Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jerudong Park Rides for sale..

This is just so sad. Jerudong Park Ride for sale? The place where I always bug my mum to bring me and my friends go every holiday, stayed there and play play play till exahusted, probably can see some leng-chai or Japanese, and the place where we (residents of Brunei) can show off the magnificent crystal arch to visitors and proudly says "See, big leh.. Brunei is Rich. And the ride here is FREE! You can play till you song-song (But just have to queue up for hours la)")

The magnificent Crystal Arch
(Where you can always see people taking picture with it.. not anymo

Eventhough I know JP (short for Jerudong Park) business had been real bad, but.. I never thought the rides can go on "SALE" leh.

(I think everyone guess the reason for JP's business is bad because, it started all free, but now they charged. Bruneians have a habit of taking things for granted in some way. Education is free, Health Care is free, petrol is cheap, Nasi Katok $1 only, lands and houses can be applied and lease for 100 years... See, lucky Bruneians living in a peaceful and happy world. Whatever.. I'm STATELESS anyway!)

Ping, Chau, Yeye, Fang and I were chatting about this. Talking about the scary experience of people when they took the low-maintenance ride and got stuck in the middle of the air and we wonder..

- Together sell with land one ka? If I buy the Sky Tower, impossible I just place it in my garden ma.
- Who is going to do the maintenance for me?
- Got loan one ka?
- Wah lao.. got another SIMULATOR somemore.. we never see lagi. Where they hide it ah?
- Where they keep their 20 units of Bumper Cars since it's unused?
- If I buy the bumper car.. come together with the floor and the wire gauze on the ceiling ka?
- Who will wanna buy it oh? It's half a million leh.. (Probably Genting Highland lah)

Ya, the Bumper Car is sold anyway...
My favourite ride of all...

I can buy bungalow and shop houses to rent out liao lo! Then just shake-leg at home and go saloon do my hair, facial, menicure, pedicure, drink high tea in Empire~

But there are a lot other rides which they do not sell it off like "Go Kart", "Pirate Ship", "Merry go round" la. Ye thinks they sell the high maintenance one lo. Dunno leh?

But sure JP won't be like the JP I'd been to anymore when I get to bring my kids there. Cannot show off liao "Your mummy so li-hai and daring ah, bla bla bla bla bla)

Bye Bye JP.. Bye Bye Giant Drop. Bye Bye Waterfall Ride. Bye Bye Pusing Lagi. Bye Bye Simulator..

Bye all.


heng said...

:( i'm going to miss jp.. wah :'(

Anonymous said...

Come to thailand . All rides are in now.

CathJ said...

I am from Msia.. I visited JP long time ago.. and it was a wonderful moment.. felt just like Disneyland.. I am so sad to hear about this that they are start selling all the rides.. are they going to closed it soon??

I am so gonna miss this park.. -_-