Friday, June 2, 2006

Questions & Answers

Question #1: Why do you want to be a teacher?
Perfect Answer: I just LOVE kids so much. They're all so adorable like angels. I want to give all my best to them, educating them and turn them to "you-yong-de-ren" (useful people)
Real Answer: You think I like to waste time dealing with those rugrats? Government job ma, high pay, short working hours, plenty of holidays, 0% interest for loans, attractive retirement fund, stable job... need to say more?

Question #2: Do you love me?
Perfect Answer: Of course I do. You're my angel, my sunshine, my air, my everything. How could I live without you. I Love You. (Follow by hugs & kisses)
Real Answer: CB.. this question again.. You don't feel sien one meh? Everyday also ask the same thing? If I don't love you why am I here with you, spending my money for those over-priced valentine's roses, chocolates, diamonds and platinums, when I can go buy my Sony PSP, porns and so on...

Question #3: Do I look fat in this baby? Do I look ugly with my new haircut?
Perfect Answer: You look perfect in every way Honey~
Real Answer: If saying lies can make you feel happy, why not? Anyway, your ugliness has nothing to do which what you wear and how your hair is getting done la..

Question #4: If your mother and I accidentally falled down to the river/sea/longkang, who will you rescue? (The classic stupid question most ladies asked..)
Answer #1: My mum. I only have 1 mum but I can find girls like you everywhere (Suicide!)
Answer #2: You of course my dear. I love you and you're all that I need. (Fail.. proof that you're heartless even to the people closest to you)
Answer #3: I'll jump down and die with both of you... (Aww... so sweet.. but I don't wanna die with your mum la. Just kidding)

Bobby's Answer: That's why I teached you how to swim, so you can save yourself whereas I go and rescue my mum. Perfect isn't it? And I have no problems dealing with it anymore. (I guess that's the real reason why he forced me to learn swimming)

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I don't know whether there's any alternative ways to answer those questions, I'm just bored and ended up thinking of stupid things to blog. Muahahaa~It's just a harmless joke so please don't take it seriously and, because I wrote something like this doesn't mean I'm like that ok. I think I got possessed by some evil spirit writing this.


Will try to add more if I got more ideas~


DmiTri said...

Most of the questions asked by women are actually questions that guys aren't suppose to answer such as that one... "do i look good in this?".. "does this dress makes me look fat?"... etc... Those are questions that we (guys) need to avoid... hehehe but Bobby's answer is very weel handled... *applause to him* :D

Nonnie King said...

If I asked Bobby "Do I look good in this?" or "Does this dress make me fat?", he will say very nice and tipu me to buy them. He loves to persuade me in buying stuffs... Sigh.. I dunno wat kinda boyfriend is that tho~

Alex said...

Ales Lim here... Aiya sometimes women are really susah. If we say the truth then they dont like it. If we 'bend' the truth a bit they say we are lying.

The eternal question:


hahahahha... agree or not?

Nonnie King said...

Agree agree.. Women are hard to please and hard to understand cos they expect you to know what they're thinking..

Wait.. aren't I suppose to stand on women side?

God.. I must be a Gay trapped in a female body.. Hahhaahahaha~