Friday, June 9, 2006

Paper Aeroplanes

Sunday afternoon, 5.30pm, having nothing to do after limteh in Swee Heng (kopitiam), and the TV had nothing interesting to watch, Bobby and I decided to find something to do.. And so, I suggested to fold paper planes..

(Yea I know, a bit kiddish. But I like airplanes and had bought the origami book for 3 years and I realised.. I had only try folding ONE aeroplane only...)

My karit philosophy is,
"If you spend money and buy something liao,
must use till 'kau-kau' (enough enough)"
- That's the reason why I won't end up buying something that I think I'll only wear/use once. And I always ended up with nothing after shopping.. I spend most of my money in FOOD & LEISURE, and not shoes, bags, clothes and make-up..(I only buy those when I know I have extra to spend that month, orI need to get them for some function, or .. I just feel like it, which is SO once-in-a-blue-moon thing that will happen)

After flipping the pages looking for the easiest that Bobby can make simple, nice and can fly aeroplane. This is our pick..

Seems simple isn't it... compare to those dragon or knights

Erm..Yes..I know my room is messy. I only stay there once a week nya but I can mess it up in just 5 mins time.
*Cue 'In the world, only mother good' song*. A big thanks to my mum who help to tidy it up.

I had to slow down cos Bobby is such a noob at this thing. He couldn't understand what is those arrow trying to tell him how to fold it.. (those valley fold, peak fold and so on.. just illustrated by dotted lines and arrows)

My finishes product! High in the sky~
(Nah.. It actually can't fly, I just photoshop it la)

Erm.. Bobby's turn out to be like a "Crashed Airplane"..
So he become my model to show-off my nice and perfect plane (beside his white and "weak" plane).

That's the "big-bone" boyfriend of mine. (Don't mind his so-chai hair)

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