Monday, June 5, 2006

My Birthday Wish List

Dear boyfriend, friends, and relatives (maybe),

My birthday is coming in 5 months time from now. Please kindly save up to express your love towards me by buying me stuff as below:-

The Material Nonnie wants-
Prices ranges from B$ 50 - B$ 2,000.00

Sony PSP (Ceramic White)

iPod Nano

Car Alarm + sensor for my car

Whitening Mask
Nice Perfume

Any nice Ikea stuff (preferably furniture :p)

Diamond~ Platinum~ Silver~ Stainless Steel? OSIM Massage ChairBelanja me go makan-angin (if possible.. belanja Bobby also)

(Note: Kelly Lim, I don't mind having a boat-trip using Zoe one in Sungai Belait.
Hehe. Its $400 only ma~ Maybe you can get staff price or discount from Alex M.)

Designer's bag, make-up or clothings

A nice watch


The Simple Simple Kampung Girl - King wants
(Price ranges from B$0 - B$ 49.99)

Easi Card

Cash Voucher

A really nice photo frame with a picture of me and you (the person who's buying me this)

Cash (is the best!)

Of course, nothing is as sweet as a D.I.Y. Cards

p/s: Pictures attached for reference only.

Please do not think that I'm very "muka-tembok". If I had never "remind" you that my birthday is coming, obviously, I'm not that close to you. Haha. Just kidding.

Will add in more when I sudden thought of any~


Alex said...


happy birthday. You're not getting a cent from me.

Nonnie King said...

This is what I call a CB friend! Ales CB Lim. Not even $0.05 to sms me... Sigh...

Skyler said...


Nonnie King said...

Haha. Those are just stuffs I dream/wish/hopes someone will buy for me.. which.. i seriously think its impossible..

oh well. I can always work and earn it myself~

Anonymous said...
There's a much better place to spend your birthday money and get a cool t-shirt with your very own birthday printed right on it. Honest. It's quick and fast and good and to your door for under $20. I like it.