Monday, June 19, 2006

The Worms in faeces

Sunday afternoon, was chit-chatting with my mum while driving her to go supermarket and do some shopping..

Me: Ma ah, how come they are people who are just not willing to improve themselves and find themselves a better job, get a better pay and have a better life?

My mum gave me a good and funny answer..

"You know the worms that wriggle in the shit faeces? Those people are like the worms lo. Even you dig them out of the shit faeces and hope they can get clean and live in a better environment, they will still slowly crawl back there one.. Just like some people."

"Sat" (cool) leh my mum~

No wonder I'm so humourous and witty. Like mother like daughter~


Pingko said...

King, you are so not cute. ps: this is what she force me to comment when i told her i can't think of anything to comment. Work has been very ... tiring and my brain ho is dedicated to my work only on weekdays so i will make the comments available on some week ends okay? see ya alligator.

Dot Dot said...

Kingy, excuse me? Shit worm? My my, you got it wrong... It's name, Dung Bettle... Yep, it is a bug NOT worm. Worm in shit made me think of Tapeworm... Nyek...

Nonnie King said...

Okay okay. Dung beetle, shit worm or Rachel la.~ :p sure it's dung beetle ah? Thought beetle is beetle and not worm??