Saturday, June 24, 2006

Koolie-kang + Legal Football Betting?

Ojipala Fei Hua -

Keith: Wah seh King, I love your blog. Exactly like the way you talk lah.

Fei-hua! You think I'm trying to be someone else here meh? I blog the way I talk. 100% natural with no added "keh-xian" (fake fake)


Thursday night, while I was about to drive back home from work, Chau called me up and asked if I'm free to help out in Ye's shop. Erm.. 2 years ago, the shop (and the place where I used to stay) was burnt down, and now the renovation is done so they wanna move the shop back liao lor. Then when I arrived, I baru know we're going to set up the racks and shelves.. and it's only going to be 4 of us there, 4 females..

From left: Chau's, Ye's and Ping's Butt
(Fixing the wall shelves)

The stupid furniture shop who's suppose to install it just delivered the stock without setting it up. So kasian Yeye has to do it.. Just going to built one (sample) and leave the rest to the guys.

It's like.. playing Lego, piece by piece you search and see ngam or not the size. Then ah.. the cilaka steel always bengkok a bit here and there one. Need to use the hammer to make it straight again.. But, I think I'm the one who put the least effort lah...

Ye: King, pass me the hammer.
Me: Oh. (Then walk walk walk, take hammer and pass to Ye)
Ping: King ah, pass me the plier.
Me: Oh. (Then walk walk walk, take plier and pass to Ping)
Ye: Help me to hold this thing here, then I hammer ah..
Me: Oh.

See, I'm just passing things and holding the rack/ shelves.

This kanasai rack took us the longest! All the alignment lari one.

Sometimes the paint just clot on the steel like this...I think it looked like nipple but didn't say it out because later (you) all say me yellow again.. Chau said it first..

Chau: See.. like nipple hor..
Ye: We have to get rid of the clotted paint, if not, the steel cannot fit in. King, take the plier.
Me: Oh.
(Here comes the funny part)
Ye: (In Mandarin) King, kiap ta, ta ta lik kiap ta.
(Translation: King, squeeze it.. squeeze it real hard)
Me: Eeeeee.. Ye, very gali leh the way you say it..Sounds so ham-sap

It sounds more ham when .....

Ping: Push harder.. No No No. A bit to the left.
Yea's going in liao.. Ah.. Yea.. It's IN!
Chau: Ping ah, don't talk like that bah, later people hear it thought what we doing here..
Me: A bah, all girls somemore.. sounds so yellow.

See, who say I'm the "yellowest" ?
I'm very decent one ah~

When I see this picture...

I feel like doing this....

Finally, four done!

From 7pm to 10pm...

Like Ye says, "We're destined to do this one lah.. Wanna earn this kinda money also hard"

Ya lor Ye, our hand is to type letters on the keyboard one =p
(No hard feelings for others k...)

By the way, Kanasai Ping left me a souvenir .

That girl is trying to murder me!
Lucky the steel plate didn't kana my head but only scratch my hand, if not see how she compensate such cute and filial daughter to "Si-Chen-Jie", my mother.

- + - + - + - + - + - + - + -

After everything is done, we went to Taurean Kopitiam to grab something to eat. When we sit down and going to order our food and drinks, the waitress come to us and says

"You can choose the team you support and if they win the match, we'll be giving you 15~30% discount off your meals"

Hah? Betting ah? Legal in Brunei one ah like that?

Chau filling up the piece of betting paper.

We all ham-tam choose nya. It was Czech v.s. Italy I think? We choose Italy..and stupidly think it will be 3:0. But hey, we know nothing about football mah.. Can't blame us also.

And yeap..they never call us back~


Next entry - Yanie's Nikah.. Give me more time ya~


Guruh Roy said...

wow! nice job done.
I always buy this pasang sendiri furniture and its always suck! sometimes they never give the instruction in how to install.

I hate do it but i managed to done with it after struggling a lot ...hahaha

Pingko said...

I actually forgot about it until you sort of refreshed my memory. The concert is it? I am sure my next blog will be very interesting ;)

Kelly said...

Lolz...i love that photo-ping taken, laugh till my stomach hurts la...Can i request to draw on me too?? but don put sayur la, instead maybe like errr...some handsome chaps? =D

Nonnie King said...

I bet this kind of "three-leg-cat" kungfu, you also can do mah~ Only lauyah photoshop nya. I must practice more! Hehe

But ah, do too many bad things on Ping make me afraid she'll revenge one day