuke a bit “lui” sometimes.. and Kazuma.. do I even need to mention him?


Fushigi Yuugi Curious Play

You know what? Actually I super dislike the main female character in it lor. I’ve always thought that Miaka Yuki sibeh mafan and stupid lor. Totally not into dumb girls, sorry ah. I really don’t find them cute. I like Yui Hongo more, though she’s like the bad one.

It’s really hard to pick my favorite in it but.. if I ngeh ngeh must choose, it will be Hotori (星宿). And also Chichiri, and also the twins, Amiboshi and Suboshi.




Detective School Q

From the same creators of Kindaichi, of course must read lah! This is, kind of the very last set of comics that I’d collected from the very first issue. And, I don’t like the brainy computer geek in this manga because he’s a kid. I like 天草流。

Black Jack

The doctor who can cure any disease/sickness by having surgeries. The End.




I really don’t know what’s the name for this in English. This is by far my favorite cooking manga lor. Not very famous one if you compare to the.. what is it called again, Chūka Ichiban! (中華一番). But the recipes inside is super quirky and so so so suitable for kids to follow. I remember the most is, putting a choco stick into banana so that when you bite the banana, got crunchy chocolate bits.

And, the old uncle inside super genius lor, I mean.. disgusting.

He would “store” food between the gaps of his teeth and when he needs to remember the taste of the food, or when he feels hungry, he just need to lick it off.

Hhahahahhaah! Don’t tell me you don’t find it genius/funny/disgusting at the same time.




Another super not famous comic. Only had 4 issues (got head no tail one! kanasai!) and I’m dying to collect them! I don’t know, I’m not always into freaky manga but this one… I really like it, a lot!

可惜最後並沒有把結局出完,從後記中看的出作者還想畫傑克的母親和讓更多惡魔登場,我們卻無緣見到了(嘆氣),日文版也是第四集後就沒下文了,真讓人感到可惜啊...不過這種單元故事是很耗梗的,四本中幾乎沒有重複使用的梗,也許不拖下去,在四本都很完美的時候結束,也是好事吧~ (Text from the link above)


I lazy to include in Detective Conan because this one.. I read half way then lazy liao. And, it’s already famous enough lah. Then, recently Bobby kept asking me to read One Piece. I would, if you can get me paperback one, in Chinese. Don’t ask me go read online, I super no feel if you ask me to read comic online.

I prefer having the book on my hand, can bring here and there, easily bookmarked and most importantly… can bring into the toilet mah.

Man, I thought this is going to be a short post but… wah lao eh.. tired liao lah me now. I know that’s not a lot but, I’m just sharing what I’d read before and like.

That’s all.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pokemon card fail

Always thought that Pokemon cards are harmless?


Think again…

(Wuuu… cane-whip huh~)

Saturday, January 1, 2011