Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yanie + Sham Nikah

Yanie and Sham had their Nikah on last Friday, 23rd June 2006.

The Nikah Ceremony held here
Sham looking happy marrying our petite lady

Waiting patiently for the bride to come out
The candle is called "Bungadian"The iman saying the vows to confirm that Yanie will be Sham's beloved wife.
I love the ornaments she had it on her head~ *Bling bling.

Photo Session, taken... their room~
(Not bad leh, can set up a mini studio inside the room)

We all cramped inside waiting to congrats Yanie & Sham.
And also we wanted to take some pictures with her.

The happy bride with Kak Rinie.

This is for you, newly weds~

Some other pics we took during the function.

Special thanks to Kak Rinie being my interpreter~

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Guruh Roy said...

Nice photo. It is amazing photo about the malay weeding.