Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Japan's No 1 Best Selling Dessert!

Went to send some document to some company. And while I was walking up to the escalator.. I see this..

Smart.. Put there and seduce people like me hia

"Japan's No.1 Best Selling Dessert? Hmm... must try must try", I said to myself.
(I'm just so adventurous in trying new stuff out. Offer me anything (food okay) new I'll go and try it out. And.. I really hate those think she very "expensive" , a little bit already "ee ee oh oh", "Eww Ewwwww" there girl who are just so reluctant to try something new).

I walked to the counter... Ai yak.. so many choices one... the cheapest is B$2.50.. But, will I like the plain chocolate flavour with nothing inside? Or maybe I can just spend a little more buying something I'll like...(It's still the beginning of the month.. I still can afford to buy this not-filling but mahal food)

And so.. I ordered this..

Kiwi + Raspberry Ice Cream

*F-ing* Expensive leh!

B$ 4.50 for one?! I can buy :-

- 4 Nasi Katok + Teh-C (small)
- 7 Martabak (or Roti) Kosong
- Thien Thien Chicken Rice + extra rice + 100 plus
- Buttermilk Chicken + Rice
- Ayamku Nasi Lemak + French Fries + Lemon Ping
- At least 4 packet of Keropok + 100 plus (Sorry ah.. I like 100 plus ba..)
- .... (continue listing out what I can buy with B$ 4.50)

It's not a secret that.. I'm KARIT ! And never afraid to admit. So? Sue me la..

I feel that I don't want to get rugi for this.. so I stand close close to the counter there and see how they make it.

They took out a pan and put the "popia skin" on top

Then lay the Kiwi nice and tidy on top .. (which i think no point also.. later eat also all fall down, one piece here, one piece there la.. unless..she go and superglue it on the "popia skin")

Then squeeze some cream on top. (Ahh... I don't like cream la.. )

Then scoop out a ball of Raspberry Icecream and put on top of the cream...
(I seriously think it will taste better if there's no cream la)

And then, she fold and fold

And fold and fold... (No need to be so perfect la)

Then take the piece of paper out, put the crepe on top.. and start folding again~!

Finally! The Kiwi + Raspberry Ice cream
(Well.. it's written "Ice Kiwi Cream" on the menu la...)
Happy Happy walked to the entrance and wait for the transport..
Then ..First thing that comes into my mind...

I open mouth and "Aaah", trying to start eating at every corner of it.

Well, while eating, it does give me a "I'm a Happy Princess living in a castle who's obssess with the colour Pink" feeling la. You know, the material lan-si-lan-yong narcissist. Haha.
(Those who love Pink, please don't get offended kay, just joking nya la)

Second thought.. Cilaka ...
Popia Skin + Kiwi + Cream + Ice Cream + Fold Fold Fold Fold... need to sell so expensive meh?

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BaBy JeE said...

hey nonnie,
Ask bobby to bring you to miri eat!! at boulevard i tink 2nd or third floor got!! cheaper summore ard RM 5.90 like that oo... and erm taste nicer too!!