Thursday, June 1, 2006

Duan Wu Jie

(Incase you're not a Chinese reading this entry and has no knowledge about Chinese festival, or you're a Chinese but you never know why we celebrate "Duan-Wu-Jie", here's an article I found from the internet for your understanding.)

The Story

Kingdom in old China. Jealous of him, the other court officials schemed to frame him by telling lies about him in front of the fatuous emporor, resulting in For the uninitiated, Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie) is also known as Dragon Boat Festival. It is celebrated in rememberance of Chinese poet Qu Yuan, who was a loyal official in the court of the ChuQu Yuan being banished from the court. Over the next 20 years, the Chu kingdom got weaker and feeling sad that his beloved country was controlled by another country, Qu Yuan decided to end his life by jumping into the river.

Fishermen who heard that Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river set sail on boats to look for his body When they could not find it, they threw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river so that the fish in the river would eat the rice instead of his body. Thus began the tradition of dragon boat races (creating a din to scare away the preying fish?) and eating rice dumplings on Duan Wu Jie.

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Rice Dumplings. "Guo-Zhung" in Mandarin, and "Bak-Zhang" in Hokkien.

Well, now we don't actually go to the beach and throw dumplings "feeding the fish" and pollutes the sea. But we still do take "Duan-Wu-Jie" as an perfect excuse to go to the beach and have fun and k-po around see see people. (Sadly, this only goes for Seria / KB people. When I mentioned this to BSB people, they go like this.. "Ha? What? Go to the sea? Got one meh?". BSB no heng go pantai during "Duan-Wu-Jie" one ka?)

Really beh-tahan people calling "Duan-Wu-Jie", "Guo-Zhung-Jie" la.. Bobby even tells me this, "Happy Bak Zhang Day Bi" (-_-") WTH?

I'd asked quite a number of friends but most of them don't know about this.. But I've heard it since I was young and seen it in the newspaper a few times.. Mm...
Have you people out there heard that, from 12.00pm to 1.00pm of Duan-Wu-Jie, if we place an egg upright, it can actually stand?

I was watching mt TV syok-syok till my neighbours shouted ask us go try it out. We went outside the house and tried in the middle of the road (The cars which will passby is all our neighbours anyway~ So we can freely "take-over" the road)

That's me, Ah Cong, Ah Yao and Yeye trying it out with 10+ eggs I think..
I know.. Kiasu hor try so many

Ah Cong refused to believe and he thinks we're all just lying to ourselves. Its because the road is a bit rocky and there's gap in between that's why it can "hold" the eggs. I'm not so sure about how true it is.. but when I got home.. my dad is trying it as well... on the floor... on the "chi-chiok" (the floor mat or whatever you called it covering our cement floor)

The egg my father tested in our living room... Well.. It is standing perfectly as I see

For you people who haven't got the chance to try it yet, you just wait for another year la~

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