Friday, June 16, 2006

Tiger, Vodka, Bacardi Ads in Brudirect

Ojipala Fei-Hua:

(Only Chinese will understand this...)

: I eat salt more than you eat rice! So you must listen to me!

Chew~ I eat FRENCH FRIES more than you eat rice la! Now why don't you listen to me?!


Saw this ad in Brudirect...

Okay, maybe you guys need a closer look...

Wah seh...Not bad ah, sell Tiger and Vodka here leh. Erm.. not afraid that the police will tangkap/ track down meh? (So guts)

(Incase you don't know, Alcohol is banned in Brunei.. No pubs, no karaoke, no disco.. But illegal one got la..I think?)

So when people in Brunei say go "minum", it means go to Coffee Bean/Coffee Zone/ Blue Cafe/Taurean/Chill/Canopy/Twelv and drink kopi or smoothies...

Or maybe go all the way to Kuala Lurah (Limbang) or Miri just to get drunk...legally.

Pathetic, huh?


Blueheeler said...

I know you can't drink in public in Brunei, but you mean you can't even drink at home? Some of my best drinking sessions were together with friends at home.

But going 'overseas' to get drunk in Sarawak sounds like a great short holiday, anytime!

Lady Knife said...

True it's illegal to sell or promote alcoholic drinks here. But i know some restaurants would let you bring in your own bottle of wine to complement the meal you're planning to have.

Illegal 'pubs' and 'clubs' (if you can call them that, are seedy, noisy and not worth my time. I much rather go to Miri instead.

Drinking at home is at your own risk lar. I think there's a limit to the number of drinks you can have at home also.

Guruh Roy said...

Thanks for you visit and comments at my blog king.
By the way i already put a link for your blog at my blog.

Do you that Sarawak is the best place or should i said the best state in Malaysia to get drunk?
Why? because at peninsular Malaysia all alcoholic drink are twice higher then the price at Sarawak. Since 2003 i were been in peninsular Malaysia i only drink 5 times just because of the prices.

Nonnie King said...

Err.. not so sure about that tho. Cos I'm not a "kaki-botol" :p

Bobbylkw said...

Drinking is good.....hic hic...ohhhh..there goes my vertical...zzzzzzzz

Nonnie King said...

Drink, and get drunk then puke all over the place one more time, I'm going to skin your fats out!