Thursday, June 29, 2006

Renault Kangoo (Me no likey)

This two days, I've been driving this ugly coffin car to work.
(I have my own car but because this car is new, and Badli's drving his sister car, my boss don't wanna leave it here in the office. So I have no choice but drive it back home everyday. I think my car miss me a lot. *Sob*)

It's our new company car which I seriously diss it. I mean, look at it, what's there to like (and hardly love) about this. It looks funny, unevenly proportion, and the worst of all, not even nice to drive.

Look at that ass!

So bloody big
Remind me of "Land lady" in Kung Fu Hustle.

(I know, she doesn't look like the car at all.. You just have to "feel" it baby)

Arghh! I can't believe that I find the picture of her ass.
(The scene she was running like Road Runner chasing after Stephen Chow)

The rear sliding doors
(Dunno classified it as van, saloon car or hatch back?)
Coffin Car!

The stupid reverse gear is beside 1st gear
(Yeap, it's manual transmission)

To shift it to the reverse gear, you have to lift the thing (arrow pointing) to far left and push it up. I don't have enough strength for it and thus always need two hand to do it, lean my body. Sai!

Look at this, the door handle and the window button so far apart.
I thought they're best friend?.. Must be side by side or near near one mah.

I always can't seem to locate the handle and the window button in the dark.

No mirror behind the shade.. -__-"

Saw this.. Why got sponge one?

This car not only look weird, it also feels weird driving. The clutch is shallow and hard. Kinda hard to handle.

Me: Badd, the clutch feels so "short" (shallow) pressing down and so hard.
Badd: Maybe it's a French thing?
Me: Hah? You meaning French is "Short and Hard" ah? Hahahahaha

(If any French guy is reading this, this is just a joke yah. I know angmoh's "weapon" is way better than Asian (kua?))

And if you're wondering, YES, I ever mati-engine driving it, ONCE ONLY!
I'm proud of my driving skill~

Oh well, it's cheap and diesel somemore. And the boot (or back) of the car can put banyak barang. So.. I guess I know why they choose this car.. (Eventhough we all don't like it much)


beekham said...

wasei!!! really creative lar, I feel so "5 Ti Dou Di" , u can link that coffin car with "Bao Zu Poh" together.

KungFu Hustle remind me a sweet and wonderful Christmas eve lar,and someone like the "Bao Zu Poh" character so much..hehe

Anyway, this car not bad wah..multi purpose used.

maybe it just a normal post for u, but really cheer me up..what can i say ler..Good Job..hahahaha

Alex said...

Ok its ugly with a capital 'U'. French cars are very unreliable ler. They'll break down suka-suka hati one. Lets see how long this will last (Plus like they ever service the company cars... lagi worst)

@lex said...

LOL.. hahaha... you just make my day a whole lot better..still i agree that the *car* is very *death* looking. worst the controls.. OMG ! .. you will nvr catch me driving it even more in it !

Blueheeler said...

aiyo, big AND cheap...what more can you ask for? haha

Nonnie King said...

I just hope it won't mati when I'm driving it lah. Don't wanna be seen with this fugly car lah.

And hope my boss don't see this entry. Haha.

H3nG said...

that day badli use this car to go yayasan when he park the car then we walk out and look at the car and laugh there what the hell with this car.. the shap so funny.. and u know we spend dono like 15mins to 20min just to find where the place to open the bonet coz we wanna see how the engin look like but can't find also.. lol..

Anonymous said...

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to find out why? (lieks and dislikes :)

badd said...

You Puke InSide That coffin b4 ***** SoMe1 T0ld th@t you Puke Cuz Of Sm@ll n drivings ??? Iz Dat True ?

Nonnie King said...

WTF? Kanasai. Have to mention that somemore.

badd said...

Hehehe Ya Loh The Way The Person Describe To Me U look HALF DED kesianzzzz dat day uhukz.......


Anonymous said...

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