Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Busy sorting out with Computex 2006 Brochures

I'm a bit lazy to blog.. so I'll just post the pictures and tell you people stories from there.

This is the stack of brochures (with staple name cards) that my boss(es) brought back from Computex Taiwan 2006. My assignment is to sort them out according to their products or brands. Hectic !

Increase "ma-fan" level when some of them were soaked in the water and my stupid boss left chocolate in the bag and it MELTED!

Some funny thing that I saw from the brochures. A notebook stand/holder in a car?
I think only policemen need it.. kua?

Another brochure that caught my eyes.. Wooo.. Superman
What is he doing in Computex?

Superman mouse/keyboard/card reader. Anyone?
Some of the (useless) free gifts given in the Computex

My favourite of all, the boxing glove!
Boss says for punishing whoever not following orders -_-" (lame)
It's lying perfectly on my monitor now and it feels very nice to hug la..
(Can I bring it home?)

Boss bought Badli 3 t-shirts (from pasar malam, cheap cheap one of course)...
Badd: "How come they print my size on the shirt? I feel hurt la"

Boss did help out a bit in sorting the brochures out la. See all piles of brochures on the floor.. Yea..its still lying down there now.. The top left 1 - 3 piles are what my boss want, the rest is arranged according to their products range, and.. the messy bottom left pile.. is the miscellaneous unclassified one.

The stack of name cards I take out from the brochure..

This one.. I think it's funny.. Boss says this guy is an ang-moh.
Fowler = Floating Cloud in Chinese?

p/s: There's a lot of new technologies there, but I malas blog it out :p

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H3nG said...

y superman.. yuck that guy dono how to wear underwear man.