Thursday, June 22, 2006

Man & Prostitution..

I'm not going to name out people here

A : Hey B, I know got one place shoot one time (Shuut-jit-pao ) only B$100 like that., near xxxxx, the hotel there. I see the girls before, quite pretty leh. Interested?

C was there too.

A: Oi C, you also, interested or not?

Me: Eh, can please don't talk about this kinda stuffs in front of me or not? I understand what you guys saying one okay..

A: Aiyah... normal one mah, which guy don't go find prostitute? Eh C, interested or not la?

C: Free one I want lah.

Me: He got one free one at home liao lah.

A: Aiyah, try new things mah. Eh, what's your boyfriend number? I can introduce some to him also.

Me: My boyfriend is gay (Of course he's not lah, but I very sien layan that guy liao). Eh, why you guys like to go find "ko-kok" so much ah? So dirty. You don't know how many man already (you know what) with her. So many "brothers" outside. Not gali (disgusting) meh?

A: Hey, prostitute is also a profession. It's all Blood-Sweat money they earn.

Me: Duh.. so many job she don't choose, go be a prostitute...

A: Don't care lah, what's your boyfriend number?

Me: My boyfriend is "Liang-jia-fu-nan" 良家妇男(decent family guy) okay.

A: Cheh~ Later I follow him home then see he decent or not.

Me: He's in Miri now lah. Miri got more lagi. If he wants, he don't even have to go tru you.

C: Hahaha... (Change topic ...)

I know he's only joking to me, so I didn't show him faces. But damn sien ok..

(Wonder, how come guys never censor or control a bit when they start to talk about yellow jokes, topics about sex in front of me. Hey, I may be outgoing and straight forward, but afterall, I'm still a girl.. I'll still feel paiseh(embarrasing) one leh)

Very sien one wor.. Tell me, is it true that every guys will go for prostitution? Or one night stand? Or maybe 2-timing?

And again.. if you know your friend's boyfriend ever go find "kokok", will you tell her?

Some says: "Man uses their lower part of their body to think one. They listen to their "brother" and not brain."

Some says: "For man, love and sex can be separated. Man can have sex with woman (or maybe man) whom they don't love, or maybe don't even know."

Eeeee...Haven't you guys heard of AIDS ?

(ok ok.. i know not all guys like that la..But how many are they?)


Bobbylkw said...

Hmm..tis is a wide topic tho. But as they say human are human. Nothing bad for guy going for prostitution IF they r single ah. But totally agree tat guy in relationship should not ah as its like cheating their partner. Unless they got permission to do it no? *think bout it

Nonnie King said...

BOBBY LIM! You wanna die is it? You wanna die I can help you die earlier one!

Blueheeler said...

Most of what I know about Males/Females I had learnt from watching Animal Planet.

The Male lion goes around protecting several females to make sure that only he gets to be the father of all their children. The female lion concentrates on having one litter of cubs with one male lion at a time, so that he'll be sure to protect her and his children.

Therefore, Males are inclined to have lots of sex with lots of partners, while females spend more time on nuturing babies from one male.

Makes sense?

Guruh Roy said...

As for me, even i'm single, i'm still not looking for a whore to blast out my "army". They are dirty too. Cannot kongsi-kongsila!

From my darkside, i think i will find willing female to have sex. They are better hen whore.

Alex said...

Usually guys would go for prostitutes in situation where they are not 'satisfied' la. And I've always said that most of the time guys think with their ba**s instead of their brain. Aiya... what guy isn't horny. If he ain't horny not call guy wor~

Alex said...

But then most guy would think about getting satisfied cleanly and legally la. Pros are dirty and I think most guys (like myself) would have a right mind to think about sexually transmitted disease. My fren has this saying "The package has been delivered to your doorstep. What are you waiting for?"

Frank said...

well i think ur fren A had been a little too much could he ask for ur bf's number n talk bout introducing him those stuff in front of u.its no respect to u...that guy is not gentleman at all lar. js my not saying im good.

Anonymous said...

HMmpp .. comments on prostitution. If you dare to do it, it means you're someone who will betray ur loved ones, someone who cannot be trusted and someone who is misleading.
If you do it out of desperation, then face the consequences that comes later on and regret it till ur death day.

But IF you do get away with all the above and think that you're safe, think again, you'll have to abide yourself on self-respect, self-control, and a different mindset towards women.

Nonnie must be saying "Wahh! What happen to my tai-lo, he talk so steady one. Unlike him, the "sarcastic master" from before." haha! One year one time say something good won't hurt kua? Cheers!

Nonnie King said...

I just realised.. All the people whom left comments here, are all guys! Hai~ thought there'll be some females who'll say "Hmph! If my husband/ boyfriend go find prostitute, I'll castrate them!"