Monday, April 21, 2008

Bank Bag

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Today's lesson.

I'm pretty sure most of you have more than one bank account out there. One which you terima gaji. One to pay off your loans. One to save for the rainy days. And another joint account with your love ones.

Meaning, banyak bank book lah!

The thing is... the plastic bank bag that (some) banks give isn't very lasting. Just after few months, confirm koyak already. Or, I'm the only one who's not gentle enough to handle my bank bag with care?

Anyway, I made myself a bank bag using an used envelope wrapped with papers torn from fashion magazine. It looked pretty cool though.

Most people thought it was a picture of a naked lady at the first glance.

As you can see, those are the ad pages.
Fiorucci and Tommy Hilfiger.

The thing is... because it's made of paper... after few months it became buruk again.

So I decided to make a new one again.
Using a different material this time.

Er.. Fake LV?

The above LV bag with koyak handle was a gift given to my mum from her lady boss. I think its a fake one yet the old woman told my mum it's real. Whatever. Real one got so lauyah and fragile meh?

My mum wanted to chuck it away but I kept it and told her I could use it and make something out of it.

So I cut open it...

5 layers!

.. and recycle the fabric.

You must have thought that "I want to make one also, but I don't know how to sew...".

Don't worry darlings, you need not know how to sew! You don't even need needles and threads for this project! All you need is an used envelope (again!) and super glue. Easy right?

I have this habit of keeping used envelopes... actually, I keep all papers and plastic bags just in case. I like to recycle them, thus creating less rubbish to lighten the burden of our dear Earth.

Just cut,

and glue 'em up!

Make sure you have enough fabric to cover up the ugly patches. And also glue it nicely having no crease at all.

- My finish product -

Now I'm thinking if I should add hook or button so that the bank book can be closed properly. But overall, I'm happy with the end result.

LV kali ah... Hahhahahaaa.

I hope it'll last longer than a year.

Happy Trying!

Now you can have your very own customized design bank book. Hello Kitty, skulls with cute ribbon or Gucci prints, your choice! You can even add some blings onto it.. which, I'm too lazy to glue one by one.


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Very very chio!!! I only got 1 bank book and I seldom use it.

Nonnie King said...

Sweet Chicky : Lucky you, meaning you don't have installments to pay and all those stupid errands to run.

Just you wait.
In couple of years time you'll be like me liao.

@lex said...

O.O .. looks like a small purse! Cool .. u can bring it out to 'evening' function also no problem .. ^_^

Nonnie King said...

SL : Too buruk to bring out to functions liao.

Sekali people ask me say, "Eh, I never see LV got such edition..." wah lao.. cannot find hole to bury my face leh.

banking said...

Wow! Looks awesome! If you want to make any more & sell them on ebay - i'll be your 1st bidder...

CiliQueen said...

You can conduct partime art class to earn money - to buy yourself a laptop:).. teach people to make things out of left-overs items ...thats a cause oledi maah for mother earth :)

Drifting Cloud said...

That's a good idea...

I agree with you... I don't think that's real LV. LV last longer. hahahaa...

I love to handmade thing... missed that...hehehe....

Nonnie King said...

Banking : How much are you willing to pay? If the price is *ahhem* not bad, I might consider selling it. Hahhahaa. If you don't mind poor workmanship that is.

CiliQueen : Erm, actually.. I was just saying that I don't have a laptop. I'm not in need of one. Part time art class.. I wonder who will be interested.

Drifting Cloud : A lor. LV where got so lauyah one..
But you can bake really nice cakes, bread and buns!

Tina said...

You are such a DIY Queen! I don't think I'll ever have the time and patience to do so!

I will give it a shot one day and post about it, inspiration credit goes to you, of course. ;)

Jewelle said...

I never thought of having a bag for my few bank books too...but this looks cool. Oh, if only I have your creativity and patience!!

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Go ahead and give it a try. I finished it up in just 30minutes actually.

Jewelle : You have Eu and Qi to help you tho.

@lex said...

just say limited edition ... lol

Nonnie King said...

Alex : You think people will believe is it..

Anonymous said...

i like your bank bag... you're really creative!!!

Anonymous said...

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