Friday, June 9, 2006

Be nice and answer this

Had few nice and sweet compliments from my friends saying about my blog. Telling me that I'm funny and "warm"
(maybe because of my local kampung style kua?). Thanks a lot pals, for letting me knows that there are still humans (or probably non-humans like aliens and wandering spirits) reading what I wrote. But still, be a sweetie and leave a comment or a word in the tagboard, telling me that you've been here.

This is actually my second blog. I do have one started back in... 2004? That was powered MSN Spaces, but.. no one ever noticed it. Probably mainly due to the reason that all my entries are complains and angry rants b*tching about how terrible/horrible people can be in ruining my life. And so now, I keep that blog (MSN spaces) as a place where I can place my thoughts in Chinese. After all, Mandarin is still my mother tongue and I'm confident at it. (Anyone want some Chinese tuition?)

My English is not so good. My life is not exactly exciting. But yet you're still reading it. And why are you reading it leh?

Is it:-

A. "Aiyaa.. I give face read nya lah.. You think I care meh?"
B. "Just wanna kaypo what this girl is doing now and what happen to her nya lah"
C. "I miss her. I care about her. I wanna know if she's been doing fine" <- I also wanna puke*
D. "Just randomly enter one la.. Who is this girl named Nonnie anyway?"

E. "I search for ______ (please fill the blank) in Google and they give me this link"
F. "I also dunno. I have nothing to do ma.."
G. "See she die already or not?" <- touchwood myself
H. "She's cute and funny. And I love her~" <- puke again*
I. "#@!$%^$%&%&%*&^$#. Lim Peh Ka Lu Kong, wa beh chai hami-si blog, block, board, bot.. Si longkang block or toilet block? Chopping board or blackboard?"
J. Others ___________(Your Answer)___________________________

People, you're allow to choose more than one answer ah.
Don't pretend shy shy la. You know you want it~
Tolong leave your bloody answer
(or comment) and let me feel song know.

(Sorry, this is another "Don't want face" entry of mine. My true/real friends, I bet you people already used to it. Think of it in a different way, at least I'm not a narcissist who everyday blog about how pretty I am, how many party I go, how many guys wana "kau" (tackle/court/woo) me, the new bags I bought, upload tons and tons of photos trying to hypnotise you that I'm so gorgeous/sexy/smart/pretty)

If no one answer this... I'll bang my head on the wall, die and become a ghost and haunt you people everyday!


Alex said...

Haha .. another funny blog.. don really want to leave to many comments .. but this i got to .. :P
Ans :- mostly 'B' sometimes 'A' at wu liau time 'F' hopefully not for 'G' lo ... the rest of the answer for her boy to pick and maybe some unknown enamies out there .. LOL ...

Kelly said...

Ans: I? How come lim peh wont know this is a blog, when lim peh is visiting this page already!!!

Let's see, A at 1st was the reason, and then -__-''' mmm~~ i seems to love this blog and visit it frequently...??

Nonnie's blog was funny & special bcoz it doesnt consist of "deep" english but words that we use everyday that bring me into it....Yeahhh~~!!

BEEkham said...

OkOk....I choose C and H lar(puke puke and puke again). Actualy "someone" keep on link the blog to me while I chat with her in Msn mahh..haha..Erm, I really enjoy reading this blog lar...really cheer me up. Nonnie, u r so" cartoon' lar..hahaha.

Nonnie King said...

So sad.. till now only got 3 people nya...
I go kill myself..

I don't mind late comment..
I just wanna know~

Pingko said...

Oh i just love multiple choice questions!!! However it does took me a while to decide which is the best answer. And since i am given the freedom to make multiple selections ho, here it comes!

First of all ho, the first answer i will go for is J. Reason being ho, You always force me to read wah. Always ask if got read got read or not. Then i ( A ) la, give face. Because sometimes you don't come for lunch, so i ( G ) also, to see if you die already or not.But then ho, sometimes i forgot your link so i ( E ). Surprisingly google cached your blog and appeared on the top 20 results.

I just want to emphasize again ho, it's so definitely going to be ( C ) or ( H ). Ok now that i finish already, don't tell me you want to suicide everyday cause we didn't leave a comment ah......

Pingko( PT II ) said...

oppppsie, that's what happen if you have such a tiny box to type such a huge paragraph. I want to RE-emphasize ho, it's SO NOT going to be ( C ) or ( H ). SOrry to dissapoint you for a while. Thank you wasalam!

s.Y said...


=)Landed here accidentally.

karen said...

oi, leng lui, here i come to support you.. hhahaa...

for me, ur blog is quite nice n funny... and can found that u realy put lots of effort on it ....

just sometimes i will feel very blur blur with ur long long entry.. hahhaa... cause i'm lazy worm.. so, only read it when i'm really got mood lor.. tat's why my comment always late .. haha. hope you don mind ya... hehhe...

nureen said...

i read ur blog every morning. even bookmarked most MUST SEEN blog every morning...(kisah benar meh)LOL..but honestly...really enjoy reading ur blog...:)cheers

Nana-ster said...

Hi =) I've been reading your blog for quite a long time(not as in baru a few hours *LOL* but i mean, like months) already so I thought I should at least answer this out of good courtesy =)

Paranoid of MCQ so i'll choose the 'other' option. hee~

I actually enjoy ur blog cause of your writing style and how the words seems to come down onto the page.. like the way u place the pictures amidst the paragraphs, it doesn't feel like the 'antam-antam' one, it's like it's just right.

plus it all sounds so realistic meaning to say that it's like you're being true to urself(although I dont really know who u r but judging from ur posts, they all have the same aura+vibe)+I like the way you ponder about things, I can relate to it. That's how your blog appealed to me =)

I hope this is enough =) I believe this is all I can say~ Im taking up too much space =S