Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Send Free SMS in Brunei (Legal one ok)

For dear residents of Brunei using a Prima or Easi Line, here's a good news for you.

You can now send free SMS in Brunei. Yes, you read correct, FREE..!


1. Log into www.iomultimedia.com

2. Register.

3. Wait patiently for your activation Key (that will be send to your phone)

4. Log into the site again and activate your account

5. Wa la~ You can now send SMS for free.

The good thing is, number of SMS not limited per day.

The bad thing is, ermm.. you have to get Internet connection for this lah. And also, sorry to B-Mobile users, not for you. (But I bet there are still more DST than B.Mobile)

(For those not living in Brunei, you just don't understand. It cost us B$0.20 (for Easi user) just to answer a phone call! It will really pissed you off when its "Sorry ah, salah nombor".!@$@%$#%$#@ Damn it! I'll cursed like no tomorrow! )


Guruh Roy said...

Does you means that you are paying for others call???
Ok, let said i call you. When you picked up the phone, i said "sorryla wrong number". Then you are the one that will pay for that or when i make a miss call, you the one who will pay for it.....

hihihiihi just curios to know lo...

Nonnie King said...

If you called me, you're charged for making an outgoing call (like usual).

But if I answered your called, I'm charged for B$0.20 to accept it.

That's why in Brunei you'll see people struggling whether to accept call or know..(especially from an unknown number)

B$0.20 per incoming call.. if one day you accept 5, then B$1.00 bye bye.. (No nasi katok)

Guruh Roy said...

wow! that is really throat cutting schemes, even it is not our on faults. No wonder you will curse them like there is no tommorrow.

Well in malaysia, if you make miss call, its just take RM 0.10. i think you know about it.

by the way, that's really bad

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wah!! suang can free sms....but d oni problem is i still dunno how to register from www.iomultimedia.com oo...how le???.can any1 help me??hehe


ChiawYee said...

Introduce you another free sms service..


=)Cox somehow i don't think the url you introduced is working, or either that i'm too stupid to understand.. lol.

Have a nice day.

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