Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The stupid thing I'd done..

On Sunday morning..

driving down Seria with Bobby..

Me: (Saw a man with camera beside the road)
Me: (take up my hand and give a peace sign and smile like the man is taping or something)
Bobby: What are you doing? Slow down Slow down..
Me: Neh.. got camera ma.. I pose and smile la~
Bobby: What? It is a SPEED TRAP la ! So I asked you to slow down.
Me: Ha? Really ah? My God... What have I done?
Bobby: Nah, see.. got policemen in front liao
Me: Sh*t! I go and stupid stupid "Peace-sign" somemore!
Bobby: Chalie ...
Me: Bi, you think I'll get saman or not?
Bobby: Dunno...?

Then I slowed down because there's policeman standing there to "direct" us..
Those who speed, turn into the simpang of Bukit Shahbandar and kana saman..
Those who didn't, kana lepaskan and go straight down the road ~

And me... The police didn't saman me leh ! Hohohoho!

Me: Nah see.. I think the policeman just wake up, still feeling sobbing. Then I give him a peace sign, smile smile and wink wink and brighten up his day~ So he let me go~!


Yesterday in TelBru,

I just walked in Telbru and saw two person standing near the queing machine.

Me: Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. xxx, do you know where to find him?

They looked at me... I looked at them... After 3 seconds..I realised...

Me: Sorry ah. You guys not working here one hor? Sorry ah. Sorry ah...
(Walk away fast fast....)


Justnow... I was calling HSBC Internet Banking help desk telling them that my Credit Cards are not linked to my banking access..

HSBC: You go to the menu, then click on services. You should be able to see a link written there "bla bla bla"
Me: I clicked already but I don't see any link like that
HSBC: Where are you now?
Me: Me? In my office now.
HSBC: Sorry, I meant, which screen are you in now...
Me: Oh... my screen... not my location.. Aiyah.. so malu la...Sorry ah...


- Sometimes... I just do/ say stupid things out of no where.. It's kinda "biasa" for me to get a wrong person liao. I don't know how many times that I'd talked to the strangers beside me thinking that they're my friends, and when I turned my head, "Eh? Sorry ah.. wrong person." -


Bobby (the award presenter) said...

....hai...erm...ah...*sweat coming out...if i have an award, i would give it to u for being the most chalie n blur person. *clap clap

Alex said...

smile and give peace to speed trap camera. Wow...